Conspiracy Theory? Hardly! Here Are The International Connections

If you have ever wondered whether or not there is any credible evidence to support what we are told are ‘conspiracy theories’ about secret societies trying to build a world government, then you might want to start following my series on the “New World Order’ on The OYL.  Here is one of my better posts, and it contains some of the clearest evidence you’ll find supporting the argument that this is not ‘theory:’

AGENDAS: The ‘New World Order’

The Philosophical Agenda Behind Global Control

This post is interconnected to those dealing with most of the posts under our ‘Social Engineering’ page.  I often tell people that, if you will bother to read what they write and have the courtesy to take them at their word, the people who really run the world will tell you what they want and how they intend to do it.  I understand that much of the material involved is commonly associated with conspiracy theory.  I also understand that this is by design; it serves the purposes of those who wish to remain in the shadows.  Still, I am not making any claims to know who these people are, or exactly what they want or how they intend to do it.  All I am doing here is presenting some of what they and others have said about their existence.  What strikes me as most compelling about the quotes that follow is how far back they go; how internationally connected and consistent they are; and how – if we just look – we can and do find examples of what these people said they planned to do actually being put into policy and practice.  So, with all this in mind, I present a little of the ‘evidence’ for the philosophical connections behind the quest for global control.

I wrote a piece for The Rio Norte Line entitled, YES! Progressive DOES = COMMUNIST! (and Wilson said so)In that post, I reference an essay by Woodrow Wilson, “The Study of Administration,” in which, Wilson embraces the principles of Communism as were being demonstrated at the time in the Russian Revolution.  Wilson argued that the Communist model was superior as it provided for more centralized control of government (he called it ‘administration’).  He even defended the idea of an elected dictatorship.  However, Wilson realized the American people would never accept these ideas unless they were ‘Americanized.’  Thus, in referring to his plan to bring the Communist model to America, Wilson wrote:

If we would employ it, we must Americanize it, and that not formally, in language merely, but radically, in thought, principle, and aim as well.

And in justifying dictatorship as the most efficient means of ‘engineering the perfect society,’ Wilson wrote:

Read the Rest, it’s good.  I promise 🙂

4 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory? Hardly! Here Are The International Connections

  1. There are “Goals” to Politiocal actions taken by those in power. The Short-term goals usually serve mutiple short-term agendas….money, power-shifts etc.. But the connection between various political actions is their long-term Goal….which is the Long-term retention of Power by a small collection of interconnected groups.

    Most of the agendas are conducted in the full light of day, by altering the data and perspective of those of us watching it unfold.

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