Syria -> Oil -> Money -> Control: Any Questions?

AGENDAS: Global Control, Energy And The ‘Syrian Issue’


Energy Is The Same As Money


 I contend that what is happening in Syria is about the struggle for global control.  First of all, I dismiss the assertion that the Obama Administration wants to attack Syria because they used chemical weapons.  First, there is serious question as to which side actually used them.  It is very possible this is a false flag operation: the Syrian rebels may have used them or caused an accidental spill from mishandling chemical weapons in their possession.  But, even if Assad did attack his own people with chemical weapons, this still isn’t a justifiable reason for U.S. intervention in Syria.  First and foremost, Syria presents absolutely no threat to U.S. interests.  Second, the excuse is patently that: an excuse.  Did we attack Hussein after he gassed the Kurds?  No!  Did we intervene in any of the mass genocides in Africa?  No!  So why are we looking to attack Syria?  We are going to attack Syria because Syria threatens the interests of our hidden masters.


In a previous post, AGENDAS: The ‘New World Order,’ The Financial Elements Of Global Control, I argue that those who seek to establish global governance understand they must have a firm control of the global monetary system.  If they do not control international finance, they cannot control the masses.  In order to control the masses, the masses must be made dependent on the government, and the easiest way to make the masses dependent is by controlling monetary policy.  This is why – in spite of their claims to the contrary – the policies instituted by those who seek global government are designed to destroy the middle class.  An economic system that allows a great number of people to create enough wealth to become self-sufficient and independent from government dependency cannot be allowed to exist.  This is why the free market must be undermined.  And one of the easiest ways to undermine the free market is by controlling the free flow of cheap energy.  Controlling global monetary policy depends on the ability to control the creation of wealth; the creation of wealth depends on the free market, and the free market depends on an abundant supply of cheap energy.  Thus, if one seeks to control global monetary policy, one must also control the availability of cheap energy, which means one must control the flow of energy.    And that is what Syria is all about:

Rea the rest — it’s important that you know…

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