TRUTH: The Real Reason Neither Party Can Afford For Shutdown To Last

True Americans step up to help the families of fallen soldiers, not those in government. Joe explains why.

The Oil for Your Lamp

We are seeing a lot of posturing from Washington these days.  It comes from both sides of the isle.  It’s nothing new: both Parties are always blaming the other for the nation’s problems.  And both sides are always warning of dire consequences if the other doesn’t give in to their demands.  But the truth is, both Parties are equally to blame for creating this mess and the American people know it.  What’s more, no one is listening to their usual threats and warnings about the dire consequences if the other side doesn’t give in to their demands.  We’ve heard it before and we’re not buying it anymore.  This is why they are trying things to cause us pain that they have never done before.  But again, the Truth is neither Party can afford to let the government shut down go on too much longer or their lies will be exposed…

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One thought on “TRUTH: The Real Reason Neither Party Can Afford For Shutdown To Last

  1. This is something I have been talking about for over 2 years. If this goes on too long, the American people will learn that they don’t need the government to live their lives or take car of their business. This loss of the ilusion is what they fear more than anything else. There is a scene in the animated movie “Ants”, where the ants are fighting against the grasshoppers. One ant who is the leader of the rebellion confronts the grasshopper leader with the observation that the grasshoppers can’t live without the ants winter storage. And as he says this, he says “and you know that, don’t you?” At which time the grasshopper hits him and all the other ants realize this and attack the grasshopopers to drive them out. Gusee wht progressives, we the people are your ants, and your nightmare is just beginning!

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