I know that several folks around the Republican Party think that Ted Cruz has single-handedly “destroyed” it by forcing the issue on Obamacare when there was a tool to do it with – the end of the last continuing resolution. The debt ceiling being part of this was a coincidence of policy, coming at a point that was determined several months ago.

Let’s look at the real history:

  1. Cruz and company in the Senate and the House Republicans have been trying to get traction on Obamacare for the better part of two years – there have been 40 some odd bills passed in the House and exactly none passed in the Senate and the Republican Senate leadership was not actively working on anything – preferring to “tweak” rather than fight it.
  2. Based on this fact, and on the fact that Obama and Harry Reid had stated publicly that they were never going to negotiate or even consider a delay of Obamacare, there was only one tool that the Cruz and team had to use and that was the threat of Shutmageddon and the debt ceiling.
  3. The Democrats validated their intransigence and willingness to shut the government down by Reid refusing to take up any of the funding bills passed by the House that would have funded everything except some of the Obamacare roll-out that wasn’t already funded.
  4. The Establishment Republicans proved their mettle and commitment to repealing the bad Obamacare policy by attacking the Tea Party Caucus of their own party using some of the same epithets and emotions used by Obama and the Democrat leadership.
  5. By several different sources, analysis determined that the government was never “shut down”, that somewhere between 83-87% of government continued to function and there was more than sufficient tax revenue to avoid an actual default (even though some definitions would have indicated a “technical default”.
  6. The Republicans eventually caved and gave the Democrats and Obama everything they wanted and more.
  7. While many said that Cruz’s efforts were nothing but self-aggrandizement and showboating, the ensuing collapse of the Obamacare roll-out, the rate shock (increased rated in nearly all states) that the people who actually got through saw, plus the hundreds of thousands of people who are receiving letters from their insurance companies cancelling their policies and the 5 million or so who are stuck with companies who will not be required to provide insurance due waivers or the a mandate delay for certain businesses and unions, are all real-world indications that Cruz, Lee and the Tea Party Caucus in the House were right all along that O-Care was not ready for prime time and is going to do (and is doing) real damage.
  8. There are also those, including the left stream media, who claim that the Republicans missed the boat because, if not for Shutmageddon, the media would have been all over the Obamacare crash. To that assertion, I would answer this way: look how quickly Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA , the AP/James Rosen/DOJ snooping and other scandals were buried – the only reason that the AP thing  got any resonance at all was that the press got spied on as well. I also offer the very soft and sympathetic coverage that it is getting today, three weeks in and a week after we put the furloughed 17% of the government back to work.
  9. After weeks on end of Democrats beating the crap out of Republicans with cries of “Obamacare is settled LAW, you cannot change it!”, “If you want to change it, win an election!” and “You want to derail this law because you personally hate the President, you racists!”, now the Democrats don’t seem to quite see it as the block of granite it was last week, winning an election isn’t really necessary and a one year delay isn’t racist any longer.

So if we gave them all that they wanted, the implementation of the Obamacare policy is crap, the policy meets absolutely none of its stated goals and is actually hurting many of the people it was intended to help  – what do you RINO/moderate/establishment Republicans disagree with Cruz, Lee, Amash and the Tea Party Caucus on? Style? Would we even be talking about this in the context that this is a verifiable failure if these people had not stood on principle…or would the media be minimizing and whitewashing this clusterfark for Obama and the Democrats like they have every other scandal while McCain and Graham twiddled their thumbs and nodded their heads in acceptance of losing yet another legislative battle?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

Like it or not – Cruz was right. And many of you RINO/moderate/establishment Republicans don’t like him for solely that reason.

As Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory would say, “ Bazinga!”

9 thoughts on “Bazinga!

  1. Ted Cruz was, and continues to be right. In fact, just about the only thing incorrect with the man is that he still holds out hope for the Republican party.

    Screw those idiot liberals … let them eat crow. If I were John “the Bonehead” Boehner, I would switch tacts, and not allow the jackwagon Democrats delay a damn thing. Let the American people feel the government they voted for. Let them wallow in it.

    Then maybe The Free Sh*t Army might learn a thing or two about the cost of free sh*t.

    • Got to agree with you. DEMAND that the law roll out , on time , no exemptions, no delays. The President (I capitalize for the Imperial Prez.) Has illegally altered the law at least 5 times and possibly 13.Call presser after presser and howl about the illegality of changing passed law by exec order. Hit it over and over. TIE THIS ANVIL TO THEIR ( Democrat) ANKLES, and throw ’em in the lake of public scrutiny. If you yell loud enough and long enough, even Jimmie Mac might hear about it.

  2. Let’s see….the govt. was shut down because of the mean ole R.’s wanting to delay the implementation of Obamacare. Now that the R’s caved, the sweet lil D.’s saw that the Obamacare website was shut down, so now they wanna delay the implementation of Obamacare Does that sum it up?

    • The only thing I can take away from this is that it was deliberately set up to fail, so that the HEROBAMA can fly in , cape waving in the breeze and declare (in masculine’ stentorian tones) ‘I’LL SAVE YOU” and drag out 40 year old legislation to implement single payer , fully government subsidized, Healthcare.( that TRICKEY TURBAN just happened to have in his briefcase) And …THE….CROWD….GOES….WILD!!!!

  3. You realize we would not even be talking about this if John Roberts had not changed his vote and allowed this monstrosity to survive.

    I really don’t know how he can even look in the mirror to shave without getting sick at what he see’s.

    • Because he’s a Socialist…..he was put in by Bush, who tried to get “Amnesty”, Gave “Medicare part D”, the “Patriot Act” and “No child left with a Brain” ….. Roberts is a Good’ ol Boy RINO Progressive.

  4. Haven’t you ever noticed: Republican presidents are ever getting “surprised” that one of their SCOTUS appointees turns out to lean heavily toward the “living document” liberal side, BUT Democrat presidents ALWAYS get a LIBERAL liberal.
    Makes ya wanna say “hmmmmmm”.

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