Torn Asunder

What binds us together as a country?

It isn’t laws, location or even culture. It is a shared belief that in return for our allegiance, we receive the benefits guaranteed from our founding. In the case of America, those guarantees were set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

One of those guarantees is equal treatment under the law.

We are a country founded on the precept of individual rights. In support of those individual rights, we each also recognize that there will be variances in the benefits that we are guaranteed because we are all individuals – but because we accept individuality, we accept these deviations as long as they do not stretch the bounds far enough  to violate our foundational beliefs. This is the only way that a nation of 312 million people can breathe the same air, share the same land and cooperate in governance. This ideal is the fabric of our country.

Within the last week, that fabric has been torn. Rent in two. Demolished. Torn asunder.

First we had the WW II vets, men who fought a war to protect the very same rights of men guaranteed in the Constitution, denied a permit to assemble and then denied access to open air parks and monuments.

Then yesterday, we saw a protest on the National Mall – not only was it filled with immigration protesters – we saw a gathering of illegal aliens,

engaged in a protest that was officially approved, supported and abetted by the federal government and members of Congress. These people and government officials were excusing what amounts to an invasion and attacking the very sovereignty of America as somehow illegitimate.

Where the vets were barricaded in an attempt to prevent them from entering a free, no support required open air memorial, the immigration protesters were provided with electrical power, sound systems, stages and sanitation services.

Two groups – one wishing to honor the memories of comrades in arms who victoriously shared one of the greatest struggles the world has ever known to defend freedom and the second, one that wants to use politics to paint over their ongoing criminal enterprise of illegal immigration.

And which side did the President and his Party support? That answer is unfortunately all too clear. The actions of the Obama administration indicate that they do not believe in the values and ideals that the WWII vets fought for and that means that they are, in fact, against that America and for some mutated version of a “Howard Zinn” America, one that must be “corrected” by abrogating the Constitution and substituting the rule of men for the rule of law.

Can a country survive when there is such dichotomy?

I do not think it can. Furthermore, I don’t think we want it to. It is not a place I want to live.

I want to live in the virtuous world of the WW II veterans.

I hope that is still possible.

26 thoughts on “Torn Asunder

    • Utah: Our American heritage and values, for which many have bled and died over the centuries, is not embraced nor understood by Our Dear Leader and his Liberal/Progressive subjects. The most successful and generous nation in world history is defamed constantly by a “Community Organizer” and his gang of government-centric bullies, who have created a false narrative of America’s history and they are indoctrinating our children and grandchildren in these ideologically-driven lies. This must end. Our ancestors sacrificed too much and came from too far away to allow the Liberal/Progressive curs to high jack the Americam people’s birthright of freedom. CDE

      • I agree, Charles. More and more it is becoming clear that we are trundling down two irreconcilable paths. These past week have just added video to the audio of the situation. There can be no more demonstrative acts of that fact than what we have seen unfold before us. I used to think that these people actually loved our country but it is clear that they love another country, one that I do not recognize.

        • Utah: that is exactly the issue. Our Dear Leader and his minions are attempting to use American democracy to destroy American freedom, like their Collectivist colleagues have done in places like Egypt and Chile under Allende in Chile decades ago. This strategy is no longer in doubt. What is in doubt is how those of us who love the America of the Founders, Lincoln and Reagan will respond to this power grab by the Liberal/Progressives. My hope is that the new generation of GOP-leaders, with the support of the American Conservative and libertarian movements will be up to the task. CDE

  1. Joe: While America is not a directly elective democracy a la Ancient Athens or Switzerland, we are a representative democracy, and we do cast votes for elected officials at various levels. My point though is that our Constitutional processes cannot be allowed to become a suicide plot for American freedoms, as Justice Jackson famously and correctly observed. As usual we agree, but with small differences, from my perspective. Cheers, CDE

    • CDE,

      I understand, but I also understand that — originally — we only elected 1 person in the Federal government: Congressmen. The Senators and President were selected differently. They “democratized” us intentionally, and it is one of the primary reasons all of this current mess can even happen in the first place. Under the original construction, I doubt any of it could happen.

