Obamacare: The Latest Govt. Plan To Destroy The Family

SOCIAL ENGINEERING: Brave New World – Through Obamacare And Welfare

Welfare Programs Have Been Designed To Destroy The Family

Destroy the family, you destroy the country.

–Vladimir Lenin

The destruction of the nuclear family has long been a central tenant of the Progressive/Statist agenda.  It must be remembered that these people see the destruction of the existing society as the essential first step to re-building it according to their utopian desires.  If a society has a strong family structure, it is naturally resistant to the government’s efforts to change it.  Loving parents can largely neutralize all the State’s efforts to use education, news and entertainment media to shape and control society.  Therefore, it must be destroyed before the rest of the State’s efforts can work to maximum efficiency.  This leaves the collectivist to figure out how best to destroy the family?  The answer was simple; by using the welfare system.  And this is exactly what they have done.

When LBJ started his famous war on poverty, the welfare system was specifically designed so that a family could not receive government assistance if there was an able-bodied man (i.e. father) in the home.  This had the effect of breaking up families and was largely responsible for the destruction of the black family in America.  The welfare system then rewarded fatherless child production by paying more money for every child in the single-parent home.  This led to massive illegitimacy, and to a soaring crime rate.  This then produces a massive problem with crime, which is then exploited by passing more laws which inevitably take more and more rights and liberties from the people.  And it is all done in the name of compassion, law and order and safety.

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