Will You Step Out Into History And Join Me On Lexington Greene?

Will You Step Out Into History And Join Me On Lexington Greene?

I have been blogging for several years, and offering my unsolicited opinion on the Internet for several more before that.  I have been good at complaining: pointing out what I see wrong with our society.  I told myself I was “doing my part” by trying to “educate” people about the problems we face, but – in reality – I was adding to the problem.  Those who are willing to see, understand and face reality don’t need another bleating voice to remind them of what they already know.  They are well aware of the direction our nation has been traveling, and that we are picking up the pace by which we are traveling that road.  What they want, what they need is a plan to do something about it.  Well, I’m not saying I have the plan, but I finally have a plan to offer.  We just need to be willing to step out into history and join our forefathers on Lexington Greene by putting this plan into action on as large a scale as possible.


First, we need to accept that this nation has been under attack by people who actually study sedition and subversion.  They have been studying how to destroy a society for decades.  To them, it is a “science,” and they have been doing their best to implement their ideas since before the time of Woodrow Wilson.  We must also understand that, if they are not stopped, their agenda will lead to the destruction of what is left of the nation our founders built, and with it, the last vestiges of individual rights and liberty for all mankind will vanish, as well.  Finally, we need to accept that these people already hold a great deal of power, and that those who hold such power never relinquish it without being forced to do so.  This means we will have to use force to stop them.

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