Acrimony and Division

Michael Barone writes:

“…American politics has returned to its combative, partisan, divisive default mode. In the 1790s, Americans were divided over a world-wide war between commercial Britain and revolutionary France. Political strife was bitter. In the antebellum years, Americans were deeply split over issues from the Bank of the United States to slavery in the territories. For three generations after the Civil War, Americans North and South lived almost entirely apart from each other.

The Midcentury Moment emerged as the result of three unexpected developments, two of them unwelcome—depression, war, postwar prosperity—and was communicated through the language of an unusually vivid and unusually universal popular culture. Absent these things—and it’s hard to see how they could return—our politicians aren’t likely to all get along.”

I think that the acrimony and division will only increase as the “progressives” seek to push their advantage. Rather than unity, it is clear that they want domination. Take the petition to arrest the Republican congressional leadership for “sedition” for example – these folks are telegraphing how they really feel – this is not humor or sarcasm – and what they would do if they had total power. This is not a feeling of right wing paranoia, it is real and they WILL act on it given the opportunity. I have no doubt that there are people who think that I should have my guns taken from me and if I didn’t willingly give them up, they would take them by force and incarcerate me for resisting – and I have never committed a crime in my life.

These folks are revolutionary Marxists and are led by a Marxist revolutionary, Barack Obama.

There will be those who say that statement is crazy, that Obama isn’t but that is because they base their comparisons and contrasts to the baseline of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and/or the Great Leap Forward of Mao in China. That frame of reference is wrong – before those “revolutions”, neither of those countries had the tradition of individual freedom that the USA has.

If you want to see what Obama is and what makes Marxists of the contemporary “progressive” Democrats, look to the Declaration of Independence and the zero point. This is the anchor point to understand just how cultural Marxism has permeated political and social discourse and brought us to the tipping point we are living today. The fact that New York is likely to have a communist radical Sandinista supporter as a mayor is proof enough.

14 thoughts on “Acrimony and Division

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  2. Utah, while I agree with you that the divisions may continue to widen, I find it interesting that this silly petition is the example you choose. After all, some conservatives (including some at the RNL) have for years been calling for their supporters (never themselves) to storm the gates of the White House and “arrest” the president. A group of loony truckers just drove around D.C. for a while last weekend; one of that group’s original stated goals was to arrest members of Congress.

    And of course petitions signed by southerners calling for secession — literal division — during recent years have received far more signatures than this one will.

    • I don’t think the sedition bill is a silly matter. The Sedition Act was approved by Wilson. So you want to buck the establishment? Well, we’ll just charge you with a crime. The way I see it, The Espionage Act was put forth to protect against spies against the US, while the Sedition Act was set forth by the “rule-benders” in DC who wanted to protect their ass……………ets.

      Also, we’ve been calling our congressmen because that is what we pay them to do….our wishes. It’s also how our govt. works. The truckers are a symbol of the great divide in this country. I applaud them for trying to wake everyone out of their Obama-induced stupor. If you don’t believe their in a stupor, ask some simple, basic questions. Be your own man on the street. See what happens….

  3. President Obama has operated from the perspective that he does not have political or ideological opponents to be negotiated with, but enemies to be crushed, or destroyed. His actions to date show his disdain for dissent, and the constitution.
    His own signature legislation, when shown to be flawed, is not permitted to be modified, but pushed ahead. He alone is permitted to alter that “sacred Document” via Executive Order, not permitting it to be altered via legislation. He has changed it at least 5 times, and perhaps 13 total. None of those were in consult or agreement with congress.
    He decides who gets delayed compliance and who is required to comply now. I thought that he said we are a nation of laws, but he decides which laws are enforced and which are not.

    The media, which is supposed to be skeptical of all power, and of an adversarial nature, is not. Oh, the occasional moment of accidental journalism happens, and then is swept away. But generally they bemoan the tight control of the Obama Administration, but in subscript and quietly. Meanwhile , the president attacks Fox News from the oval office. Imagine if Bush had whined about MSNBC as Obama does about Fox.???

    Do I believe that the political party of Barack Obama would arrest and incarcerate his political enemies? Oh, Yes. With glee, and extreme malice. As one who has been labeled “anarchist, terrorist and enemy of this country” not by fringe extremists of the Democrat Party, but by it’s leadership, I MUST presume that , given the opportunity, they would happily end my life.
    And that attitude gets me labeled “extremist” and not the ones who would joyfully eliminate any “Tea Party ” opposition by whatever means possible, including illegal detention, or even death.( You don’t label a group as terrorists without moving to eliminate that threat)

    So, I arm myself, and grow my own , and wait for them to come.

      • “And they will eventually come!”

        I can’t imagine that you’re important enough for “them” to bother. And even if you were, “they” likely will just let you hide away, waiting for you to shoot yourself after they cut your power or Internet access. 😉

        You’re right that the mainstream media — including Fox (from which Bush picked his White House press secretary) — are generally pitiful.

        • ” including Fox (from which Bush picked his White House press secretary) ” And Obama got Jay Carney from ABC….so what?

          • So what’s his point ??

            His point is the Alinsky-Marxist tactic of continual “isolation of your opposition”, by the language of ridicule, the insinuation or outright claim of stupidity, and the use of Violent language when those are ineffectice.

      • “They” ( The Washington Communist / Fascists ) already HAVE come …. via ObamaCare and the IRS.

        The only game now is intensity and escalation of further IRS harrassment and the implementation of New “regulations” at the discretion of Un-elected Gov’t agencies and the Reichs-furhers that head them….like Sibelious and soon-to-be Homeland Chief Jeh Johnson ( He of “Drones to Kill Civilians” ) fame . The same Jeh Johnson who is the Major-Obama-Donor-Bundler-getting-an-in-the-back-pocket-Political-payoff-at-the-Expense-of-Citizens-and-the-Constitution, Jeh Johnson.

        • Don,

          Correct, Jeh Johnson. Just another progressive elitist that can’t make it outside a job in the crap hole of DC. Just another Obama butt licker.

          • And just what we don’t need – another damn lawyer. This guy was rumored to be Holder’s replacement at the DOJ if he quit or got dumped before the election last year. That should tell you all you need to know about good old Jeh.

  4. I can’t imagine that you’re important enough for “them” to bother. And even if you were, “they” likely will just let you hide away, waiting for you to shoot yourself after they cut your power or Internet access.

    That is not ‘their’ MO. Escalation is ‘their’ standard response.

    • So right. And since James and I have spoken before, he surely knows that I live waaaay out in the woods, I grow my own food, and a small inconvenience like no electricity(for 5 to 10 seconds) will definitely not drive me to shoot myself(although his prattle would if I had to listen to it for more than a few minutes)

      The other side of his response is very predictable. The LEADERSHIP of his party tries to incite their base to hate by calling Tea Party types “anarchists” and “terrorists” while labeling any other dissent as fringe wackos.
      Basically , the only good conservative is a dead conservative in their eyes.
      And that is why I live where I do…..Problem is, “they ” keep moving closer and closer!

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