Three-year-old terrorist

Three-year-old terrorist in Detroit

Security cameras caught this three-year-old terrorist causing mass panic
among the male population of Detroit .

(click on pic)


7 thoughts on “Three-year-old terrorist

  1. You have the 99 bottles of beer on the wall song mixed up with Luther’s 95 Thesis. But who’s going to complain if we are 4 bottles short.

    • Ur right !

      And I might also be responsible for those missing 4 beers………since I was confusing Newt’s ’94 Contract with America with the 95 theses as well…..
      99….95….94………. To quote the most Intelligent woman in the world…… ( in Shrill high voice )” WHAT DOES IT MATTER NOW !!!!! ”

      Who says Liberals can’t teach us new tricks…. ;- )) .

  2. I guess this site is starting to trade more openly in broad racial stereotypes.

    Images like this are damaging to the black community. People who see this and think it’s funny are more likely to see me and think that I grew up fatherless, or perhaps that I have children that I myself do not support. This colors people’s impression of me. I am an upstanding member of society, as is my father, and posts like this rob us both of a part of our dignity.

    When people accuse the Tea Party of being racist, THIS is what they are talking about. It is not an issue of malice or open persecution, but one of basic dignity and respect. Having posts like this one, that trade on stereotypes for a cheap laugh, alongside ones that denounce Obamacare and criticize the GOP from the right only serves to support these accusations.

    There are black conservatives out there looking for places that discuss current events from a standpoint to which they can more easily relate. If sites like this one can’t do that without insulting us in the same breath, we are less likely to feel the kind of comradery that is required weather the kind of rebuilding that Utah keeps discussing.

    If the authors here think that is less important than making a sophomoric black joke, one must wonder if they are thinking at all.

  3. Matt,
    Surely, you aren’t ignoring the fact that the majority of black children these days live in homes without their fathers?
    “I am an upstanding member of society, as is my father,” …………… That is great, so am I and so was my father and so are my 4 brothers and so is my son and six nephews……………….. We also all RAISED or are RAISING ALL the children we fathered. However, I NEVER thought we needed to be praised for doing so.
    To ignore the fact that way to many black men have become worthless pieces of shit when it comes to being responsible parents is like Muslims ignoring the fact that way too many of their fellow Muslims have turned to terrorism.

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