About These “All-or-Nothing” Demands

SPIRITS: The Collectivist “All-Or-Nothing” Mentality On Display

The budget battle in Washington presents us with an excellent example of how the battles mankind fights are actually proxy battles between spirits.  In this case, the battle is between those who see and acknowledge the worth of the individual and those who do not see or subordinate the individual to the whole, to the collective.  This is exactly what the struggle between funding individual programs and those demanding all-or-nothing illustrates for us – if we will only see the lesson.

The individualist sees the individual as having equal value to all other individuals, and will not subordinate the rights of one individual to another.  The individualist seeks to work for the individual: to provide equality, not in outcome, but in opportunity, access and treatment under the law.  The individualist recognizes that there is no difference between trampling one person and one million.  Morally, they are equivalent.

The collectivist doesn’t acknowledge the equal value of the individual and readily subordinates the rights of the individual to those of the collective.  The collectivist seeks to work for the good of the collective: to assure equality of situation and outcome.  The collectivist sees inherent differences in the value of individuals in respect to their value or contribution to the good of the collective.  Consequently, the collectivist sees the sacrifice of individuals deemed ‘undesirable’ or ‘obstructionists’ as the moral choice in comparison to the rights of the collective.

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8 thoughts on “About These “All-or-Nothing” Demands

  1. I was going to get into this comment but it would be too heavy. What I will say is this, all of the non-essential employees and wasteful budget items like million of bullets and armored car, are squandering tax dollars, and we need to lower the debt ceiling an go on austerity. Closing something like veteran memorials that do not require big budget margins, is wrongheaded and.., how about this, veterans, earned the right, to have those memorials open. It is not a dictator granted privilege. I served with guys whose names are on the Wall, and if I want to visit that memorial, or any other American memorial, the belongs to the People of the United States, I damn well, will. Dictator, be damned!

  2. If OWEbozo were worth a shit, he would agree to one of the four bills passed by the House that fund all govt functions except OWEbozocare and then sit down with the GOP and NEGOTIATE how to deal with the problems in OWEbozocare.

    • Dusty,

      We need to move off this blaming Obama stuff. This is not the work of one person, but of an ideology. Now, I do not mean to suggest Obama is innocent here. He isn’t. He is one of the strongest advocates of totalitarianism, but so are people like Boehner. I just think we will be better served if we expand the argument to tyranny vs. liberty instead of focusing on a person. That actually works to their advantage.

      Please, just think on it for a bit…

      • I agree that nearly all the pols in DC are worthless when it comes to doing what they promised to do in order to get elected. I just find it hard to understand when the POTUS says he will not negotiate at all when it comes to a socialist program like OWEbozocare, and would rather have the entire govt shut down than to do so.

        • Dusty,

          It is all theater. It’s a show, and they are all playing their parts. The way to figure out what is real is to look for what both sides attack — like Cruz and the TEA Party. When we see someone or a group that the leadership on both sides is upset with, THERE is where we are likely to find true patriots.

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