Orwell Was Right — Again!

HISTORIC REVISIONISM: Evil Deceives By Re-Writing History

Government Used To Indoctrinate Future Citizens By Directing Education To Re-Writing History

If you read this blog long enough, you will find that I repeat my assertions that there are people in control of the organs of social support in this nation who seek to destroy individual rights and liberty.  They believe that man is malleable, like a lump of clay.  They also believe they are smarter than most, and have a superior understanding of what is right and wrong for mankind.  From this, they conclude they have a moral obligation to see to it that their ideas for how to save man are fulfilled – even if they have to force it on humanity; even if they have to kill those who resist.  For them, the ends – the salvation of all mankind – justifies whatever means achieves this goal.  You will also find that I tell you that, if you know where to look and what their language means, these people will openly admit to all of this.  Well, this post explains how they seek to achieve their goals while showing you one of the most blatant examples of how these people exhibit their arrogance while boasting about their plans.  It is imperative that you read this entire post – especially the supporting links.

I start with these words:

“The end justifies the means only when the means used are such as actually bring about the desired and desirable end.”

Those words were penned by an American Communist, founding father of the American Progressive movement and father of the modern public education system, John Dewey.  I readily and openly admit that I hold this man on the same moral level as I hold men such as Goebbels and Hitler.  Dewey was an enemy of mankind, not the hero history has made him to be.  When you get to know him and what he believed, if you do not agree, it is a certain sign that you need to hit your knees and beg God to help you get right with Him.  Here is one reason I say this.  Again from the hand of John Dewey:

Read the rest here (this one is important)

40 thoughts on “Orwell Was Right — Again!

  1. Against all evil regimes there is a resistance. There will be no exception this time as history repeats itself. How bad it gets is going to be factored against how long it takes The Lord to say times up.

    Since most all government on earth have cast God to the gutter it will likely be sooner than later.

  2. Don’t be fooled by what they say. For that day will not come until there is a great rebellion against God and the man of lawlessness is revealed; the one who brings destruction. – 2 Thessalonians 2:3

  3. History is a lie. You see history the way you want to see it. I see history the way I want to see it. History is subjective what matters is facts and science. You probably imagine Moses being a proud tea-partier, while the founders of the Israeli Kibbutzim system probably see Moses as a proto-socialist. The truth is History is ultimately hearsay, while data is data. Current economic data points to Marx’s economic theories being right!

    • Actually Current and 20th Century economc data points to Marx’s economic theories have been Wrong….Dead Wrong.!

      In the 20th Century…..The Soviet Union, Cambodia, China, Sweden, Cuba. etc etc etc.

      Currently …Venezuela is on Display as the Latest EPIC Marxist failure….. as is Detroit and California.

      But the BIGGIE is the world Financial system and it’s Ponzie scheme of Marxist-like Gov’t Bonds …. since GW and Hank Paulson and Bernanke plied their Marxist “too big to Fail” policies in 2007-2008 the World Financial system has been on continual life support ….. meaning more and more debt………… Remember Bush saying ” In order to save Capitalism I have to Destroy Capilaism ” or some such ??………… and Obama just Amped it up Soviet style the Last 5 years…. With the RINO GOP galloping behind to carry his “redistribution” water of course.

      • First learn the definition of Marxism, Socialism and Communism, before you start using those words to describe areas of the u.s.a and George Bush and Bernanke or that clown Chavez. What is so Soviet Style about Obama? Raising taxes on the working poor? Since when has transferring the wealth of the gov’t to the even wealthier banks been socialist? This is why the far-right is a joke, they ignore facts and create their own history, then proclaim their history to be reality.

