Grabbing on to the Third Party Rail

TRUTH: Third Party Movements Save Nations – Not Kill Them


Ann Coulter was recently on the Glenn Beck radio program.  During the interview, Beck brought up the notion of a third Party.  Coulter vehemently disagreed, saying that third Party movements are how nations die.  Here’s the story:


‘This Is How Nations Die!’: Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck Tangle Over Feasibility of a Third Party


Now, I mean no disrespect to Ms. Coulter, but she is wrong: third Party movements do not necessarily mean the death of a nation.  Beck even provided her with a clear example: the Republican Party, itself.  What many forget is the Republican Party was born of a third Party movement.  The same is true of the modern Democrat Party.  Although it didn’t become a new Party, it took over the Party platform of the Bull Moose Party movement, that of the Progressivism.  When that happened, the old claims to the Jeffersonian heritage of the Democrat Party died and the Communist ideal took over.  So, in a very real sense, the Democrat Party died and was replaced by a third Party by the same name.

But let’s go back to the example Beck gave Coulter.

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11 thoughts on “Grabbing on to the Third Party Rail

    • FlyDriver … You GOT it !

      She also Vehemently supported Christie !!

      She is a Loser who can’t let go of her perception of the GOP ….. a perception which has proven to deeply imbedded in fantasyland and “hero” worship. Quite simply she is part of the Problem and in no way shape or form any kind of asset to the Solution. She’s essentially become a RINO groupie. We all know the “Liberals” are insane …. we get it …… the Country is at the Brink….we are in search of solutions, not back-looking two-Party Polemics.

      Jenny Beth Martin of the TP Patriots has her finger on the pulse of the times and what needs to be done……Coulter… just the opposite.

    • Kells,

      A principled Party that stood for REAL American values would draw the majority of actual voters from BOTH Parties. It would probably pull most “independent/Libertarians” as well. The polls show it, and this is why BOTH ‘Parties’ fight the idea of a third Party.

      • Spot on, Joe. I would only add George Washington’s admonition to avoid political parties entirely. Given the growning segment of the voting public against the current parties and the declining approval of them in the polls the tea party would be wise to loudly advertise that they are not a political party; that they are only a growing group of folks who are fed up with the current parties and intend to focus only on selection of candidates that meet their requirements for public office. How about this motto? Damn the parties, full speed ahead!

        • FlyDiver,

          I’m with you — on all counts (BTW: a quick search of my past posts will reveal I have mentioned Washington’s admonishment against Parties many times 🙂 )

      • The Republican National Committee ( RNC) didn’t give ONE PENNY to Steve Lonegin’s campaign in New Jersey !!

        So what good are they ?? …. Perhaps a Strong Party ( TP-as a Party ) would have pushed him over the Line….. actually it is virtually assured, since he only lost by 10 points and was outspent 10 to 1 !!!!!

        This Principled Party would HAVE to stop people like Marco Rubio and Kelly Ayotte and Ron Johnson from getting in and undermining it with their lying !

  1. This dance with a third party is what gave us Clinton for 8 years. I agreed with Ross Perot but it was those who voted for him that gave us Clinton. The solution is to vote out rinos. Not a perfect solution but after years and years of simply voting for these turds because they promise to be good “conservatives” we now have years of effort to get rid of them.

    • GoneWithTheWind,

      One could counter with the argument that refusal to admit the two Parties are one is what gave us Clinton. Look at the polling data concerning Romney. He won many of the highly coveted “moderate” votes, but he lost the core voter — the voter who has started to see the Republican Party as no different from the Democrats.

      So, what if we do not vote for these so called RINOS? What do we get? we get more soldiers for the PROGRESSIVE Republican Party, which will then do to those “good” Republicans exactly what they just did to Cruz and Lee. So all you do is elect people who will be destroyed from both sides, severely damaging the cause in the process.

      Then you have the issue of people who promise one thing, then, when they get to Washington, turn out to be something else (i.e. Rubio).

      Finally, you have to understand that many of the people we consider to be RINOs are REAL Republicans. Those who still adhere to the founding principles of this nation need to understand that the Republican deception is that the Party agrees with you. It doe not. It just needs you to believe it does so they can get you to vote for the Party.

    • Gone….

      This method was tried……. Your solution HAS to address the Rubio, Ayotte, Johnson, Flake situation. And there are many others who were voted in against RINOs but look what happened……RINOs just the same…..MORE DEBT…..Even MORE undermining of the Constitution that they vociferously campaigned on to protect !

      It’s not enough to say ….” Well….we just have to keep doing it “…..Because it’s only PARTY working….and some of those supposed Constitutionalists….supposed Tea Party candidates are in there for 6 years…..and they have proven themselves to be little more than Obama opperatives.

      In short we ( The Country ) can’t afford any more “Tea Party” conservatives like Rubio, Ayotte etc ……. we simply don’t have the Time ! We need to take what was done in 2010 and ramp it up and change it at the same time……. I have said for a long time that I think the Tea Party actually needs to become a Party in order to fight effectively against the “Two = the Same Parties” we have now.

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