URGENT: Imminent Threat To PHYSICAL Survival Of U.S.


You need to read this post – all of it!  The Blaze TV produces an investigative show called “For the Record,” hosted by a former FOX News host/anchor.  This show is what 60 Minutes used to be, back when it was a real investigative show that actually broke and told the whole story and just the story – without the political editorials woven into the show.  The latest For the Record was about a very real threat to this nation with which I happen to be more than casually acquainted.  I actually started my education on this subject when I was in the 11th grade, when I read a Congressional report, “The Effects of Nuclear War.”  We are talking about an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon, and the overwhelming evidence that both Iran and North Korea – with the covert help of Russia – have been working to develop such a weapon that could and is intended to be used against the United States.  Here’s the story:


‘For the Record’ Explores the Weapon That Could Shut Down America


What kind of weapon could wipe out food and medicine distribution, force America into a slumber for decades, make planes fall from the sky, permanently shut down the U.S. electrical grid, sever communications systems and lead to the deaths of millions?

Please, read the rest here…


    • So that’s what an EMP does? Shut down everything on a grid? I love how a$$holes give me thumbs down and dont’ answer my flippin question. No worries. I’m very good at being a gumshoe………………

  1. An EMP destroys sensitive electronic components that are not protected (in Faraday cages, concrete bunkers, etc.). This would theoretically include automobile computers, programmable logic controllers that tell city water supply pumps when to turn on and off (same for gas and electric distribution systems), highly computerized industrial/manufacturing equipment (like say, in a factory that produces insulin, heart pills or anti-depression/anxiety meds). You may still be attached to the grid by a piece of wire, but there would be nothing traveling through the wire. No juice. All product distribution would cease (food, fuel, pharma), all comms (as we currently know them) would go down.

    The effects of an EMP is described well in WIlliam Forstchen’s “One Second After”. Its fiction, but well researched.

  2. Every home should have a generator and a stabilized fuel supply. In most cases you won’t have enough power to run your entire home but enough to power basic refrigeration needs, lighting, rechargeable devices to include short wave radio and VHF/UHF Transceiver communications equipment. Most likely all hard wire and cell phone communication systems will take some time to bring back on line. That’s why the police and military all have AM/FM VHF & UHF communication equipment not tied to the grid. Note however, if this equipment is not hardened against EMP it will likely be non-operational as well.

    There are sources available to explain all of this and how to store and protect your gear from an EMP event. Not all that expensive either. Even of you think an EMP event is only for wacko’s there are natural disasters that can occur where the same equipment would come in handy.

    • Chhelo,

      I understand that you have given sound advice, and we should do these things. I also understand that an EMP will NOT be as destructive as depicted in the novel, “1 Second After,” HOWEVER, I also understand that it will not be the damage as much as our inability to recover from it. If — no, when this happens to us, the rest of the world will see it as an opportunity to put us away, not come to our aid. I needn’t tell you where that leads and what it means for civilians…


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