Shutmageddon Fairy Tales

The House Republicans have offered bill after bill that would have kept the government open and avoided default and the debt ceiling, yet here we are at the brink of a media defined “default”. Yesterday, Thomas Roberts of MSNBC asked Republican Marsha Blackburn, “Do you hate Obamacare more than you love your country?”

These days, questions like that are reserved for an exclusive club – Republicans Only. I think the right question to Democrats would be, “Since the Republicans have offered several avenues to keep government running and you have noted that there is nothing they can do to stop Obamacare getting started, do you love Obamacare more than you love your country? Just how far will the Democrats go to keep on spending?“

I won’t hold my breath to hear that one as it will never get asked but I’ll take a shot and tell you how far – until the last cent is gone. That is how far.

That is essentially what the public employee unions (and most modern unions as well), Democrat politicians and the proto-communists in this country believe. Cost of government does not matter. Against all factual data, the latest meme from the left is that “we aren’t broke!” Budgets do not matter. Debt doesn’t matter, effectiveness of federal programs do not matter. How can they make such claims? It is because they truly believe that there will be funding until the last cent is gone and until the last person who has any ability to create value is taxed at a 100% rate. They assume that people will just continue to send in rubles “for the good of the country” and all they have to do is keep on spending. It is also important to note that the only people who do not worry about debt are people who never intend to pay it back.

That is why they level such vitriol at the Tea Party – because the basis of this movement is the antithesis of their beliefs. Tea Partiers aren’t racists, they are the equivalent of the Anti-Federalists. What the Democrats are doing will eventually hurt everyone regardless of age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion or disability, so it would seem that the efforts of the Tea Party to prevent the eventual economic hardship that is coming is actually quite egalitarian.

How do I know the Democrat built house of cards will fall?

History – she is a harsh mistress. Something that can’t go on forever, simply won’t.

For a long time, I have watched in amazement at local government officials grabbing for federal funds for inane uses like bike paths and museums of limited local interest, federal officials ignoring budgets (or in the case of the last several years, just refusing to have one) and elected representatives refusing to cut spending (actually continuing to propose new spending) in the face of crushing debt and budget deficits of historic proportions. In 99.9% of the money grabs, there was never a concern for the “forgotten man”, the taxpayer where the money for current spending and debt service is truly coming from.

I find the campaign pitches of candidates who brag about “bringing money home to the district” offensive. I was especially disgusted at the Census Bureau’s advertisements of a couple of years that fostered the money grubbing angle – same with the recent admonition from the San Francisco Gate to people to “find a way to make less money” to rake in bigger Obamacare subsidies. I find these distasteful because they promote and mainstream the idea that the government is a magical piggy bank and all we have to do is put on our ruby slippers, click our heels three times and all of our wishes will come true – we will be showered in OPM (Other People’s Money). It promotes the idea that the sweet, sweet government money originates from a faceless entity called “big government”, not from the sweat, labor and innovation of productive individuals in this country.

Well, Auntie Em, we ain’t in Kansas anymore.

What we are seeing from the American left is an open assault on one of the cornerstones of freedom – the ownership of private property.

It really isn’t just about money. It would be far easier to manage if it were. Money is just a representation of what you own; a dollar bill is just as much private property as a house, a tract of land or a car. The only difference is that “money” is fungible – it can be easily transferred, transported and is universally accepted as a medium of exchange during the conduct of commerce. It is also far less personal and intimate than a house, personal belongings or land that a family lives on, farms or otherwise enjoys. These two things, being easily transferred and less intimate are essential in efficient economic transactions but those are also significant downsides – it makes it far easier to confiscate.

You may know that Karl Marx said this: “The theory of Communism may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property” – but can you identify the following quote?

“…we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

It sounds a lot like any garden variety Democrat these days – but this one is actually from Adolph Hitler…and for good measure, for the people who claim that Hitler was “far right”, he began that quote this way: “We are socialists; we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system…”

Do not be fooled. While the American left screams in faux pain and disgust when they are accurately tagged as socialists/Marxists/communists, they are without question following a path to confiscation of private property (wealth) for the purposes of redistribution according to their desires. The inconsistency of their positions to the concept of individual freedom is stark while their alignment with Marx’s Communist Manifesto is legion. Most claim the intellectual and, moral high ground and I don’t believe that they even realize that they are Communists and that communism is the enemy of freedom. This is apparently the depth and breadth of the “groupthink” that passes for intellectual curiosity in academia and the newsrooms these days. These folks are the contemporary incarnation of Lenin’s “useful idiots”.

Thomas Sowell had an excellent piece on who is really responsible for our current adventures in Shutmageddon.  If I step back from this situation and look at it objectively – then, yes, the Republicans did initiate the government shutdown through ineffective tactical actions – because when you are in the minority and fighting a series of rapidly developing defensive battles, tactical actions are almost all that you can execute…but it is hard to deny that these tactical skirmishes are anything but part of a long term strategy by Obama and the Democrats to destroy the opposition once and for all and to salt the earth where they live so that it will never support life again. Far from being a failure of leadership, this is exactly the outcome that the Democrats wanted – this was easily foreseen. I can’t blame the Republicans for fighting tooth and nail in a battle that was already rigged against them…but neither should the media be blind to the overall Democratic strategies that put us on this battlefield.

8 thoughts on “Shutmageddon Fairy Tales

  1. It is difficult to realize and impossible to understand this simple truth:

    Their goal is to destroy America.

    Then salt the earth that supported America so that opposition to their slavery may never rise.

    The “media is in league” with the Progressives/Democrats/Marxists.

    Their leaders do understand what they do.

    Their followers? Their “useful idiots” are equally evil in their support of theft.

    They work towards the total destruction of all America, and the foundation of America; liberty, freedom, and the ideal of “all men & women are created equal”.

    The sooner we Americans who believe “all people are created equal, with justice and liberty for all”, understand and accept this fact; the sooner we can begin to truly defend ourselves.

  2. Democrats love getting reelected more then they love their country. They are about to give 15 million illegal aliens amnesty just so they will have a larger voting block. This is just the beginning. Each of those illegals will be able to bring in family members. What do you suppose amnesty will do to illegal immigration? Triple it. Quadruple it. So next time they will give amnesty to 50 million ilegals. Here is another tough question for you: Will all those illegals be included in Obamacare? If so who will pay for it?

    • No one will “pay for obamacare”. Obamacare is the “vehicle” to launch America over the cliff so “martial law” “must” be declared resulting in our Constitution openly and officially being suspended. “for everyone’s good, of course”

      There are not enough taxpayers. Which is why Obama has been running a $1 TRILLION deficit every year.

      The Statists, “obama-ites” understand and know this. They understand the inevitable results of their policies, while they lie with a straight face.

      Conscientious Americans must realize Obama, et al. (the progressives in both parties), are totalitarians who seek complete systemic failure so they may re-make this continent into an oligarchy and make the enslavement of “the people” permanent.

  3. We need to pray for all those that voted for Obama thinking their lives were going to be better. As more and more of Obama’s plans and programs take effect they will be forced lower and lower down the economic food chain. It’s sad the buy the rhetoric of the MSM and lies of the progressive politicians that promise more free stuff.

    There is very little time left for any turn around and by the end of 2014 we will have our answer whether we will survive as a Constitutional Republic or become a Socialist Democracy.

    As a Christian and believer in Biblical Prophecy I am not optimistic. Our people no longer have the will to resist evil.

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