Forever Blaming Bush

Yet another “I blame Bush for Obama’s inability to lead and America’s waning power” screed.

It was George W. Bush who set in motion the events that caused the American consensus on liberal internationalism to splinter and finally collapse. Although his goal of promoting democratic change echoed Kennedy, the methods and the incompetence were unique to his administration. In trying to pursue nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq with few international allies, and then failing so spectacularly, Bush shattered America’s confidence in its international leadership. It is worth recalling how tall America stood after the fall of the Taliban in 2001: our adversaries—North Korea, Iran, even China—feared not only our overwhelming military power, but also our skill at leading the world into action. Soon enough, however, that sense of American strength and leadership was gone.

It is the height of intellectual dishonesty to place this at Bush’s feet when Democrats openly sided with Saddam and lived every day to condemn and tear down his efforts with every breath. They forget the Saddam financed trip Democrats took to Baghdad in the run up to the war and the broadcasts of solidarity they made from there. They conveniently forget Kerry’s, Pelosi’s and Hillary’s cozy relationship with Assad.

Never mind that one of Obama’s major objectives was to reduce America’s influence around the world. Outstretched hand, not a fist – remember that? Smart diplomacy – what a freaking joke that is.

Well, mission accomplished, chief. Well done – now your sycophantic media buddies have to work overtime to blame it on anybody but you…

James P. Rubin is an idiot and a former Clinton political hack – no wonder Newsqueak is worth less than a dollar.

What a bunch of morons.

4 thoughts on “Forever Blaming Bush

  1. I agree with your post 100 %.

    Nevertheles……the absolute ..LAST..thing America needs is yet another Bush….neither the Jeb version nor the newest incarnation now squirming for power in Texas…George P Bush.

    The Country would do well to throw off ALL Bushes all Clintons and ALL …”silly old Dolts” like McCain, Graham, Boehner, Reid and McConnell to name just a few.

    New GENUINE Constitutional Conservative Bolld is needed….. Locally AND Nationally.

  2. We should all get together and have a rally for the new political party, THE MOONSHINE MINORITY PARTY.
    Grow a little corn,
    Make a little shine
    Get down tonight
    ( I can hear KC and the Sunshine Band….Wait ….MOONSHINE BAND)
    We can rally back and forth between Tate’s Hell and The Okeefenokee!
    Sing along now, ….and the moon comes through the pines in Mason jars and gallon jugs…..

    Sorry y’all, I got up way too early this morning, and probably spent way too much time in the sun.
    But I do think that since the government is so pro ethanol, and my family has been making ethanol for more than 200 years…………………..

  3. Utah: Was this a recent post or article somewhere? If so, it is hilarious in that the chutzpah one would have to possess to post this drivel someplace is beyond impressive. President Bush marshaled over 40-nations to the causes of ousting the Taliban and al Qaeda from Afghanistan and toppling Saddam Hussein, then the world’s premier sponsor of international Islamic terrorism (after Russia), in Iraq. The campaigns were handled brilliantly, and although the brevity of the combat action left the Bushies unsettled regarding transitioning to the post-war environment, Mr. Bush eventually found his leaders for the two theaters (like Lincoln, it took several tries), and by the time Bush prepared to leave office, both the Iraq and Afghan wars were ready for “Status of Forces Agreements” and transitioning to local governance under American support. Mr. Bush’s victories were obtained with the constant carping and outright misrepresentations by the American media, who alleged among other things that Saddam Hussein had not possessed “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” when it had been clearly documented that Hussein had already used chemical weapons against the Kurds in northern Iraq, and chemical shells were uncovered in the post-warfare search. Of course, Fox News provided the only American reporting of these events. As a side-issue, Mr. Bush and his team managed to rebuild the American economy from the effects of the recession that took hold in Clinton’s last year, again under-reported, and from the shock effects of the 9/11 attacks, both no small accomplishments while tooling up to punish our declared enemies.

    So the Community-Organizer-in-Chief took office in 2009, with the Iraq and Afghan wars won, except for Status-of-Forces Agreements, which he assigned to VP “Slow Joe” Biden. Biden proceeded to botch both end-games thoroughly. Our Dear Leader then announced a “surge” strategy for Afghanistan, and chose to declare the next day a “date certain” for the final withdrawal of American combat forces, providing the Taliban and Al Qaeda with the clear message that he was not serious about pursuing victory in that conflict. One-by-one the allies recruited and held by President Bush announced their exit from the theaters as it became obvious Obama and his gang were not only inexperienced but not trustworthy. As the Obamites focused on school lunches, same-sex marriage and destroying America’s healthcare system, the world, both our traditional allies and our enemies, watched Obama snatch defeat from Bush’s victories in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and concluded this was not an American President who could be trusted with anything important. Then came the abandonment of our loyal ally and peacemaker Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, the complete botch of the removal of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya and the abandonment and unprosecuted murders of our own diplomats in Benghazi, followed by an incredible stonewalling cover-up of the events directed by the White House. What American ally, even the UK or Israel, would even consider trusting our Community-Organizer-in-Chief on any important issue, after this cluster-f**k masquerading as a foreign policy?

    And now Our Dear Leader is making the case that last week’s pariah, Vladimir Putin, can be trusted to disarm and monitor Syria’s chemical weapons stores. Let me say that again slowly, for any Liberal/Progressives who may be reading…Barack “the Golfer” Obama expects the American people and the world to accept that Shirtless Vlad will disarm and monitor his pal Chinless Bashar Al-Assad’s chemical weapons, while Vlad is already Bashar’s largest weapons supplier and has been for years. And the author of the original bizarre comment about President Bush’s credibility has the temerity to suggest that Mr. Bush, he of the two victories and the 40-nation alliance, somehow weakened America’s standing in the world? America’s standing has been weakened by none other than Barack Hussein Obama, the loser of victories, the deserter of allies and the amateur whose feckless need for personal aggrandizement is beyond belief. But don’t tell the American media…they’ll take it hard. CDE

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