Were You Aware That Media Chiefs Have Admited They Work For Shadow Elites?

You might want to read this one — ALL of it (go to the OYL and read the whole post, then, if you discover you didn’t know any of the information I present, ask yourself why).

AGENDAS: The ‘New World Order’

Control Of The Media Is Essential To The Establishment Of Global Government

This post is interconnected to those dealing with most of the posts under our ‘Social Engineering’ page.  I often tell people that, if you will bother to read what they write and have the courtesy to take them at their word, the people who really run the world will tell you what they want to do and how they intend to do it.  I understand that much of the material involved is commonly associated with conspiracy theory.  I also understand that this is by design; it serves the purposes of those who wish to remain in the shadows.  Still, I am not making any claims to know who these people are, or exactly what they want or how they intend to do it.  All I am doing here is presenting some of what they and others have said about their existence.  What strikes me as most compelling about the quotes that follow is how far back they go; how internationally connected and consistent they are; and how – if we just look – we can and do find examples of what these people said they planned to do actually being put into policy and practice.  So, with all this in mind, I present a little of what those we seek global control have said about the role the media plays in their plans to create global government.

The people who seek to force a global government on this world have admitted to each other that they cannot do so unless and until they can control public opinion.  In order to control public opinion, they must first control and coordinate the media.  This means control and coordination of all media: news, entertainment and pop-culture.  (It also means control over education as well, and we will address this aspect in future posts).  As we will soon see, there is plenty of credible evidence that such control and coordination actually exists, and that it is directed by a ruling elite.  But, if you try to expose it, you are attacked as a ‘conspiracy kook.’  This is nothing more than another version of the same ‘PC Hammer’ explained in my post, PC Water Torture: Protecting The PC Narrative, Sooner Or Later, Tyranny Bites The Hand That Helped To Prop It Up.  It is a defense mechanism designed to protect those who control our media from exposure by publicly discrediting those who try to expose them, thus shutting down debate and giving others cause to reconsider before they try to expose these tyrants, themselves.  And that is exactly what this is: tyranny.

Now, before you start thinking that I am speaking nonsense, consider what is really being lamented in this story from the Politico and how it relates to what I just said:

Read the rest, this one may surprise you…

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