Understanding the Difference between Comrade Karl’s Way vs. the American Way — Sesame St Style

I couldn’t get this to post in the comments section, but this post is intended to provide a visual aid to Utah’s post on the glorious workers revolution.  The issue at hand is Karl’s assertion that Communism is better than Capitalism.  SO, in true Sesame Street fashion (i.e. pictures), I ask you:

Which side of this picture represents Karl’s Communism and which side represents Capitalism?


Any more questions?


[NOTE: I do not equate Capitalism with the free market.  I used the term Capitalism in this post simply because Karl doesn’t seem to recognize that Capitalism can and does exist under the collectivist model he advocates, and therefore, Karl cannot understand that much of what he objects to is the direct result of subordinating the free market to government control.]

34 thoughts on “Understanding the Difference between Comrade Karl’s Way vs. the American Way — Sesame St Style

  1. Do we really need to waste electricity at night?

    Stop blaming communist for your bourgeoisie state interest narrowing down to a very few wealthy people. The name of the game is “pay to play” and if Joe’s one man shop can compete with corporations when it comes to influencing the bourgeoisie state. it is not the communists fault for not giving you investment tips so you could hold higher amounts of capital like the big boys, and hold more gov’t influence. Your morals and laws will not stop capital from seeking more capital through bribery and campaign contributions.
    Joe the problem is private property. Not that people haven’t been educated in natural and morality. Jesus started his church two thousand years ago, the American nation was founded on “judeo-christian” values(by your history) more than 200 years ago. You had your perfect constitution, your perfect founding fathers and yet look at us now. You have to accept that material conditions are what make society. Laws and ethics are over-ridden by material conditions. When industrial trusts and monopoly were developed they sought through their own rational self interest to protect themselves from competition so they engaged in bribery and price manipulation. the small producer be damned, the monopolist wasn’t going to give up market share just to preserve “free-markets.” The monopolist was out to create profit, something that is encouraged in the free-market system.

    • Karl,
      Your forefathers & brothers in ideals, ignoring Americas Constitution, creating a fascist state, is the cause if America’s problems.

      Karl, the group of ignorant and evil that you are made of; is total and complete destruction and devastation.

      Might makes right.

      Hiel hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, pol pot, Hussein, Obama ….

      What a utopia to look forward to.

      • do you even acknowledge history, or is history and the decline of the U.S.A is the evil bad commies did it. It is odd how Reagan armed Saddam Hussein, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and raged against “Jewish Bolshevism,” Vietnamese commies ended Pol Pot’s rule and Obama just got his gov’t shutdown. Here is president Reagan’s special envoy meeting with Saddam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaP7ZrmkcuU

        Major General of the U.S Marine Corps Smedley Butler was approached by business interest to launch a fascist coup against president FDR. yet you accuse the fascists and socialist to be working together. When nothing could be further from the truth. History sure is inconvenient for the ignorant. Sadly it is this right-wing pseudo anti-fascism that will lead to fascism. You are against majority rule and view possible violence and uprising as legitimate form of protecting the right-wing system from democracy. If a general were to overthrow Obama and ban all parties except for the newly created “America Patriots Party” established martial law, you would be dancing in excitement.

          • Fascism isn’t socialism. Fascism is ultra-nationalistic capitalism. Did Hitler collectivize the means of production, did he set-up a democracy of majority rule?

            I got a full deck. All you have are lies spread by the business interest.

            • Karl,

              NAZI is an abbreviation for NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKERS’ PARTY! That means HITLER declared himself to be a socialist — as did Mussolini.

              But I will accept that you have a full deck, which then means you are being deliberately deceitful.

              • Hitler was so socialist and in brotherly love with the proletarians of the USSR invaded the USSR. Not only that he blamed communist for the Reichstag fire and called Bolshevism a Jewish ideology. He also allied with imperial Japan which was occupying Chinese territory and fighting a war against Mao’s red army.

                • Hitler Said he was a Socialist.

                  I said before you were an Historical Illiterate ……… this shows your profound lack of knowledge perfectly.

                • And 6 months before he invaded, he had a co-prosperity trade pact with them. And before that, and agreement to divide Easter Europe. Heck, he hated the Reds so bad, he arranged to train his illegal air force in Russia during the 1930’s.

                  Make that deceitful AND ignorant.

                  • Could you provide a source for the claim about training his airforce in the USSR? Of Course he signed a trade pact he was trying to get resources from the USSR before he invades them. I guess you too are still being deceived by Hitler, Pay no attention to the dead Red Army soldiers and the imprisoned German Communist. The banning of the German communist party. Hitler also gave a medal to Henry Ford, how many medals did he give to communists?

                    • Can you read history. This is WELL known. Any serious account of how the Luftwaffe came into being will confirm it. So get off your lazy, “you-have-to-do-it-for-me” butt and go find out for yourself.

                      Karl, you poor person; Hitler hated Communism ONLY because it favored a global socialism and he favored national socialism. In fact, Hitler said this was the chief difference between the two ideologies: Commies don’t want borders, Hitler did. Please don’t fight this one. It will make you look worse than you already do.

