Food! Glorious (Genetically Modified Organisms) Food!

This morning I read with interest an article that stated that the EU was “rethinking” its stance on the use of genetically modified food. In other words, scientists were now hip to it! WTF? Interestingly, I became more taken with the comments!

Let me be forthright and say that I’m not crazy at all about GMO’s, so perhaps I’m biased. Be that as it may, I found the most compelling arguments to come from the “greenies”. This is the name the others in the comment section had deemed them. While the others made blanket statements, the greenies packed theirs with links.

The most disturbing part of this back and forth came when the greenies were called tree-huggin Lefties, and this was backed by Snopes which showed how “safe” GMO’s are. We all know who owns Snopes, right? The biggest leftie out there, George Soros. So then I came across a fella who hit the nail smack on the head (IMHO)! I could not comment at this site, but I will share the site to let you decide. Oh, here is the comment:

“The issues about Genetically Modified Organisms being used in promoting Food Crops resiliance to various “outside” and “miscreant” conditions is one part of the jigsaw. The other side is that the companies like Monsanto BASF AG Farbin (albeit a name of deep despair from the Second World War) and Nestle Danone Hoechst and many others are not doing this for the Common Good of Mankind but for sheer commercial gain and dominance of the Food Markets. The days of Benevolent Companies has passed long ago with the demise of the Quaker-orientated Family and some of the excellent Family Businesses, remember Rowntree and Mackintosh etc. or Quaker Oats (I think has a running name here,) and the equivalent original Lever Empire at Port Sunlight UK.

Big Businesses have tried to muster enough nuscle in the Food Hegemony areas to defeat all and every other organisations and companies that grow foods that are grown inthe natural conditions. We have for example Hormones stuffed in cattle and pigs (hogs) in the USA that are supplied to the Uk and wider Eu and no-one knows about the issue. We import milk from the USA stuffed with BST and it treated as normal. Even cows in the EU that 20 years ago produced barely 7 litres of milk a day now produce over 30 litre and are milked three times to prevent their udders scraping the ground. The egg industry across the EU is littered with E-Coli and other even more serious imperfections because these poultry are dosed with GMO organisms that control one disease and yet add food to the others.

It is no good saying that after 15 years there are no signs of effects from GMO and artificially-produced enzymes in foods for the evidence is not there.

How long did it take before Minemata was recognised to be as a result of Mercury?

How long has it taken for Asbestos to be recognised as a serious product to inhale – irrespective of whether it is blue or white – and the fact that almost 80% of all the hospitals in the UK and all the schools built before the 1990s are still efusing such dust particles?

How long has it taken to remove lead from petrol/gasoline and then to replace it with an even worse compound?

How long has it taken to recognise that the Dioxins were the most pervasive chemicals entering the atmosphere for which there is declared “no safe lower limit!” or to use the expression if you look for it and find it at 1 part per 10,000 Milliard by the time this ingested by a foetus in the female human being and born the ratio is increased to 1 part in 1 Billion, a level at which cancerous issues will manifest themselves im the middle-life times of those affected…40 years later!

How long will it take to realise that any GMO organism cannot be tested and shown to be innocuous and then when after 50 years of use the potential to remove it from the planet would be imposinle and beyond reach.

And now the big Chemical Giants are looking at Nano-Particle sized GMO products that are just about discernible to the researchers such particles can be absorbed in to the human respiratory system and transfixed to the very DNA inside the chromozones in such a way that they can then become replicated as the cells grow and divide. We already know that the USA Military has already sprayed chemicals in to the atmosphere above some countries to investigate the effects. Now e hear about the attempts through these binary and tertiary nano-particles (GMOs) being so intelligent that upon reforming thaey can be ingested by triggering their basic internal mechanism by external transponded signals from satellites with te effects now known to change the gender disposition of human beings at conception to produce a significant twist in the ratios of male to females being born.This does not exist? Think again Ladies and Gentlemen. These GMO companies are here at the behest of even bigger organisations who – when it comes to the crunch – will use them instead of conventional international disputes.

This is not make believe this is real.”

Personally, I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that if you control the world’s food supply, you control their lives. (Reminds me of the BS of putting ethanol in fuel tanks….) What I find amazing (why, I don’t know) is that the left is actually placing the blame on the right for this. I’ve connected the dots……….have you? Then again, if B.’s right, we don’t know who’s who any more.

5 thoughts on “Food! Glorious (Genetically Modified Organisms) Food!

  1. Hmmm…For me, the last 3 paragraphs kind of endanger the credibility of this site. Any supporting evidence for satellite activation or embryonic sex changes?

    • Fair question. Familiar with Carl Clauberg? He was 20th century. Have we progressed? These days, it would be completely illegal. And besides, humans aren’t that smart. (Thank goodness that lil lamb named Dolly is just a fairy tale!)

  2. The “food” companies make the oil companies look like chumps. They (food) have (had) a tremendous head start on them (oil). And, most were in business prior to there being an american “left, right, progressive”, etc.

    Chances are, there was a grain silo adjacent to Gobekli Tepe at some point.

    • Very nicely, if I may say.

      @Wether’s got a point. I mean, they’ve been shooting animals with hormones for quite a while without public knowledge. I just don’t understand how the FDA picks and chooses what is acceptable. Production-wise, the world is still hungry and US illnesses have increased. This of course is due to the Ole Miss bigots.

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