      Just my opinion, for what little it’s worth. 🙂

  2. Joe: Further, I am a freedom-loving, free market-supporting American citizen, with deep roots in our nation, which has allowed me achieve everything I am capable of doing. I am not about to cede control of America to those who degrade our history and who want our country to be la limp-wristed, Socialist society like the failed nations of Western Europe. America is the world’s shining city on a hill, as President Reagan so eloquently phrased it. It is time Americans remembered who and what we are and threw the money-changers out of the temple of American freedom! CDE

    • CDE,

      If you think of America as a single nation, you have already ceded it. It took me a long time to realize this, myself, but a FEDERATION is NOT a nation — at least, we were a federation until Lincoln destroyed us and rebuilt the nation according to HIS desires.

      • Joe: I do think of America as one nation, and I know you that have served our country as my ancestors have since the French and Indian War. None of the generations of our fellow citizens gave their lives for Pennsylvania or Michigan or California. That doesn’t mean for a moment that the primary locus of power in America is supposed to be the Federal government. The US Constitution clearly limits the authority and power of the Federal government and specifically enumerates the protected freedoms of American citizens. At the same time it delineates what the central government can and cannot legally do. Whatever the Feds cannot do is specifically reserved for individual citizens and the states. Our problem today is that Our Dear Leader and his henchmen have been violating the Constitution in multiple areas, with Obamacare one of the most blatant. Last year’s Supreme Court ruling that penalties assessed under Obamacare are “taxes” and thus fall within the government’s taxing authority did not address the basic unconstitutionality of the whole law. Obamacare is not even remotely within the Constitutional authority of the President or the Federal government and I am stunned that that issue is not already being challenged by a thousand lawsuits. If the Supreme Court does not cave to political pressure from the White House and the Liberal/Progressive bullies do not have photos of John Roberts in flagrante delicto with a sheep, Obamacare will fall faster than Miley Cyrus’ inhibitions. The Affordable Care Act needs to be challenged immediately for being completely and flagrantly in violation of multiple provisions of the US Constitution.

        While I know and understand your objections to the Federal government’s overreach and usurpation of the clear freedoms of our citizens and the states, I think that argument fades in significance to the basic question of Obamacare’s un-Constitutional standing. Am I the only one who sees that? I hope not! CDE

        • CDE,

          1 — do you REALLY think I don’t understand everything you just explained about how the Constitution is SUPPOSED to work?

          2 — Do you REALLY think the Constitution is still in play with these people anymore, Republicans included?

          Dude, this is all Kabuki theater for us Hastings out here. Our lords and masters are going to keep doing what they will unless and until we grow enough spine to risk our cushy lives and stand up to them in a meaningful way (note: I did NOT say we have to or even should use violence, but force does not mean we MUST use violence.):-)

          • Joe: That must be the fastest response I’ve ever seen anywhere. Of course I know you know how the Constitution works, but we are not having a private conversation at this point…I am writing for my broader public. I’m smiling as I write that line. The short answer to the question of whether the Constitution still matters, is that I think it is central to our whole case. The Establishment GOP was not prepared for the hardball strategies and tactics brought to Washington by Our Dear Leader and his Chicago thugs, but the new Republican leaders may be. I see strength in Cruz, Paul, Lee, Rubio (sometimes) and others that I haven’t seen since President Reagan and Newt Gingrich, and ever aspect of our Constitution and our history is on their side. This isn’t the first time that Collectivist bullies have misjudged the fortitude of the American people under strong leadership, although the threat being internal is something new, at least at this intensity.

            As for the proper response, I come from a family that has never acknowledged any “lords” or “masters” and there are many ways to fight these bastards, largely because they have already massively over-reached. And we are not alone by any stretch. If you would like to know what I am pursuing I will be happy to share some information off-line if you’ll leave me your email address. I understand your concerns, but I don’t think the situation is without hope…not at all. Warm regards, CDE

            • Charles,

              If I may ……….. Rubio’s actions wrt the Amnesty for illegal Aliens is so fundamentally dangerous and destuctive to our Republic that , if passed, would affect changes unalterable. It is so fundamentally egregious to what America is and has been, that I don’t think Rubio is any friend to America as we understand her nor the Constitution.

              He talks ( talked) a good line….played a role to ” a Tee” …………… But at this point he has been exposed, and any faith in him from here on out we may find to be fatal for America.

