The Community Organizer vs. The KGB Operative

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been witness to a battle of the community organizer versus the KGB operative.

Unfortunately, America has been overrun by the community organizing ethos where “winning” is mostly symbolic. I mean, we can’t “win” can we? That means that we must have something called a “loser” and in the Age of Obama, there are no “losers”, right? I mean, everybody gets a trophy…

But in point of fact, community organizational theory has been used to fight “wars” on poverty, inner city violence, teen pregnancy and fatherless households – all to little actual effect. Community organizing is built upon a notion of self-perpetuation, a perspective that depends on the continuous existence of a problem for the CO movement to have relevancy, so the emphasis isn’t on actually solving the problem, it is on agitation of the public and winning symbolic “victories” as a measure of success.

If the problem is solved, who needs a community organizer?

The KGB operative represents the real world where pain hurts and inflicting that pain is identified as a behavior modifier. It is a world where the application of brute force yields results and killing your opposition ends that opposition forever. It is a world where the goal is to resolve problems, not to continue them. It is a hard, cold, unemotional world where the facts are the facts no matter how we “feel” about them.

The Occupy “movement” likes to talk about the 1% and the 99%, well, 99% of this planet lives in the world of the KGB operator where the world is governed by a judicious application of violence and the only things that count are actual results. Due to our historical success and power – and the fact that most of our leaders did live (or at least grow up) in the world of the KGB – our current generation of “leaders” get to live a life of relative ease. As a result of this ease, these modern “progressives” have created a false image of the world that exists only in their heads. It is only covered it with a thin veneer of reality. It is a world where to say something is the same as doing it, success is measured in how well failures are hidden and problems will go away if we just ignore them hard enough.

They get to live in a “progressive” bubble.

But people who live in bubbles should avoid sharp objects – and definitely should avoid people nicknamed Vlad the Impaler.

Putin burst the “progressive” illusion bubble with alarming ease this past week and he did so with mocking glee. In the battle of symbolism versus substance, it is game, set, and match to substance. Our President has had his ass handed to him in the past few weeks by a hard, cold, unemotional man who lives in the KGB world.

Putin does look at our government as silly little children – somewhat unsurprisingly, I share his view on this subject.

I must admit to taking a degree of “We told you” pleasure as Obama was slow roasted over a pit he constructed…but in reality, schadenfreude is like a bottle of good tequila – it may be fun to revel in for a time but the hangover is very, very painful.

Something tells me that this headache is going to be an especially long and painful one.

9 thoughts on “The Community Organizer vs. The KGB Operative

    • Utah: Great post and your points are all spot-on. One of the serious problems that Liberal/Progressive Community Organizers that graduate from the Saul Alinsky School of Lightweight Revolutionary Tactics inevitably experience is that while their world is completely subjective and politics forms the total gestalt, areas like economics and international affairs deal in objective realities that cannot be speechified away. Our Dear Leader’s enormous and unwarranted ego needs serve him poorly when he tries to deal with hard-ass totalitarians like Putin and Assad, who see Obama’s need to watch his polls and to “look good” for the weaknesses they are. Does Mr. Obama actually believe America can trust anything that Mr. Putin pledges? Don’t Obama and his media publicists recognize this is the same Putin who has armed and supported the Assads for years and that Obama is in the process of consolidating Assad’s hold on Syria while transferring America’s hard-bought influence in the broader Middle East to Russia and Iran? Or that our now wavering allies like the Saudis, the Kuwaitis and the Gulf states will now need to cut very unfortunate deals of their own with Assad, Putin and the Ayatollahs of Iran? And why? Because the Community Organizer posing as the President of the United States values his own vanity over the clear, strategic interests of our nation. Incredible. CDE

  1. Putin learned his skills the hard way; he rose to power in mortal combat, literally.

    Putin unapologetically and proudly lives in “real world.”

    Meanwhile, Obama lives in a pretend world, a facade, where truth and reality are hidden, or attemepted to be hidden from “the people”.

    Obama is a “paper tiger”, a mere “house of cards”.

    • texas – you got it. We are leaving the generation of leaders who fought the Cold War and we are paying the price. Only the American political right retains the ability to fight the collectivist/statist scourge.

      John Kennedy said in 1960:

      Abroad, the balance of power is shifting. There are new and more terrible weapons—new and uncertain nations—new pressures of population and deprivation. One-third of the world, it has been said, may be free—but one-third is the victim of cruel repression—and the other one-third is rocked by the pangs of poverty, hunger, and envy. More energy is released by the awakening of these new nations then by the fission of the atom itself.

      Meanwhile, Communist influence has penetrated further into Asia, stood astride in the Middle East and now festers some ninety miles off the coast of Florida. Friends have slipped into neutrality—and neutrals into hostility.

      Instead of fighting the communist enemy, the Democrats adopted their ideology.

      • Quote…

        “..Only the American political right retains the ability to fight the collectivist/statist scourge..”

        Now Now Utah …….. You aren’t being “inclusive” here …. after all what about the uhmm …….”independents”…. :- ))

  2. It’s pretty bad when a narcissistic communist dictator like Putin looks like a statesman when compared to OUR narcissistic communist dictator.

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