Wake up…………….. “Let the soldiers carry weapons again.”

Some would claim that this is mere coincidence. That there is no correlation between disarming soldiers on military bases and the number of shootings that have occurred on them since that gun ban. And then some of us say, “Let the soldiers carry weapons again.”


How Political Correctness and Stupid Policies Yielded Up The Navy Yard Massacre
Doug Giles | Sep 22, 2013

Not only does the District of Columbia have ridiculous and unconstitutional gun laws, but also, thanks to former president Bill Clinton, our military bases are verboten to protect themselves on bases nationwide. Yep, one of Bill’s first acts upon taking office in ’93 was to disarm soldiers while they were on base.

Here’s a pop quiz for you: Guess how many shootings have occurred on our U.S. military bases prior to this gun ban? If you guessed zero then you’re an astute cookie. Now guess the number of shootings that have gone down since Clinton enacted his idiotic gun ban? If you guessed sixteen you’d be right on. What’s up with Bill and “Benghazi Hillary” not wanting to protect our soldiers? Weird, eh?

A History of Shootings at Military Installations in the U.S.
Shootings at military installations prior to Monday’s outburst at the Washington Navy Yard.
Monday, Sep 16, 2013 | Updated 10:50 PM EDT

June 1994: Airman Dean Mellberg opened fire at the Fairchild Air Force Base hospital outside Spokane, Wash., killing four people and wounding 23 before a security officer killed him.

March 1995: Ernest J. Cooper Jr., a civilian Navy worker, shot and wounded two co-workers at Naval Air Systems Command in Arlington, Va. then killed himself. One of the victims, Nils F. “Fred” Salvesen, was Cooper’s supervisor and the first to be shot. The other, Navy Cmdr. Harry F. Molyneux, was sitting nearby when Cooper turned the gun on him.

October 1995: Sgt. William J. Kreutzer Jr. went on a shooting spree at Fort Bragg, N.C., killing one officer and wounding 18 soldiers, members of the 82nd Airborne Division, as they participated in morning physical training exercises. He was sentenced to life in prison.

September 2008: A soldier at Ft. Hood, Texas, shot and killed his lieutenant then committed suicide on the balcony of his apartment.

June 2009: Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a self-described Islamic radical, opened fire on a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Ark., killing one Army private, William Long, and wounding another, Quinton Ezeagwula. Muhammad was sentenced to life in prison.

July 2009: Army Sgt. Ryan Schlack was shot while trying to break up a fight at Fort Hood, Texas. A fellow soldier, Spc. Armano Baca, is serving 20 years in prison for the murder.

November 2009: Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan carried out the largest mass murder at a military installation in American history, opening fire on dozens of unarmed soldiers at a medical deployment center at Fort Hood, Texas. Thirteen were killed and another 32 were wounded. Hasan was sentenced to death.

October and November, 2010: Marine Corps reservist Yonathan Melaku committed a series of drive-by shootings at various military installations in northern Virginia, none of which resulted in anyone getting hurt. When law enforcement agents arrested him, they found bomb making material with him. Melaku was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

May 2011: Sgt. Jason Seeds, a soldier at Fort Drum, N.Y., allegedly shot his wife during a dispute at their home on the Army post. She lived, and explained later that her husband had suffered from deteriorating mental health since returning home from war.

April 2012: A soldier at Fort Campbell, Ky., Spc. Rico Rawls Jr., allegedly shot and killed his wife, Jessica Rawls, at their home on the Army post, then led police on a highway chase into Georgia. Before his arrest, he shot himself and eventually died.

May 2012: A soldier was shot by a fellow service member after a traffic accident on the grounds of Fort Carson, Colo. The shooting happened after one of the soldiers allegedly lost control of the car he was driving and crashed into the other soldier’s home. After a fight, the resident opened fire, hitting the driver twice and himself once.

June 2012: Spc. Ricky Elder killed himself a day after allegedly shooting and killing his battalion commander, Lt. Col. Roy L. Tisdale, during a safety briefing near his unit’s headquarters at Fort Bragg, N.C. News reports indicated that Elder faced legal troubles, and had said he’d been diagnosed with dementia.

December 2012: Spc. Marshall D. Drake, a soldier at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska, shot to death a fellow solder, Pfc. Grant Wise, after a night of heavy drinking. Wise was found dead in Drake’s barracks on Christmas morning. Drake was sentenced for 12 years in a military prison.

March 2013: Marine Sgt. Eusebrio Lopez, a tactics instructor, shot and killed two colleagues at Marine Corps Base Quantico’s Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Va. before shooting himself to death. The victims were Lance Corporal Sara Castromata, a warehouse clerk, and Corporal Jacob Wooley, a field radio operator.

April 2013: Lloyd Gibert, a civilian employer at a Fort Knox, Ky. parking lot, was shot to death outside the post’s Army Human Resources Command building. A Fort Knox soldier, Marquinta E. Jacobs, was arrested in the killing.

June 2013: An Army captain at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, Texas was allegedly shot and wounded by her common-law husband, Alvin Roundtree at the Army Medical Department Center and School, where she was an instructor. Roundtree is a retired soldier.

3 thoughts on “Wake up…………….. “Let the soldiers carry weapons again.”

  1. “Gun free zones” merely create a safe and target rich environment for criminals.

    People are always shocked when they learn our military personnel are prohibited from the carrying of arms while on military bases.

    One must not only train with, but also “live” with the tools of their trade to become the best they can become.

    When the commanders no longer trust their troops; you realize something is terribly amiss with the commanders and their goals and plans.

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