              • Don: Sometimes we forget that Cruz, Rubio & Rand are all new to the Senate. I think Rubio made some mistakes on the immigration issue, but I’ve heard him more recently and he has stressed what I consider to be the right sequence of policies. First and formost, secure the borders, which I regard as much as a national security issue as immigration. After that is finally demonstrably achieved, the next issue is legalization of currently illegal aliens, most of whom are in the US for economic reasons rather than the desire for citizenship. This is also critical since at present we have no idea who is here. Registration should be awarded with some level of legal economic standing, not a path to citizenship but a path to a Green Card or possibly an immediate Green Card. What that will do is get a high percentage of currently illegals identified and registered, because it will be coupled with an aggressive campaign to deport those who refuse to comply. The deportation campaign will follow a “Registration Period” of 6-months to 1-year, during which the new direction will be intensely promoted internally within the US. While the R/C should ensure that most currently illegals will become registered or be deported, continued policing of unregistered illegals should be ongoing at a lower level of intensity. Registered and now legal immigrants should expect to show proof of citizenship for the near future, since they will share many characteristics with the still illegal group. In other words, if one is seeking to find and deport those who are refusing to obey the very reasonable laws, one doesn’t harass 90-year old Irish-American grandmothers. One. Looks in the obvious places.

                This is the position I’ve heard more recently from Senator Rubio, who is a quick study and a very smart fellow. I hope I’m correct in my assessment, but only time will tell. Warm regards, CDE

                • “….Registered and now Legal…”

                  Sounds as if you might have drunk the Kool-aid a bit. The bit about them being in the shadows etc..

                  Registering anyone smacks of Fascism, show me your papers, and the Stasi…..for ANYONE…….. a path down Big Gov’t control, which will eventually lead to ALL Americans having to be “registered”…..remember the “Registering of Gun-owners” push this past year ?

                  “Legal” ??……Legal ???……and thus the push to have them vote and basically become citizens…..and then the Country is lost to the Fascist Progressives, as I said in my post above. Besides the fact that they entered this country ILLEGALLY…..setting them apart from those who went through the immigration process legally… well as the Rest of the county’s Citizens.

                  Setting them apart as a “special case”……Just like the Democrat Facsist Progreesives did by allowing Illegals and their supporters to occupy the National Mall yesterday….while Prohibiting ( by Threat of Force and “law ) American Citizens from using the Mall…. ( which they PAID for BTW ).

                  You mentioned “The Obvious Places” above…..I would say the same for the Illegal Alien issu….the obvious place being adhereing to the Law and Protecting America’s Sovereignity….as most other countries do.

                  You are a thoughtful and smart guy ….. Rubio has shown himself to be AWOL wrt the Comstitution …. and his rhetoric during the Rubio-Amnesty Bill in the senate was vicious towards the Average American Taxpayor……almost verbatim to what Reid and Shumer and the Democrats have said for years……If Rubio hadn’t already learned where he stood wrt this issue before he sold himself as a TP Constitutionalist, then he isn’t smart at all……….But I think he IS smart and was a Plant, or used the TP momentum to further His ( their) agenda.

                  Marco Rubio is a complete Fraud ….. a back-stabbing RINO in a Classic Trojan Horse Politixcal Move.

                  • Don: As always, your comments are interesting and helpful. If the RNL crew had more opportunity to get to know each other personally and professionally it would be a lot of fun, but you would also know that my life’s varied experiences have rendered me immune to anybody’s Kool Aid. I am generally dispassionate and analytic to a fault, require no external validation and will change my views on non-essential issues if presented with better information than that which I used to formulate my position. I don’t know if Mr. Rubio made a mistake in making common cause with McCain and Graham on the immigration issue, but I have watched him carefully and he has since adopted positions I support in several other areas and is currently singing a different tune on immigration, so my mind is not yet made up regarding his ultimate reliability.

