So, You Don’t Believe In Bible Prophecy, Huh?

AGENDAS: Creating A Crisis In Order To Establish Global Governance?

A Possible Explanation For The Current Unrest In The Middle East

 This post is part of a series of posts that illustrate the ‘Spirits and Types’ behind the agendas that drive our world.  In this series, I will indirectly illustrate these ‘Spirits and Types’ by showing how they manifest themselves into political agendas.  This will be done by highlighting specific figures from our modern world and drawing the connections between their ideology and the historic roots behind their ideas.  In this manner, it is hoped that the history of these original ideas will be sufficiently self-evident to allow the reader to draw the proper conclusions about their modern manifestations and the people pushing them.  If you are on the side of truth, once you learn the connections, you will see the agenda for what it really is.  Now, let me introduce you to a possible and very plausible explanation for what is happening in the Middle East and why:

 You will find that I cite Glenn Beck quite often.  This is not because I am drinking from his Kool-Aid fountain, but because I have followed behind him and determined that much of what he has to tell us is well founded and rooted in historic fact.  This is another of these cases.  I implore you to watch the video clip in this story and consider his argument very, very carefully.  And, as you do, know this: Beck told his radio audience that this is not his idea; he got it from someone inside U.S. intelligence.  In fact, if you listen to him, Beck will tell you much of what he tells us comes from people deep inside our government.  They cannot tell us themselves, but they know Beck will and this is why they tell him: because Beck will pass on messages such as this one:

‘This Is About Destroying Sovereignty’: Beck Examines Potential Syria Strike Through the Eyes of a ‘Radical Leftist’

“Syria is not about teaching Assad a lesson.  Two days of bombing probably won’t even seem out of place in Syria today, unfortunately,” he concluded.  “Syria is not a response to the shock and horror of murder — hundreds of thousands have died… Syria is this  — it is a sick opportunity for the globalist progressive revolutionaries in our own administration and all around the globe to remold the world closer to their heart’s desire.”

Now, read the rest and see how this is connected to Biblical prophecy…

3 thoughts on “So, You Don’t Believe In Bible Prophecy, Huh?

  1. Seriously got to be the first time I have seen someone try to blame warmongering on the political left!

    Weren’t the left the ones who were accused of “cutting and running” and “supporting the terrorists” for opposing the Iraq war?

    • Dave,

      Then read some history. Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR, Clinton, and now Obama have all ‘warmongering’ and they can all be placed on the Left (i.e. big govt types). We can also make the argument for both Bushes. Reagan would be the anomaly.

      Truth be told, Leftists usually get this country into wars and those on the Right have been elected to get us out of them.

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