It seems that Obama is Trapped in a Catch-22 Ground Hog Day Regarding Syria

Before I continue, I’d like to ask you to think back to the start of the Iraq war.  Do you remember all the caterwauling from the Left – Obama included – about how Bush lied about WMD’s in Iraq?  OK, keep that in mind while you consider this:

Intelligence Community: Assad’s Regime Used Chemical Weapons and We’ll Prove It

White House: Syrian Chemical Weapons a Threat to U.S. National Security

Now, haven’t we heard this tune before?  And didn’t the Left tell us – the last time we heard it – that it was all a lie?  So why is it the truth now – because there’s a Democrat in the White House?  HA!

You see, here’s the thing.  When the Left scoffed about no WMD’s being found in Iraq, the Bush Administration tried to tell them that intelligence suggested they had been moved to….SYRIA!

Gee, Wally, I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.  After all, everyone knows Syria is different from Iraq because – this time – the President is a Democrat.

Truth be told, the only difference this time is that the President is openly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood whereas Bush did it covertly.  In both cases, they were sleeping with the enemy and it got away from them.  At least Bush had the sense to fight back.  Barry’s just going to go all in when he’s only holding a deuce and a nine – unsuited.

OH, SNAP!  I Forgot These:

NBC News Reporter: Obama May Bypass Congress on Syria Action to Avoid Delay, Hearing ‘No’ from ‘Isolationists’

Flashback: Kerry Demanded Congressional Approval, U.N. Endorsement Before Military Action…in Iraq

Somehow, calling these people hypocrites just doesn’t seem to be strong enough…

2 thoughts on “It seems that Obama is Trapped in a Catch-22 Ground Hog Day Regarding Syria

  1. Personally, I don’t think we should get involved. We seem to have muddled up the Middle East more so than it already is. We can’t afford this intervention. They’ve made their bed; let them lie in it. The concentration of Americans’ thoughts should be on our economy and our borders, infrastructure, &c. at home. I am completely flummoxed that we care so much to “aid” them in crises and give them our money when they hate us. Dumb. Perhaps not (on their part) Diversions come in many guises….

    • Kells,

      BINGO! If we side with any faction in this mess, we side with an enemy of the United States. But then, it doesn’t matter because treason has been erased from the law in this country…

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