SNL Meets the “Cool Dude” in the White House & His Signature Disaster

Some of us with friends in places like the UK and Canada have long understood what a disaster the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, would inevitably become. But Our Dear Leader’s status as the “Cool President” has until recently rendered the generally vacuous American media spellbound and incapable of any serious analysis of Obamacare or even looking at the dreadful care provided in other countries with similar healthcare systems. The trajectory of the argument began shifting over a year ago when the smartest and most perceptive of American humorists, Jay Leno, began subtlety repositioning his humor about President Obama and Obamacare. The reigning king of late night television has since led a groundswell of pointed but hilarious criticism directed at the Cool Dude in the White House and his signature disaster that has now penetrated one of Liberal/Progressive America’s staunchest bastions…SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.
SNL’s attached skit hammers home many, but not all, of the unintended consequences of Obamacare that reasonably well informed Americans have been talking about all through the non-existent debate about the disaster that will bring 17% of US GDP under the control of un-elected Federal bureaucrats. Images and humor are the most powerful arguments and SNL’s writers nail this one. Please enjoy…I’m still laughing, but then I am easily entertained. CDE

6 thoughts on “SNL Meets the “Cool Dude” in the White House & His Signature Disaster

  1. CDE,

    My friend, you have been FAR too kind to our media. They know full well what Obamacare is and will be. Lest we forget, the bloody bill would have never passed had it not been for the media’s role in this farce. The media ceased to be the 4th estate long ago. It is now the Ministry of Truth. Make no mistake about that — it is why they are all going after the new media so hard: they need to keep their monopoly if they are going to keep their power.

  2. Reblogged this on Vladimir Davidiuk and commented:
    This may not be the cultural shift Americans need, but the fact that even SNL is beginning to realize that a contrary narrative is real & powerful demonstrates the power of those opposed to statism.

  3. It’s TOO LATE!! The damage has been done, and all thought that it couldn’t happen in America. She’s been taken over without a shot fired (except for Chicago, of course), and nobody wanted to interrupt their viewing of Honey, Boo, Boo. We get what we deserve. The land our fathers fought and died for has been taken over by the children of those they fought against. Though they had different biological parents, the ideological beliefs are the same. And we sat by, worshipping at the altar of political correctness. God help us all.

    • Mike: One of my father’s ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence, placing his family’s fortune and his life on the line for ideas that were still being clarified in the minds of Franklin, Jefferson, Madison and Adams (that reference is for Joe). The British army and navy were a far more existential threat than a bunch of Liberal/Progressive bureaucratic bullies and their media allies. Collectivists have existed since the beginning of human civilization and maybe longer. Our American ancestors, led by one of the greatest men in history in Ben Franklin, produced the only civilization in history shaped by a single, radical idea…that the freedom of the individual was the foundation of all progress and growth of the human species, and that the Collectivism that had held back our race for millennia had to be explicitly rejected forever. America’s foundation represented a radical departure from the Collectivist ideology that had granted “divine rulers,” aristocrats, and today’s Liberal/Progressive troglodytes control over the lives of their fellow citizens. That is what Our Dear Leader and his gang are about…controlling our healthcare decisions, our incomes and assets, our thoughts and our words, our religious beliefs (or lack of them), our right to protect our families by keeping and bearing arms, our economic choices, our transportation and what our children are taught or indoctrinated in.

      Real Americans are not sheep, like most of the peoples on our planet. We will not tolerate those who would control our lives and diminish our nation. Those who fail to recognize that America is Reagan’s “Shining city on a hill,” who do not understand or choose to deny the role that the US played in crushing the imperial ambitions of the Germans, the Italians and the Japanese and in exhausting the totalitarians of Russia and its slave empire, are incapable of leading the greatest nation the world has yet seen. The Eastern Europeans have told me how important Reagan’s words were in breaking the back of Soviet tyranny and in freeing their nations to grow and prosper in American-style freedom. For Americans to tolerate a fool who seeks to build a permanent underclass dependent forever on the toil of others, and to desert our role as the leader of the free, is to desert the idea that our predecessors have bled and died for.

      Real American leaders are emerging in Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Tim Scott and others, and we who love and understand America must put aside unimportant differences to focus on our common enemies…the Liberal/Progressives and Barack Obama. There will be no easy victory and the war between America and the traitors who would destroy our nation may rage for generations, but the effort must be sustained through whatever dark times we must pass through to achieve victory for freedom and liberty and all that is great in our nation. I see no other option. Do you? CDE

  4. CDE,

    16,000 “new irs (alphabet agency) agents”
    thousands of fully automatic, ie real “assault rifles”
    thousands of “military grade” body armor for these “law enforcement” agents
    1.6 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammunition for “law enforcement” agents
    (more ammunition than provided to troops in Iraq or Afghanistan)
    NSA recording every communication and financial transaction of all Americans.
    IRS, EPA, OSHA using intimidating and using illegal powers against regular Americans.

    Americans are facing a new existential threat every bit as daunting as the British circa 1775.

    We all must remember Joe’s advice, peaceful and respectful, resistance.
    Complete non-violent, disobediance.

    • texas: We are in complete agreement regarding the risk that Americans face from a Collectivist regime that gives evidence by its purchasing and hiring practices that is preparing for either a coercive take-over of US society or to put-down an internal revolt by unidentified forces. If there is an alternative explanation for the statistics you list, and which I have seen confirmed by other sources, I have not heard or seen what that explanation may be. Collectivists, including Liberal/Progressives in America, Fascists in Italy, Spain and elsewhere, the Nazis in Germany, the Communist Parties of Russia, China, Viet Nam and Cambodia, and various national Socialists parties, have almost all resorted to government coercion to quell internal dissent. As Mao stated, “Power grows out of the barrel of a gun,” and Collectivists are required to resort to the use of violence to retain their control of the nations they have taken over because all that Collectivist movements have ever been about is the acquisition of power and the creation of a “ruling class” that controls the lives of each nation’s people. The average person living under Collectivism has seen the erosion of their quality of life, the removal of any individual freedoms they may have enjoyed, the destruction of their nation’s productive capacity and the kidnapping and indoctrination of their children. Stalin followed this script, as did Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, Ceaușescu, Castro, and assorted other Collectivist tyrants, and that is where Our Dear Leader is trying to take America today.

      At times in America’s history our forbears have had to fight to preserve our core principles of individual freedom, free markets and our Capitalist economic system. My point in our earlier comment was that at those times, surrender or capitulation has never been an option for American citizens. We need to understand our enemies but never, ever concede defeat. The post I was commenting on seemed to suggest surrender was an option. The British Empire was unbeatable until free men and women decided it wasn’t. The coercive power of Our Dear Leader and his Liberal/Progressive bullies has readily observable weaknesses…nothing they put in place will ever succeed, because it never has, anywhere. So let’s cut out the “Woe is me'” and figure out how to kick some ass. Figuratively, of course. CDE

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