On October 30, 2008, at a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri, the then candidate Obama said:

After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush, and 21 months of a campaign that’s taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

And yea, verily, the transformation started.

Of course, Obama mentioned the “failed policies” of George W. Bush – but somehow when these “failed policies” are compared to the policies of the Age of Obama, the operative word – “failed” – seems to fit the Obama administration far better.

In the words of Johnny Cochran – “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” – and the glove of failure does not fit the Bush administration. Obama is wearing the gloves, the Bruno Magli shoes and has the knife in his hand.

Now we are into the white Ford Bronco with Obama as he leads us on in his slow speed chase of a second term.

Obama has been a transformative president, of that there can be no question. Take his foreign policy for example. From the outset, his new SecState, Hillary Clinton, bungled the “red button/reset” effort – the pictures of Medvedev and Putin during this embarrassing effort show reactions that smacked of dismissal and “I can’t believe she believes this crap.” Four years later, Hillary had accomplished nothing…and then Benghazi happened. Now we have this Syria debacle which has been mishandled by Kerry and Obama in every way humanly possible. If you aren’t embarrassed by the performance of the past two weeks, you simply have not been paying attention. Instead of pulling the strings on this from a position of strength, the “A-Team” of B. O. Baracus and Captain H.M. “Howling Mad” Kerry have been jumping all over the place like a couple of fluffy little kittens chasing a string twirled by Vladimir Putin.

Obama has transformed what were only remaining superpower and the strongest nation on the face of this planet from the homecoming queen to the homeliest girl at the dance. Where the queen has her choice of dance partners, the ugly girl can only dream of dancing with the quarterback. Her heart flutters every time he walks past and in her daydreams, when he asks her to dance, she screams, “Yes!” The feeling is so strong and the illusion so real that she even says it when the quarterback passed her at the dance even though he was asking the homecoming queen standing next to her. Embarrassed she slinks away and begins to blame everyone else at the dance except herself and she seeks revenge through a not so “unbelievably small” action.

Wait…that is the plot for the movie Carrie!

Except this time, Assad is the homecoming queen, Putin is the handsome quarterback and Obama is Carrie.

14 thoughts on “Carrie

  1. I do not believe that Obama is a bungler, inept or naive. I believe that he sees the US with the eyesof a foreigner…a hostile foreigner. We are wrong, have been wrong from the inception of this country, and we need to be “taken down a peg or two”.
    His tyransformation( yes, I know it’s not spelled that way) is the removal of the US from “world power” status to second or third tier country is, in his opinion,our”just deserts”
    We are , or , he believes we ought to be : just another France or Italy or South Africa. He sees American Exceptionalism as snobbery, and freedom isn’t really freedom if all results are not the same. In his world view, any act that diminishes the US as a “force” is an act of “transformation” and is to be embraced as a positive step in the decline of US world influence.
    The removal of the dollar as the world standard is next, and that has already been started(which explains EVERY ACTION he has taken to stagnate our economy)
    I can not claim to be a political or economic scholar, but all of this has the earmarks of the avowed goals of the Communist Party (capital letters), and Marxists everywhere celebrate the reduction of US world status..

    • I don’t believe that he is “a bungler, inept or naive” either, he is doing what he knows to do but I think that he is seen as a piker by his buddies down at the Tyrant Golf and Country Club because he is so weak. Obama is a “behind the scenes” kind of guy, content to voice a vague directive and then have minions (like Kerry) carry them out as they interpret them. Of course, he only hires people who are just as steeped in the ideology as he is but that way, if they are successful, he can take credit, if not, he can disavow the actions or statements. This is the way of a coward.

      He is beneath pity, a weak, cowardly community organizer with an team of idiots surrounding him.

      • Weak and cowardly though he may be, i cannot argue that, but it achieves the end goal of his “transformation” of America to second or third tier status.

        Step aside , and let Russia lead on the diplomacy rhumba, America looks weaker.

        Dither and mumble about a position of strength, when the whole world can see it as a position of weakness, downgrades the USA in the eyes of the world…..under the surface he is giddy with delight.
        I think he sees himself as presiding over the controlled decline of the American Empire.
        He does not believe that America is fair.
        He does not believe in American exceptionalism.
        He easily ignores that millions want to come here , not to live off the government, but for the grand opportunities presented to ALL.
        He believes the old Leftist theme that for someone to succeed, someone else must fail.
        Yes, he is cowardly in his position to (not)lead. Thus , the continual litany of “Washington is broken” setting himself apart from Washington.and permitting him to campaign eternally.
        The thing that I see, even among the more intelligent on the left, is they buy it. They can’t connect the dots, from fact A to evidence B to conclusion C.
        Thus Pelosi calls this whole FLUSTER CRUNK a huge victory for the president, and “The crowd goes wild”.

  2. There are no “idiots” surrounding Obama…….Just as Bush was NOT stupid.

    Nobody gets to the WH being stupid or an Idiot. Those in the position and those immediately around them dance to much more powerful Agendas, and they put there because they can be trusted to work within those Agendas at a level that satisfies the Power Elite ….. it is no more complex than this.

  3. Before I lived in Oakland, CA I would not have agreed with Ralph, but now I know he is right. There are people living in CA who absolutely hate America & they are happy when bad things happen to our country. I denied it for a long time, it’s hard to accept that your neighbor was happy about the attack on 9/11, but there it is.

    What are we going to do about these people?

  4. I’m about to move from West Coast SF Bay Area to East Coast Charleston area so I’ll be able to offer an opinion soon. I sure hope you’re right about college students.

    • Don’t get too optimistic . Like I said it’s growing. But I am encouraged. At UNC there is actually a campus Republican group. And Lord knows, that is one large bastion of feminist fascism and limp d*** sissies.

      • LOLO I can see the Book already………..*The Feminist Fascists and limp d**ked sissies and the women who “love them *

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