Obama is Re-Writing History, the Dicitonary and the Law — A-Gain

HISTORIC REVISIONISM: President Attempts To Re-Make Our Founders

There Is No Other Way To Say This, OBAMA IS A LIAR!

There are many things about which people can disagree, and should.  That is part of how a free and self-governing society works.  But when the duly elected leader of the nation treats more than a third of the nation he was elected to represent and protect as an enemy, he has ceased to be the legitimate leader of that society.  But Obama didn’t stop there.  He went on to openly and knowingly lies about the very founding of this nation, thus declaring a state of open war on this nation.  This is precisely what Obama is: an enemy of this nation – as founded – who has openly declared his intention to rebuild it according to his desires.  Here is the story:

Video: Obama Says Founding Fathers Wouldn’t Approve of Tea Party

Obama went after people who challenge Obamacare, suggesting that they think government is the “enemy”, which is somehow not “what the founders” envisioned with self-government”.

Our founders explicitly said that government is and always will be an enemy of individual rights and liberty.  Anyone who sincerely searches for their words will find volumes of them saying exactly this. There is no way for an honest person to dispute this; the proof can be found in less than five minutes by doing a simple search on the founders’ warnings about government encroachment.  So, for Obama to claim they would oppose the TEA Party for trying to beat back government over-reach is not a ‘miss-speak,’ it is historic revisionism and a bald faced lie.

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7 thoughts on “Obama is Re-Writing History, the Dicitonary and the Law — A-Gain

    • Mr. Obama is flying the flag of the Liberal/Progressives, who are the American version of Marxists, and his family background is tied to the American Communist Party at multiple points. His knowledge of American history is limited and he distorts the reality of our Founders and American history generally. This is an old Marxist and Alinsky strategy, so it is important to correct his lies whenever possible. While I am not a Tea Party member, because I follow Washington’s advice to avoid political factions, the Tea Party shares the values of a significant group within our Founders. They are grassroots Americans who are demanding a return to the principles of the Founders, especially limited government and individual freedom. Our Dear Leader and his media stooges are trying to demonize the Tea Parties to distract attention from the utter failure of Obamacare. We who know what Obama is doing must share that information wherever possible. CDE

      • As I understand the wants of the Tea Party………………..
        1. Smaller Federal govt…………… I whole-heartedly agree with this. At least half of the federal employees could be eliminated and allowed to earn a living like I always have, by working for what I get and not sucking for a bigger paycheck. Also at least half of the people living off of govt contracts could be eliminated.
        2. less Federal spending……………… The only ones that don’t agree are those with their hands out getting some of the goodies.
        3. Balanced budget………………I would love to see my govt financially do as I have always done, pay all my bills and live within my means without borrowing a penny.

        • flasawdust: Your summary of the Tea Party’s core policies is consistent with my own. Those positions are hard to demonize, so Our Dear Leader and his media Quislings are engaged in distorting the Tea Party’s ideas by lying about what they believe. This is a standard Marxist/Alinsky/Obama strategy, since misrepresentation of one’s opponents’ policies and then mocking and demonizing those views as if they are actually held, is actually a chapter in the Obama/Alinsky field manual, RULES FOR RADICALS. Liberal/Progressive/Marxists follow a standard set of strategies, of which lying is a standard operating procedure. CDE

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