                      For the rest of you readers: please, trust me on this one. WW II is my profession — literally. You could bank your life on this because I KNOW I am right 🙂

                    • http://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/2007/sep/17/greatinterviews1 from an interview with Hitler

                      Why,” I asked Hitler, “do you call yourself a National Socialist, since your party programme is the very antithesis of that commonly accredited to socialism?”
                      “Socialism,” he retorted, putting down his cup of tea, pugnaciously, “is the science of dealing with the common weal. Communism is not Socialism. Marxism is not Socialism. The Marxians have stolen the term and confused its meaning. I shall take Socialism away from the Socialists.”

                      Hitler knew he wasn’t a socialist, he was making up a new ideology and calling it socialism. Taking away socialism from the socialist. Why can’t you understand this?

                    • Hey everyone,
                      Karl now claims Hitler was not a socialist, even though Hitler called himself a socialist.

                      Who claimed a short while ago that Hitler was a Christian because he claimed to be a Christian?

                    • Form and function define — not the word…or what others claim they are. In other words, if the shoe fits… Whether one likes it or not.

                      In this case, socialism fits what Hitler’s govt. was (fascism is just a form of socialism where the State allows private business — so long as that business stays in line).

              • Here is a reference which clearly shows both the SOCIALIST underpinings of the NAZIs as well as the method of REDISTRIBUTION employed by Hitler and the Socialist Nazi state.

                A 2005 German Book by Gotz Ally titled…” Hitler’s Beneficiaries : Plunder, Racial war, and the Nazi Welfare State..” shows that Hitler won allegience of Ordinary Germans by engaging in a Campaign of Theft and by channeling the proceeds of huge Social Programs……the ave German’s improved Standard of living was obtained by mass looting, theft and redistribution and crippling taxes.

                A quote from the Book clearly shows the Socialist connection……

                “..Among those who took power in 1933 were many recent university grads and students. Their ranks included the rebellious sons of old elite families and the increasingly Self-assertive lower classes, who had Profited from the Social Democrats’ “reforms” …..They overcame diferences in backround through their collective struggle for a National Socialist utopia……

                National Socialism can be seen as a Dictatorship of youth. Within only a few years, it developed into the most destructive generational project of the 20th century…..Another source of the Nazi Party’s popularity was its liberal borrowing from the intellectual tradtion of the SOCIALIST LEFT. …

                Adolf Eichmann repeatedly asserted…’My political sentiments inclined toward the LEFT and emphasized SOCIALIST aspects every bit as much as nationalist ones’…..Eichmann added, he and his COMRADES had viewed Nazism and COMMUNISM as “qusi-siblings”…..”

    • See, folks: Karl sees a picture of people enjoying a better life and the first thing he does is see waste. It never occurs to him that this was created — and it was created to be used. All he sees is something he feels compelled to control.

      Which also answers his question in Utah’s post about what it is with Socialism that dictates concentration/re-education camps. They ALWAYS exist in such societies because they must. If the State is going to control everyone, it simply has to get rid of those of us who will not comply. Otherwise, people will eventually follow US — because we will show them Karl represents a failed and totalitarian ideology.


      • I do not feel compelled to stop the use of night-time electricity, all I say is must we? You victim complex leads you to interpret such simple questions as persecution and threats and controlling.

        Socialism isn’t about the state controlling everyone, it is about the people democratically controlling the means of production.

        Why would anyone follow you? You have no solutions all you have are utopias in your head, nostalgia for a time that never was.
        The reason anyone would be a socialist is because, Marx diagnosed the problem correctly.

    • Karl, before you say I don’t know what I am talking about I will tell you as a American I spent 12 years working and traveling through the former Soviet Union, Russia and East European countries. If you think the Communist way of life is the way this country should proceed I have the typical response; go there and live for one year then tell me why you like it. Don’t come back to the USA if you like it, free people do not need to hear how great the Socialist system is from someone who has no idea what the day to day trials are.

      • Ken Communism was predicted by Marx to take place in the most industrialized nations as the capitalism enters a crisis. The third world revolutions took place the wrong time and place. These states did not have a history of development or industry, and they were at odds with the most industrialized states, instead of being them. This doomed them to poverty and collapse.
        Also have you been to India and Africa, many of those countries are not communist led and they are still worse than the East bloc nations. Do you happen to know many East bloc people miss the old system. The collapse of communism created conflicts. The break up of Yugoslavia was very tragic as the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, not to mention the numerous race riots in Central Asia and the setting up of petro-dictatorships in central asia. The west harms the world by bringing down Communist regimes. Thanks to the west there are now Chechen Islamist in Chechnya, Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda in the former People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen.
        Do you know about the massacres Chang Kai Shek committed in Taiwan and the massacres committed by South Korea against their own people not to mention Suharto. So don’t play the bleeding heart game. It is ridiculous to assign the massacres committed by dictators to the economic system which they espouse.

  2. North Korea is merely “leading the green” revolution by setting the example and minimizing their carbon emissions.

    Communists; progressive heroes.

    Individuals shall submit to the iron fist of totalitarianism through collectivism.

  3. Remember German soldiers carried meth as well. If we could just get all the libtards addicted to meth maybe they would be too strung out to vote.

  4. Joe: Understand what you are saying. But you and Karl are both arguing that America has devolved into a Fascist State. Karl just wants to replace this failing Fascist State with another failed model based on Marxist Doctrine. You want to return our country to our Founders original vision. You are not making it clear that what Karl describes of the present state of our government exists in reality. Crony Capitalism and Fascism are not our Beginnings. They ARE how the morally bankrupt and greedy have morphed our government.

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