Meet The Parents

The parents of the left, that is.

Much of the power of the radical left resides in the spread of its ideas in the shadows, away from the light of general public discourse. Within the realm of Academia, however, the ideas of these thirty great thinkers are prevalent, and their influence is real. The nation’s intellectual elites who have been molding young minds through education and the culture for decades draw on these radical theories to dramatically impact the society at large.

Americans who admire the Founding Fathers are largely unaware of these radical ideas and their influence on intellectual elites, although the Founders themselves anticipated such “progressive” notions and the sophists who would wield them over two centuries ago. Modern leftism is a kind of hodgepodge of ideas that are cherry-picked and removed from their philosophical context and weaponized to turn the nation into an authoritarian superstate run by the political class.

Find out what makes these thirty philosophers and intellectuals important in the minds of radicals with this irreverent, quick-and-dirty exposition leading to a synthesis in the most powerful political figure in the world. Not all of these thinkers are radicals; but their ideas are being used in radical ways by those who want to turn America upside down — or as they would have it, right side up.

2 thoughts on “Meet The Parents

  1. Utah: What a great post! As someone who embraced Marxism as an omniscient fifteen-year-old and then spent a decade gaining an understanding of where Marx’s theories came from and why they had never worked, I wish I had such a comprehensive and effective compendium of historical information at the start of my personal intellectual journey. Not that it would have probably saved me much time or argumentation, since to be fifteen is to be fifteen and many things can only be understood by observation, experience and study. Nonetheless, really interesting presentation. CDE

  2. Utah,

    Great List of the 30 “Minds of Influential Radicals” ….. I was taught their trickery by someone who studied Directly under some of them at Columbia.

    For those not familiar with the Dredge of Leftist thought this is a good list …. each of the 30 has a paragraph that introduces their main ideas ….. makes it easy to Familiarize yourself with them without having the Torture of having to read their Propganda………………….. Pity those of us subjected to Term-papers based on their opus… ;- )).

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