Obama: A Failed President By His Own Measure

I was going to write about this until I saw that Daniel Kessler already had:

“As the federal government moves forward to implement President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the Department of Health and Human Services is slated to spend millions of dollars promoting the unpopular legislation. In the face of this publicity blitz, it is worth remembering that the law was originally sold largely on four grounds—all of which have become increasingly implausible.”

Add to that the failed economic activities, the debacles in “green technology”, the various erroneous statements and predictions about “climate change”, being wrong about unemployment, being for debt ceilings before being against them, asinine and atrocious foreign policy errors (from day one, I might add) and failing to fulfill his campaign promises, it is very, very difficult to see how the Obama presidency can be objectively categorized as anything less than a dismal failure of epic proportions. The only thing he has proven to be good at is lying just enough to get elected but not impeached – even though there seems to be mounting evidence that he was aided in 2012 by the IRS in suppressing the Tea Party support of his opponent.

Judging by the fact that the rabid “progressives” want the Tea Party caucus in the House and Ted Cruz arrested and imprisoned for sedition, it is not much of a stretch to think that if this were a Republican president, we would have already seen articles of impeachment filed in the House.

My consternation with all of this is that these situations can be measured against his own words and deeds, yet there are not enough people of honor on the left willing to come together with those on the right to correct this abomination, proving once and for all that they don’t give a damn about America, the American people or the Constitution. They love power and will do anything to accumulate and keep it, even if it means destroying the country.

Sedition? Yes, by all means – let’s go down that path. But if you on the left choose to do so, you better make sure your messiah is the first one charged.

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