    • Karl: Your definition of “history” is consistent with Marx’s definition of “reality.” According to Marx and his fantasy soul-mates, both reality and history are entirely subjective. This of course is a fallacy that was explained away by Plato, Kant and more recently by Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick. Objective reality not only exists but is readily demonstrable. Historical facts are also readily available, but Marxists and Liberal/Progressives have a problem here, because they have failed miserably in multiple nations since 1920. Basically, when Marx and Engels dreamed up their fantasy world in the mid-19th century, economics and political science were not yet empirically-based sciences, but rather were philosophical systems. In the 20th century the various Collectivist/Marxist movements including the Communists, the Fascists, the Nazis, the Socialists and the Liberal/Progressives in the US, have had the opportunity to govern modern nation-states. In each case they have removed the rights and freedoms of the individual citizens and established police states, as Our Dear Leader is attempting to do in America today. They have destroyed their nations’ economies, because Marxist economics is a sad joke to any real economist, and they have ultimately been overthrown by the very workers they have abused. The results of Marxism and Obama-ism will always be the same and they are no longer in doubt. What is also not in doubt is that under Obama (and Lenin, and Stalin, and Mao, and Ho Chi Min, and Hitler, and FDR and others) control of the media and misrepresentation of what is actually happening in our nation is a core strategy. That’s why the bogus theory about history and reality being totally subjective is important for citizens to believe. And why we have never gotten the facts about Benghazi, or the IRS abuses that gave Obama his election victory in 2012 or even how many Americans have signed up for Obamacare. Those questions all have objective answers, but Mr. Obama prefers to lie or stonewall. But that is what Liberal/Progressives and other Marxists have always done. CDE

        • Karl: I don’t mean to be insulting, but have you read Marx and Engels’ original works? Fredrick Engels did the most work in developing the idea of “reality as subjective” in his discussion of the Marxist notion of “false consciousness.” This false consciousness argument and the lack of any objective reality is used constantly by Marxists and Liberal/Progressives to justify distortions of what is actually occurring and to demonize their opponents who point out their failures. I’ve had many Marxist and Liberal/Progressive friends over the years, particularly when I was working full-time in the academic world, where most professors in the humanities and social sciences hold those views. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Marx and Engels failed to understand both Plato’s and Kant’s discussions of these issues and they even misread Hegel’s writings. Their goal was not a solid understanding of the philosophical issues related to objective reality and subjective perception of that reality, but rather to provide the political tools that would equip their followers to replace individual freedom with the rule of an “enlightened” minority. Hence, their claims that all “reality” is subjective and that their freedom-loving opponents saw everything through the distorted lens of false consciousness. Marx has always reminded me of Lucifer in Dante’s INFERNO, who hung upside down in Hell and saw everything perfectly clearly but totally wrong. CDE

            • texas: Thanks for your feedback. I’ll try to work on one later today. I sometimes get concerned that I get too far out in the philosophical weeds in comments like this, but there is nothing new in Obama’s policies. They were all discredited, in most cases long ago, but we Americans are not philosophical or historical by nature, so we sometimes fail to recognize bad policy for what it is. I do so enjoy this blog. CDE

              • Hyper-Specialization of employment with the concurrent detriment of general worldly knowledge, combined with the purposeful mis-direction of America from accurate education, philosophy, history, and science towards “entertainment” is why we are in this current predicament.
                Americans are craving truth and knowledge.

                • texas: Glenn Hubbard in his recently published book, BALANCE, analyzes the factors that brought down the leading civilizations of various periods in our collective human past. The supplying of “Bread and circuses” to distract the citizens of Rome was one factor, along with the accumulation of excessive government debt, that brought down the most effective civilization in human history, up to the emergence of the US as a world power. The quality of life of the average citizen in ancient Rome was superior to that of any other civilization until at least 1800. But service of an out-of-control sovereign debt hollowed out the empire’s defense and infrastructure and allowed the barbarian tribes to gain control of the Western Roman Empire and a thousand years later to overtake the Eastern Empire as well. Government supplied “bread” (or welfare) and “circuses” (or meaningless entertainment) accelerated the decay of Roman values and economics. Hubbard cites at least five other examples with frightening parallels to what Obama is doing to America today. All ended badly. CDE

          • False consciousness is the idea that the lower class emulate the ruling class. It has nothing to do with denying reality. I have never claimed reality is subjective. Unless you consider the history written by the people you agree with to be reality and the history written by those you disagree with to be lies. I am saying history is subjective to its creator. Nazis will write pro-Nazi history and anti-Nazis will write anti-Nazi history.

    • Karl,

      let me PROVE — beyond any objection — that you just made a FALSE assertion:

      You exist, therefore you were born, which means your parents had sex, which means they were both born, which means…

      ALL of that is history, and ALL of that is real and true and cannot be disputed. Therefore, objective history DOES exist — as does objective reality.

      This means everything you and Marx have argued is fantasy, and most of what those on my side have argued is objective reality. It’s simple logic.

