Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, UNAVAILABLE at the US Archives main homepage.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

America’s founding charters, are now no longer available through the “introductory” page of the U.S. Archives.  Neither are all the other services that were linked from the main page of the U.S. Archives.  The “library” of information is now closed.

Before the Democrat caused “shutdown”,  OUR FOUNDING CHARTERS (along with many other services) had a link at the bottom of the page of the U.S. Archives.

Now?  America’s founding documents hosted at the US Archives are no longer linked from the “front page”.  The documents exist for the time being . . . so I’ll be cutting and pasting the language in our founding charters tonight (just in case.)

NOTE:  It took “work” by a government employee to create a new webpage which removed the links to America’s archives.

Currently, there is the “new” page with no links to America’s archives.  Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to import the screenshot of the webpage from my computer.  (RNL contributors, please feel free to import them if you know how, thank you, texas.)

Go to to see a new introductory webpage.

If you had the “Charters of Freedom” webpage bookmarked, the page is currently available at:

This morning for the first time in years of using the U.S. Archives, when I clicked upon my bookmarked link to the Bill of Rights, a window popped up asking me to take survey . . . hmmm.

The 17% Government “shutdown”; has workers subject to the shutdown working to prevent easy ability to find America’s founding charters and creating a new survey to identify those interested in the Bill of Rights at the same time?

It continues, erasure of America’s history for those newly interested in Congress’ duties, the President’s duties, and why America is truly special.

(move along, move along, listen to the 4th arm of the Democrat’s propaganda machine the “old media”.  Sit down, shut up, and take your medicine, the People shall accept our Power over you.)

May God bless, and keep safe, America and her supporters.


12 thoughts on “Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, UNAVAILABLE at the US Archives main homepage.

  1. Texas,

    No mystery here. Obama and his evil minions are in the punishment and destroy mode (They are that way regardless) because the Republicans in the house haven’t completely capitulated to their “master”.

    My prayer today is the Republican Leadership (term loosely used) has the fortitude to say we are willing to shut the Government down completely for the remainder of your Presidency. No continuing resolution and no raising of the debt limit.

    Do not negotiate with this wannabe dictator.

  2. Absolutely unbelievable how fast this is all happening !

    Here is a US Congres Critter….sworn to uphold the Constitution….who is using the language of “Marshal Law” as a means to end the PARTIAL Gov’t Shutdown ……

    And there was a Veterans Rally in DC today…..Heard much about it on the MSM ????
    They took down the Barry-Cades and opened up the War Memorials and Lincoln monument and then carried some of the Barry-cades to the WH… called the “Spite-House”

  3. There was a Rally for Senate (R) candidate Steve Lonegan last night……. Mark Levin spoke and Sarah Palin flew in and Spoke…..she then went to the Veterans rally in DC and spoke today along with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee…!!!!

    There is MOMENTUM.

    I strongly urga and ask folks to support Lonegan…..the election in this WEDNESDAY Oct 16th !!…just 3 Days. I am from Texas but I have given a little bit to his campaign……TONITE they want to flood the TV with ads … even a few bucks from a lot of folks will help …… ALL elections are NATIONAL elections now……..He would be another Voice like Ceruz and Lee and Gohmert !!

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