“IT DOESN’T MATTER TO US . . . when the shutdown ends. . . we are winning. . .” Obama administration

Even during wartime, enemies afford respect to worthy opponents.  But alas, American Individuals are “less than” the Democrat and Progressive elites.

The Weekly Standard reports here:

It’s because the White House (or, at least this unnamed official) believe it is “winning” by shutting down the government and blaming Republicans. And when one’s winning, he’s not likely to change course.

As the Journal details, Obama has also argued that he won’t negotiate over the debt ceiling because the stakes are too high.

Another risk for Mr. Obama is that people may not sympathize with his refusal to negotiate over the debt ceiling. The Treasury Department has said that no later than Oct. 17 it will only have $30 billion in cash—a sum that will be exhausted in one or two weeks, according to the Congressional Budget Office. After that point, Treasury is expected to start falling behind on its bills.

Again, Mr. Obama has vowed not to negotiate, saying the consequences of default would be so severe the matter can’t be held hostage to political negotiations. “There will be no negotiations over this,” he said Thursday.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


The delay of obamacare is more dangerous than a nuclear iran.

Obama, Reid, and the Progressives see those who work towards delaying Obamacare for all Americans, not just Obama’s political friends and supporters, as more dangerous to Progressives than a Nuclear Iran is to the world.

Why do I say this?  Obama refuses to discuss with Republicans anything other than complete acceptance of everything single “Democrat/progressive” demand.

Meanwhile Obama is calling the Iranian leader.  USA Today reports here:

President Obama said Friday that he spoke with new Iran President Hasan Rouhani by phone, the first top-level U.S.-Iranian contact in more than three decades.

Obama said he and Rouhani discussed the standoff over Iran’s nuclear program and directed their teams to negotiate a possible agreement in which Iran would forswear the ability to develop nuclear weapons.

Harry Reid does not care how many American children die for want of their cancer treatments.

The “Park “police” now wire together barricades so that wheelchair bound 91 year old world war II veterans cannot visit the memorial individual Americans built and paid for, before they die.

click link and see: WWII Memorial now wired shut

The Democrats CONCEDE NOTHING, impose further insults and demand ABSOLUTE VICTORY !  WHY?

Obama, Reid, & the Progressives have no respect for America’s children or the greatest generation that saved the world.  Obama, et al., have no respect for the individual or the Constitution.  In fact, they have nothing but disdain and hate for individual Americans who dare to exercise their God given and Constitutionally protected rights to question the federal government.  The NSA and IRS revelations illuminate and exhibit this fact.  To dare to question “their” authority?  The mere thought must be snuffed out.  Those who seek redress from “their” Government are less than others.  Not competent to be discussed with.  Less than the self anointed “Elites”.  Less than Human.

No quarter will be given to liberty’s proponents.  Obama and Reid consider liberty’s proponents as “less than human”.  Mere insects that must be stepped upon and crushed.  For the good of their “collective” of course.  A “collective” they will do with as they wish.

Obama et al. will destroy all opposition to their authority if they are allowed to.

Honorable people do not continue to insult and lie to their opponents.

Honorable people do not “look their opponents in the eye” and disrespect them.

Do not make the mistake of assuming liberty’s proponents will be treated as humans on an equal footing as the self appointed “elites”.  Liberty’s proponents do not deserve the same respect from Obama et al. as Iran’s leaders.

Obamacare is not about providing “affordable healthcare” to the masses.  How can something be “affordable” when it costs 2-5 times as much, with deductibles so high no one can afford to pay them.  Obamacare is about controlling each and every person’s life when they are most in need.  If you “act right”, you might receive a special dispensation from the “dear leader”, and be allowed to live.

Individual Americans will never be “given” anything. Progressives will continue to take until they have stolen everything;  your money, your property, your self respect, your personal honor, and your life if they so choose.  Just like the children who are not getting their cancer treatments.

Never forget these words:  “It doesn’t matter to us . . . we are winning.”

What will you do?

  • Dutifully follow directions as they take your everything? Or,
  • look evil in the eye, and say “no more, NO more, NO MORE!” ?

Dark times are ahead.

You will be required to decide:  Are you a “subject” or a “citizen”?

Will you help provide a future of liberty for yours and our progeny?  America’s progeny?  An America where ALL individual’s are created EQUAL with equal protection under ALL of the LAW, not, the chosen few given special privileges by the “elites”.

I pray: God Bless America, keep her safe, her supporters and her progeny.


3 thoughts on ““IT DOESN’T MATTER TO US . . . when the shutdown ends. . . we are winning. . .” Obama administration

  1. Collectivists, in defining the collective, set themselves above it, in effect proclaiming themselves to be in the position of God. If we accept their claim, we abandon our claim to natural law or any divine law. So at this point, our choice is between government shutdown or dictatorship. The Constitution seems to force the choice: President Obama says he will accept no C.R. that does not fund Obamacare. He will keep the government shut down by vetoing anything less.
    The House of Representatives has the constitutional power and duty to originate all bills that raise revenue. Obamacare contains tax-producing provisions, so the C.R. is a revenue producer IF IT FUNDS Obamacare. It is entirely within the powers of the House NOT to raise that revenue.
    Neither the Senate nor the president can demand revenue.

    President Obama says he can change, delay, or waive any provision of Obamacare that he wishes. But only Congress can write, amend, or repeal a law. The president is duty bound to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed’ if Congress provides the resources to do so. He has no power to change them.

    But apparently the president’s waivers, delays, and changes are being accepted. This is a violation of his oath of office. Permitting it to continue is a violation of Congressional oaths of office. This dual violation can only be remedied by defunding Obamacare and making the matter moot, since repeal would be vetoed.
    Otherwise, the nation has become a dictatorship, and Congress can be dispensed with.

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