      • My existence is actual data. You can measure and weigh me and compare my DNA to my parents. But these things establish my existence, they however do not establish my ancestor’s lives. For instance my family might believe we had an ancestor who was best friends with Napoleon, and his name is Pierre. If we find a diary in which Napoelon writes “my good friend Pierre” does that mean, that particular Pierre is the ancestor? Napoleon is dead and so are all his friend, so the truth can’t be figured out. History is very different from genealogy and archaeology, since people lie and DNA and artifacts don’t. for instance of the Nazis won world war II he would be writing about how Jews were going to destroy Germany and he was acting in self-defense. History is subjective.

        • My existance is ALSO a Data point.

          Once again …. it is YOU, Karl , who you see as the Center of the Universe…..And thus YOUR ( Karl’s) desires are to be paramount…..including for everyone else.

          You are Like Obama and Soros in that regard.

          But the world….the universe…. don’t revolve around us. This self-centered way of being is at the Center of Communism / Socialism……it is the raison d’etre of Modern Liberlism…..and is precisely why Liberals are so socially destructive.

          • I have a desire for democracy, but I don’t expect the world to implement it. I want it to, but it doesn’t happen. I am not a rightist who threatens the world with the economic collapse of the U.S economy to get their way. I never denied you exist or your desires. You are projecting you desires to create the perfect world onto my dissenting voice. All I do is dissent. I don’t go around threatening the ‘Jeffersonian option’ and other right-wing warrior fantasies.

  4. Karl,

    Ha ha, lol. No worry well be here to help you when the time comes. Since we are the producers we will have the food, water, shelter and the refuge from your masters when they no longer need you.

    • Cultural Relativism has now become “Historical relativism” in Karl’s ….. and the Liberal’s minds. ( ” I see history as I want to see it”. )

      Their febrile thinking is the same that equates Al Qaida with George Washington and James Madison. The Israeli kibbutzim WERE socialist, not because “Karl” or any other menatlly challanged Liberal Socialist “thinks” it or “wants” it….but because that was their own self-same goals. Same as Sparta was Socialistic democray and Athens more of elected democracy ….. based on their stated purposes, their actions and functioning ………. irrespective of what future generations WANT those people’s motivations to have been about.

      But as You know Chhelo…….and it’s a Yale study no-less…… the NON Tea Party Types are rather deficient in their rational, reasoning abilities.

      • Are you so confident in your ideals that you proclaim to know the eternal truths of man? As if there were eternal truths? Rightism is the ideology of self-righteousness and hubris. If you boil it down, rightism is “me, me, me, I do What I want, I am the most important thing, I am capable of everything, all others are parasites and these are eternal truths anyone who disagrees is a Satanic/evil/Marxist/progressive/liberal/hippy/fascist/muslim/atheist/Nazi/tyrant”

        • Sigh

          OK, let’s show Karl how wrong he is yet again.

          YES! There are eternal truths of man.

          1 — All men die (well, all but 2 — and even they will die, after their appointed time).

          2 — All men experience similar emotions.

          3 — Those emotions include self-interest, greed and envy.

          4 — This leads to repeating patterns of human behavior that can be identified by observation; both today and of history.

          5 — These patterns have never changed because the nature of man is fixed and never changes.

          6 — That some men believe they can change this is one of those repeating patterns of history and is the result of arrogance and conceit.

          7 — All who have tried to change the nature of man have failed, which proves #5

          There, PROOF that — once again — you have made a demonstrably false assertion.

          • these vague statements are meaningless, you are trying to imply something in a very indirect manner, just say what it is you are trying to say.
            All men die, this is a fact of nature. Not an actual fact about human behavior.
            I don’t think sociopaths experience empathy.
            Some people grow out of greed and envy when they leave elementary school.
            4-7 are vague assertions.

            • Karl,

              You are in a complete state of denial, and that is why you are beyond the reach of reason. I would pity you — if you and the spirit you represent weren’t such a threat the the rights and liberty of man (not to mention rebellion to God)

              • What a cop out, instead of being clear and providing a response all you say is “I pity you, you are in so much denial” You don’t even say what I am in denial about. Then you go make some appeal to false concepts such as rights, liberty and god. You have proven yourself to be unable to prove these false concepts yet you still invoke them and see them as an answer unto themselves with no reasons behind them. You are in denial about the invalidness of the key concepts that hold up your ideology.
                1. free-markets turn into monopoly markets.
                2. as long as private property exists so will corruption
                3. rights are not real
                4. god is not real
                5. unscientific concepts(man-made laws, history, poetry, art) are subjective

                • 1 — The free market is the natural order human interaction. You seek to destroy that natural order.

