11 thoughts on “Four Word Movie Review: Gravity


    Dateline: On the campaign trail with UtahPrez in 2016

    Extreme, Right-Wing Tea-bagging candidate for President for the 2016 election, Mr. Utah Prez, has just endorsed the correct political position of the totally reasonable and moderate (not to mention incredibly sexy), George Clooney.

    When asked what he thought about the incredibly sexy George Clooney’s new show, the ultra extreme, right-wing Teabagger, Mr. Utah Prez replied — and I quote:

    “Go see it. Now.”

    So, there you have it: the ultra right-wing teabagger candidate, Mr. Utah Prez, has formally and officially endorsed the agenda of his opponent Party.

    Back to you at the studio for more on this shocking development in the 2016 race to put a reasonable, moderate person in the white house to fix the mess Bush made of things.

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