Obamajoke of the Day

A man died and went to Heaven. As he stood In front of Saint Peter and the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked. “What are those clocks?”

Saint Peter answered, “Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on Earth has a Lie-Clock, every time you lie, the hands on your clock will move.”

“Oh,” said the man, pointing to a dusty old clock, “whose clock is that?”

“That clock belongs to Mother Teresa. The hands on that clock have never moved – indicating that she has never told a lie.”

“Incredible,” said the man.

Moving to the next clock, Saint Peter said, “This is Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that old Abe told only two lies in his entire life.”

With his curiosity piqued, the man asked Saint Peter, “Where is President Obama’s clock?”

Cracking a wry smile, Saint Peter replied, “His clock is in Jesus’ office. He is using it as an oscillating table fan.”

2 thoughts on “Obamajoke of the Day

  1. A little “dated” now that the football season has started, but still funny …

    Looking forward to the college football season? Here’s a recap of last year’s season:

    Alabama beats Arkansas … Arkansas fires their coach.
    Alabama beats Tennessee … Tennessee fires their coach.
    Alabama beats Auburn … Auburn fires their coach.
    Alabama beats Notre Dame … the Pope resigns.

    I wish the damn White House had a team.

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