                    On several issues you noted, it appears you and I are in complete agreement. The Obamites have been pursuing an essentially Fascist set of policies since entering office, seducing big businesses with favoritism and crony capitalist deals, while screwing small businesses, which are the unique engines of economic growth and job creation in America. Big corporations aren’t unique to America and they have no national loyalty or commitment to the US. There are some exceptions to that statement, but those are generally companies run by families or strong CEOs who understand how and why America is an exceptional nation and who realize the centrality of individual freedom and free markets to our unparalleled success. Our Dear Leader, and all Fascists distrust those of us who are entrepreneurs because we are resistant to government controls and are often unpredictable to the ciphers who inhabit big government. While they don’t understand us, we understand them quite clearly, and we know the threats they pose to the America the Founders established and that has allowed so many of us to flourish by taking reasonable risks.

                    The immigration issue is a tough one, and what you read in my last post was essentially my best current idea. While I recognize the risks involved, I also regard several factors as given and unlikely to be changeable. One is that we have 11 – 15 MM illegal aliens in our country right now and we have no real knowledge of who they are, where they are and why they ran the risks of coming here against our laws. Under no circumstances will the full 11 – 15 MM be returned to their home countries, and it is possible we could severely damage our own economy by trying to do so. For me the second fact is that the most frightening aspect of the immigration issue really isn’t the immigration issue per se, but rather that the wealthiest nation in the history of the human race is currently operating without effective control of our borders. This means that criminals and potential terrorists are able to move freely into the US and then go as they please. As someone who lost upward of 25-friends and colleagues on 9/11/2001, and who had been on one of the top floors of the WTC at the same time the previous week, I regard border security and effective internal controls of all immigrants as essential and as the first order of business in solving the immigration issue. Given that the millions of illegals already here will not be deported, I regard the most important task as being finding them, getting them on the tax roles and distinguishing the honest, family-oriented majority from the criminals and terrorists. I know this is where you take issue with my solution, which is to grant them legal status, but not a direct path to citizenship after they have identified themselves. But I am willing to entertain an alternative approach, as long as it is one that has a reasonable chance of being successfully implemented. Under my theory, those immigrants who desire citizenship would be free to pursue the traditional path, which isn’t easy, and no expedited program would be made available. My guess is that most illegals will be happy to obtain legal status, given that their primary motivation is economic. They would not pursue citizenship in most cases.

                    Obviously there are enormous assumptions and potential risks in my theory, but thus far I’ve heard nothing else that makes more sense, given my assumptions. As I said, I’d love to hear a better approach. Thanks again for your insightful observations. CDE

                    • Don’t take my Brief response as any indication that I didn’t read and digest your very detailed reasoning. But rather as an opportunity to high-light for those reading these Threads a Crucial lesson from History on this very issue.

                      With respect to the 11-15 ( 20 Perhaps ?)…million Illegal aliens in America you mention……..

                      Ronald Reagan after allowing himself to be talked into Amnesty for the then 3 million Illegal Aliens said later….

                      ” It was the Biggest mistake I made” !!!!!

                    • Don: You hit on what is possibly my biggest concern with the immigration issue…we don’t know who is here now or how many there are. I’ve heard estimates as high as 30 MM illegals and 11 MM is probably a low number. However, given the shrunken size of America’s workforce, courtesy of Our Dear Leader, to suddenly remove as high as 20% of those working today from the national workforce could result in economic chaos, which could already be looming due to the potential effects of scaling back Obama’s quantitative easing program.

                      In order to explore what this might mean, I suggest a thought experiment to explore the possible impacts of these events. I pointedly said “Obama’s QE Program” because I think that even the appearance of an independent Fed disappeared in 2009. So losing 20% of our workforce and sending the economy into a monetarily-driven tailspin could happen in a very compressed period of time, possibly providing an excuse or rationale for the declaration of Federal martial law and the ushering in of one-party rule for the length of the crisis, which of course would quickly become permanent. Continuing our experiment, the accumulation of massive armaments and ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security and continued efforts to require registration and likely confiscation of privately owned firearms suddenly makes sense. So does the ramping up of domestic surveillance, the suppression of reporting on the growing violence of Black on White crime (as thoroughly documented in WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT and multiple other sources), the suppression of organized opposition groups like the Tea Party by the IRS and the forced retirements of senior military officers thought to be critical of Barack Hussein Obama. So while this is merely a thought experiment, it does connect a number of events and government actions that have been impossible to understand up to now. Interesting!

