Mildest US Summer In A Century

When the coal fired electricity plants begin to go offline due to new EPA regulations by Obama executive order, and your electricity bills increase at an ever increasing rate, remember, the numbers show, there is NO man caused global warming… ask yourself why?

Real Science

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This summer, the US has experienced the fewest number of 100 degree readings in a century. The five hottest summers (1936, 1934, 1954, 1980 and 1930) all occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM.

CO2 went over 400 PPM this year, indicating that heatwaves and CO2 have nothing to do with each other. Scientists who claim otherwise are either incompetent, criminal, or both.

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4 thoughts on “Mildest US Summer In A Century

    • Yes, and Europe takes money for building wind turbines from the American tax payer.

      And; so more coal related, and offshore petroleum related jobs can be on food stamps and work part time at McDonalds…

      Progressives (American communists), democrats and republicans, have so much to be proud of …

  1. Wind turbines kill hundreds of thousands of birds, annually in the USA.. See if you can find a news article about that.

    I live near the Ga/Fl line, and this is the first year since I moved to this location (1998) that I have not run the A/C all summer. Cross ventilation, and nights in the low 70’s ( and last week 66) make for pleasant sleep and work conditions.

  2. The Germans are actually complaining that Chinese solar panels are too cheap and driving them out of business in Europe, due to Chinese govt subsidies. They have filed a complaint.

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