Mark Levin to DC: You Lay One Damn Hand on WWII Vets I’ll Bring Half a Million to That Damn Memorial

“I want to say this loud and clear to the people on Capitol Hill who are listening, to this administration you lay one damn hand on one of those World War II vets at that Memorial I’ll bring half a million people to that damn memorial!

You got that?

I’m sitting here stewing thinking about this. Playing these damn games! You will ignite a movement in this country like you’ve never seen before! The biker patriot army, veterans from all over the country, every single war and battle in this country, Republican, Democrat, Independent whatever. I’ll be damned if one president with his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office, with his smirk on his face, looking at his golf cart I’ll be damned if this president or anybody else is going to shut down that World War II Memorial.”

WOW!!! Epic rant by the Great One WARNING the imperial regime to back off giving the WW2 vets a hard time in trying to close off their memorial which was PAID FOR WITH PRIVATE FUNDS by the American people!

Got that folks? The WW2 memorial is not government property like other monuments, if it was it would have been built a long time ago. Since there is so much disrespect to our vets it took 70 years for a memorial to be built in their honor!

I think Levin needs to make the march happen at this point. DC is completely out of control they don’t fear the American people and is why they are abusing and bullying us like they are! It’s about time for us to put some REAL FEAR IN DC!

13 thoughts on “AND I WILL BE THERE

  1. I do not know how I will do it, but I am ready to put my body where my mouth is. If Levin puts out the call, I WILL do everything I can to answer that call.

    Tyranny must be stopped now — before it is too late.

      • FC,

        I’m with you. But life might still get in the way (as in literally life, or end of). That’s the only reason I did not say I WILL be there: my time in the Corps taught me not to promise what I cannot promise. Still, I am prepared to leave my business, put a bed roll on my motorcycle and just go! I’m pretty sure I could survive for more than a week this way.

  2. I DO NOT travel well ………. But I will make the trek from Dallas to DC……and I will be one Grumpy “Travel-weary” and pissed off Visitor there to stand with those vets !!

  3. My old friend and boss was a WWII Vet…I’d go too. Hell, it aint but a nine hour drive. Of course, I’d have to leave my gun(s) at home, D.C. being a gun free zone and all.

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