                      Your quote from President Reagan is one I’ve heard before and I think it needs to be taken as cautionary tale. Liberal/Progressives clearly have a long-term strategy to provide not just legal status for current (and future) illegals but to make then voting American citizens at the earliest possible date. Reagan, who may have been the most strategic and intelligent American President of the 20th century, got rolled by the Lib/Progs on amnesty. It cannot be permitted to happen again. Legality is a reasonable goal, while an easy path to citizenship should be resisted at every opportunity. I welcome challenges on any of the facts or conclusions in my thought experiment, as I would like to have my possible conclusions proven wrong. CDE

  3. The Rally of Illegals on the National Mall is similar to what has been happening in CA for a long time now. The first time you go to a city meeting & it’s in Spanish or you go to the polls on Election Day and their are signs on the door in 4 languages, but none of them is in English, is a real wake up call.

    I’m very sorry about what happened on the National Mall in the last week, but maybe it’s for the best. At least now Americans can see where they stand with this administration. Now the next question is—what are we going to do about it?

    • The Republican Quislings are already trying to Sell America out and do the Bidding of the Bush / Rove Cartel. Remember the Bush-Arm of the GOP has wanted Amnesty for a LONG time. The RINOs are once again acting in complete synchronicity with the Democrat/ Socialists……using Both the Democrat forced Gov’t shutdown and Debt fight as covers…..because they think no one is looking.

      But we ARE looking !!!

      California didn’t heed int’s own “wake-up Call” did it ?? The hope is that real Americans will see the California example/debacle for what it is…..and see the connections……ie…that Obama is the “National” Jerry Brown.

      • Don, I believe there’s in-party fighting going on with both sides; I just don’t believe the left’s divide will ever be publicized. Whether these boys and girls in D.C. notice, or the majority of Americans do, the reality is that this boat is sinking. Now is the time to really pay attention to their votes and their decisions. Somehow, I feel that this is one captain that won’t go down with the ship. (Don’t reckon his musicians would, either…..)

        • Belief is a funny thing, it is a Good thing …. but it can, at times, be akin to “Hope and Change”.

          And during those times it is more like “Sunshine Soldiers and Summer Patriots”…… full of sound and fury signifying , nothing. Where there is no public declaration …. there is no value to Supposed or “hinted” divide. Rather,At these times what serves us best is Fact and clear direction….

          And the VERY CLEAR Direction of the Democrats is unified Lock-step Destruction of the Republic. Rather again… we should rally to those voices who Unequivically display their loyalty to and support of the Constitution. Sadly and tellingly….. there have been NO Democrat political voices in this camp……and very few Democrat supporters either.

          We should believe our Eyes and Ears and our memories over our Hopes or beliefs in “sanity behind the Curtains”. Because experience tells us just the opposite.

  4. Kels- LOL! I think we can assume this Captain will not go down with the ship, he’ll be throwing small children, puppies & maybe some aging Vets in wheelchairs overboard to save himself! Just don’t get between him and the life boats!

  5. Reality is a great weapon against the evil that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Debate is no longer needed for we know it is a heart of darkness controlled by supernatural forces.

    This reality is clearly seen for what it is by very few in this country. Most have been coddled and brainwashed into belief that they are owed a certain lifestyle as a right. If the American people are willing to trade their liberty for entitlements and continue to vote for those that promise them, then there will not be any chance to reverse the course we are on.

    We send our men and women to to Iraq, Afghanistan and other Hell Holes around the world to die for illogical wars and yet we are not prepared to die for what the Founding Fathers gave us as a people. We whine about little hardships that face us day to day, hate and envy those that work hard to keep the wheels turning, blame anyone other than ourselves for our own misdeeds, preach hatred one against the other and more importantly have thrown God out of our lives.

    If the Republican Leadership does not have the moral clarity to oppose BHO by stepping back form the ongoing negotiations it is one more nail in the coffin in our march to separation or servitude.

    I for one prefer not to negotiate with evil, God does not negotiate with Satan, and that wisdom in itself should serve us well at this time in our history. We need to allow the shutdown to continue and not raise the debt limit. Yes, it may affect our lives adversely but taking our medicine now is better that what will (brother against brother) happen several years from now when the Progressive have the votes for total domination. If the RL capitulates now the horizon becomes darker.

    Do not raise the debt limit until this evil cloud has left the White House.

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