AGENDAS: Treason Within The Leadership Of The Republican Party

Mitch McConnel l Reportedly Tells TEA Party Members They Are Traitors – To The Republican Party

In the first hour of his radio program today, October 8, 2013, Glenn Beck reported that he was told, by a Senator who was present and is not aligned with Beck politically, that the Republicans in the Senate were called to a private meeting where they were told that – if they took money from Freedom Works or the Senate Conservative Committee – they were enemies: both to the Party and to certain Senators, personally.  Ted Cruz was apparently the focus of this attack by the Republican Party leadership.  Make no mistake, if this story is true, it represents treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American people by the Republican Party leadership!  Here is the story:

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  1. The only difference a D or R makes is in the re-education camp. The R’s will give you peanut butter to go with the bread. Still the same outcome.

  2. There is a Clear “War on the American People” by the Power Elites of both parties.

    Obama Shuts down the Capital Mall for Americans…..but opens it for an Illegal Alien Amnesty Mob rally !!

    There are now John Cornyn ads on the Radio in Texas….toting how “Conservative” he is….in fact telling listeners he is the MOST Conservative senator in the Senate. I have no doubt this was because he had a slew of Negative calls and e-mails abouit his LACK of support for stopping the CR vote in the Senate.

    People ARE stopping their contribution to all these RINOs and Phoney Conservatives…… and IT IS having an affect. This is why this meeting took place,…………the Big Money Handlers for McConnell and Cornyn and the rest are siding AGAINST the TRUE people’s representatives elected via the TEA Party.

    They always say….”You get the Gov’t you vote for…..If you don’t like it it…get involved…get out and vote..”

    Remember that line ? ……….. Well The People GOT INVOLVED…..the people VOTED …and in 2010 swept the TP GOP into office………………And the Power Elite in Both e GOP and Jack-Ass party responded with Vile, consistent Hatred.

    The ugly Truth is the DON’T WANT people to be Involved in their Gov’t ….they DON’T want The People selecting their own candidates…….They want us to mearly go through the excercise of voting Who they Select…when the Select them !!

      • Did you hear ( or anyone else Hear)…..Mark Levin’s interview with Senator Ron Johnson tonite ( Wednesday Oct 9th ) ??

        Mark was very tough as he had supported Johnson’s election as Wisconsin Senator…….. What an absolute coward and fraud Johnson is…..Yet ANOTHER Kelly Ayotte, Marco Rubio quisling……one of the GOP Senators who has been dissing Cruz in the editorial pages. Levin kept at him and basically said…”You have no plan…nothing”.

        You expect sleeze from the Democrats and long-term RINOs like McCain and Lindsey Graham. But with the Tea Party candidates it just hits home how deep the Sleeze goes. Levin kept asking him “What is your plan? You are anti-Cruz, but what is your Plan?” to which Johnson gave no answer….except he has ben “weorking really really really Hrad to fight ObamaCare”……………. Basically Johnson wants a pass on his nonactions towards ObamaCare for his “Good Intentions”.

        These Tea Party elected GOP quislings really are Discusting !!

        • Don,

          Been trying to catch more Levin. I missed this interview, but LOVE what he has been saying lately.

          Now, go watch the Beck clip I just posted about what the GOP has been doing to the TEA Party behind the scenes. This is not the TEA Party, it is the GOP doing this to these people.

          • No, I Know….. I meant that it WASN’T the Tea Party but rather they have been Hijacked during the Election…. as many of their Candidates were RINO/GOP-Establishment plants.

            I did watch it and the small Video with Cruz ………………. very succinct in describing the situation we find ourselves in currently !!

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