                  2 — Property is not the source of corruption, people are. And as long as there are people who seek to control others — such as yourself — there will be corruption. This is true whether property exists or not.

                  3 — Rights are real. Those who claim they do not are trying to change the natural order of things, to control the world and make it fit their will rather than the will of God

                  4 — God is real, and you existence proves that. Those who argue something can come from nothing, or that life comes from the dead, are trying to change the natural order of things, to control. In this case, you are demonstrating that you think you can replace God with yourself.

                  5 — SCIENCE does not exist! If is not real. It is a fiction that you have created; an idol. If ‘science’ were as you pretend it to be, then we wouldn’t keep hearing that fat is good, fat is bad, fat is good for us. Nor would we hear: global cooling is coming, the earth has a fever, no it’s cooling, no it is cooling because it is heating up. It is all BUNK! Science is nothing but a philosophy, and a philosophy you do not adhere to, only invoke as religion.

        • Actually Mon “Ami” it is YOU who claim the mantel to …”…Do what I want …”

          As this quote from your above “hubris” itself indicates….. I quoteth The Karl…..
          “….I see history the way I want to see it….”

          BUT….what is most disturbing of all is your claim ( ALL Progressives, All Communist/Socilists claim) to have the Authority and RIGHT to impose YOUR will on everyone else…………………. THAT is the essence of the Scurge that is Mob democracy = Communism and Socialism.

  5. There is no sense in talking to paranoid people who see others as enemies and can’t function in a democracy. It is so dumb, that their argument against democracy is “what if they all vote to rape me.”

    • Confiscatory Taxes are Financial Rape…..forcing people to purchase insurance is Croney Capitalist rape …. Using the IRS to Target specific People ( Dr Carson) and certain political differences from you ( The Tea Party, Constitutional Groups and Christian Groups), is the Rape of the State targeted to those who disagree…..

      and THAT is what “..Democracy..” is….always has been….and why the Founding generation establish a Constitutional Republic and specifically NOT a “democracy”…..because History showed well the TRUE nature of Mob Democracy = Communism = State Control = Big Government = Socialism.

      • How does the people owning the means of production = big gov’t?
        a more apt analogy is
        the minority bourgeoisie owning the means of production = private feudalism.
        Since when does paying taxes = getting sexually penetrated against your will?
        the problem with your analogy and mine and all analogies is they can be used to solicit an emotional response rather than an intellectual one.
        Many proletarians would say creating $1000 worth of value and getting paid $100 dollars is financial rape.
        This analogy does not advance the proletarian cause, it is pointless to say because rape and the transfer of value in capitalism or obamacare is very different.

        • ROFLMAO

          Karl said:

          “the problem with your analogy and mine and all analogies is they can be used to solicit an emotional response rather than an intellectual one.”

          Oh, that’s rich — especially coming from someone who has consistently demonstrated he has renounced the use of reason and rejected objective reality.,

          Please, Karl, tell me another one 🙂

        • Once again …. for the Obtuse Left..

          Private Property IS people owning the means of production !!
          ….. and/or their ownership of the capital reflective of their sweat-equity using that means of production.

          To have to explain OBVIOUS analogy, intent and political realities to you over and over again is tiresome. the Key is “Against your Will ” in BOTH cases. By FORCE in other words.

          But you don’t understand because YOU advocate force, Communism / Socialism IS Force in the social/political sphere.

          • Don,

            You have to forgive Karl. He honestly thinks that the government is “the People.”

            Think about it: he keeps talking about the people as though we are all one combined entity and not a large group of individuals. But the government is also treated as a single entity, and in this sense, it is closer to such than “the people.”

            Combine this mix-up of identity with Karl’s propensity toward forcing people to do what he wants and it is easy to see how he has convinced himself that govt = the people. So, in his mind, until the govt. owns and runs everything, the people have no power.

            At least, I suspect the messed up logic in the Communist’s head works something along this line…

            • I think you have it spot on !

              With the addition that Karl and his ilk basically want other people’s Stuff ( property )……. I actually think it is that simple, and the “rationalization and warped logic and miss-identification of “the People” with Gov’t etc comes later as justification.

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