Here, Let Obamacare Give You a Heart Attack

Click on the story, go to the tool and fill it out.  Then post how happy you are with OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS in the comments section (because THEY forced this down our throats)

Want to Know How Much Obamacare Could Cost You? This Tool Might Help


According to the calculator, my family will go from paying less than $3,000/yr with a $20 co-pay and less than $2,000 deductible to a $5,400/yr policy with about a $5,000 deductible.  In short, we pay about 19% of our total annual income BEFORE we see any benefit from Obamacare.

I will go to jail before I comply with this THEFT!  This is tyranny — and it is all for these people:

Food Stamp Glitch Leaves Walmart Shelves Bare: ‘Like a Tornado Had Came Through’

Are you sure you’re not ready to join me in pushing for secession yet?

8 thoughts on “Here, Let Obamacare Give You a Heart Attack

  1. You are one of the lucky ones, Joe. Reports all over with premiums in the $500+ range, 5 digit deductibles, and copays as high as 60-40. Damn, that free healthcare sure is expensive, isn’t it?

    Who was that we tried to warn so long ago about the ACA? I wonder if the sticker shock of it all is hitting them yet.

    My advice … do not pay the premiums for a while; just the penalty. If you get sick, toss your wallet in the bedroom dresser drawer, and show up at the ER with no id, and a fake name … just like the illegals do. They won’t refuse you the care you need.

  2. We are so lucky that my husbands employer is a hospital chain that is keeping us covered and picking up the tab.

    In Texas tonight and what a great state, but I have one question, where do Texans keep all their litter & graffiti. We can’t find any, even on the Interstates!

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