Putin’s Letter to America, Historic Revisionsim and Religion

Historic Revisionism: A Different Take On Putin’s Letter To America

Why The Judea/Christian Ethic Is Not Your Enemy

 I have a very different take on Putin’s recent op-ed and the many reactions to it that I’ve seen on the TV and heard on the radio.  To me, it is another example of historic revisionism; an example of ignorance born from partial or incomplete knowledge and understanding of history; and a perfect example of why the Judea/Christian ethic is not an enemy to those who do not believe in either faith.  In fact, it is to and for those who do not subscribe to the Bible that I now write.  I believe I have something of value to offer you, and it is my sincere hope that you will stay with me long enough to finish reading this post.  If you do, you might find that those who share my faith are allies in the pursuit and defense of individual rights and liberty, not enemies.  But, before we can discuss why I believe this to be true, we need to establish some mutual understandings about the position from which I am writing.

First of all, I write this post under the assumption that you are already aware of Putin’s letter to America in the New York Times.  I also want to make clear that I write in partial response to Rush Limbaugh’s reaction to Putin’s letter.  Politically, whether I mention it or not, I write in general opposition to the Progressive agenda in this nation, and the broader collectivist agenda that increasingly dominates the world.  Finally, I write as a Christian who understands that it is not enough to merely believe the tenants of my faith; I have to actually do my best to live them.  This means that I must do my best to be kind, patient and tolerant of those who hold different beliefs.  This last part is very difficult for me, but, as most Christians who seek to grow in their faith will tell you, it is difficult for everyone who chooses to follow Christ’s Gospel.  To the extent that I fail you through mistake, carelessness or failure to think, I apologize in advance.  Add all of this together and you will have – if not an understanding – at least an awareness of what motivates me to write this post.

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17 thoughts on “Putin’s Letter to America, Historic Revisionsim and Religion

  1. Joe, what was the name of the NPR documentary, and who was the HAHVAHD prof. Please
    Just like to have these things at my fingertips.

  2. Notwithstanding the sheer joy I took in utter demolishing of Obama at the hand’s of Putin’s PR writer (he doesn’t speak English well enough to have written that op-ed), I cannot kick aside the fact that Putin is a fantastic (censored) dip(censored) hypocrite who deserves one of our “Exceptional” American cruise missiles up his exit hole.

    The end. 🙂

  3. I’m amazed at the over 40 crowd, who have forgotten the nuclear holocaust drills we took part in during elementary school.
    A time when the threat of a nuclear holocaust caused by Russian ICBM’s was very real.

    As for Lenin and Stalin? Murdered the Czar, his wife and children, execution style in the middle of the night in a basement. Then they murdered tens of millions of innocent civilians throughout Europe, Asia, and Russia…

    Putin rose to power from military pilot, through the KGB, to dictator; obviously more skilled in the ways of tyranny than his opponents…

    • Don, have you read her book” Losing Our Religion”
      A good read, but the more I see of her (on TV etc) the less I see her as a conservative.

      • no haven’t read it …. but I’ll trust your judgement …. haven’t seen a lot of her either.

        Do check out Diana Wets’s books though…. “American Betrayal” and etc

        • I had a copy here at the house, but , I don’t know….it got legs or something.
          I’ll add those three to my list.
          If I’m going to read that whole list, God’s got to give another 30 years or so.

      • Ralph,

        You might be sensing the difference between ‘conservative’ and ‘Classic Liberal.” This is part of a long-standing argument I’ve had with my conservative friends here on the RNL 🙂

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