A Clear Example of the Progressive Agenda in Our Headlines

This is one of the clearest, most easily understood examples of how the Progressive agenda is forced on society through government and deception.   But you have to know your history before you can understand how or why.  If you have read my posts about the history of the Progressive movement, you will see and understand that this story not only illustrates the validity of everything I have ever tried to explain, it will also demonstrate that they do — in fact — admit to what they believe through their actions as well as their words.  Seriously, if you’ve followed my posts, you need to read this one.  It is as clear as it gets:

PC Water Torture: Sex Education For Kindergartners

A Manifestation Of Marx, Lenin And Dewey In Our Schools

NOTE:  All posts in the “PC Water Torture” series are meant to illustrate the arguments presented in one of The OYL’s primary secondary topic series.  The “PC Water Torture” posts are intended to provide a constant drip of posts about related stories that – when taken individually – may not appear to indicate an agenda, but when taken collectively, over time, form a clear picture of an agenda.  It is hoped that, over time, the constant ‘dripping’ of these stories will make the point – much the same way the constant dripping in the proverbial Chinese water torture is intended to break the victims will to resist.  This post uses a story in the headlines to show how it represents how Marxist theory is being put into action in the real world.

I have already covered the basics of why Progressives target our children.  I have also shown that they use the schools and power of the government to force their agenda onto our children; so they can ‘shape’ their ‘ideal’ society by manufacturing ‘model’ citizens.  I have also written about how they must destroy the moral character of society before the rest of their engineering can stick.  And I have explained how Progressives believe they are using ‘science’ to determine the form of this utopia and how best to build it.  Well, here is a story that connects all three of these parts of the Progressive agenda and illustrates how they implement it in the real world, and it seldom gets any clearer than this:

Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’

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5 thoughts on “A Clear Example of the Progressive Agenda in Our Headlines

  1. Kindergarteners do not need “sex education” in the way this article says Obama will promote; where babies come from and same-sex relationships. Kindergarteners need parental guidance, but we all have to understand – this BS is coming from a government that has tried to take over every detail of our lives including suspending those same kindergarteners for pulling ponytails, kissing each other, or pulling the back of another child’s shorts (zero tolerance). Small children, 3 to 5 year olds, need to be guided in a positive manner but not “educated” or indoctrinated.

  2. I think the sexual education they are teaching kindergarteners is difference between good touch and bad touch. To help children recognize and report sexual abuse. Not the mechanics of sex.

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