Talking Head Mocks National Hero

AGENDAS: Media Disgustingly Disrespectful Of Nations Heroes

I was channel surfing when I saw a picture I recognized.  Apparently, the picture was being used to make fun of those who object to the new cover the Obama Administration is trying to force on the Marines.  I quickly realized I had stopped on John Stewart’s show, so I immediately knew he was going to be on Obama’s side on this issue, but I was still shocked when I heard Stewart refer to Daly as “Some guy wearing two necklaces and a brooch.”  Here’s the picture Stewart was showing:


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15 thoughts on “Talking Head Mocks National Hero

  1. Speaking as a USMC Vietnam veteran, there are issues surrounding what is actually going on. The Marine Corp has the least amount of homosexuals (male) within its numbers. There is an attempt to change the image into a softer, more pleasant image that would be welcoming to a wider range of people. This involves changing the dynamics of what a Marine is, and how the recruit is heated, forged, and quenched, numerous times, until being Born as, a United States Marine. The process starts immediately and stress is involved. Lots of stress. Marines are conditioned to think and perform under extreme stresses. It is not a happy, friendly, smiley world. The unisex dynamics of the proposal are a modification to the Porter cap with a slimmed down French cut. Women’s attire differs from Men’s attire. I don’t know what people today want to be, but if they want to be United States Marines, they must conform to a rigid and unfriendly program to earn their blood stripe. If a change was desired to the class-A uniform cover, then it should be made with a flatter front, just like many police hats, and in fact, the Porter cap does have a flat front, so why not be original and combine the two looks for a unique and military appearance, rather than move towards the Porter, which is from the Kepi of the American Civil War; The Kepi is from the Fez.
    Bottom line: Don’t f%#k with the Marine Corp!


      All I have to say is, had the Corps been what it is now when I had joined, I would never have served in a U.S. uniform. The Marines — THE OLD BREED MARINES — was the ONLY thing I would have signed up to do.

      I say “old breed” because, when I was on the Island, we finished the last of the c-rats and the 3rd battalion was still using “special motivation” on recruits. And for those who question the effectiveness of this old fashioned training…. Well, go ask our enemies whether they would rather fight the U.S. Marines or any other U.S. military force we field. I’ll bet my house I already know what they will tell you (that is, IF you can find a survivor of combat with the Marines…hehehe) 😉

    • Joe, please explain to everyone the resultant duties and etiquette all officers and enlisted, including the President are expected and or required to show any person wearing the Medal of Honor.

      “…Stewart refer to Daly as “Some guy wearing two necklaces and a brooch.”

      Unbelievable ! Words alone cannot adequately describe the unbelievable seriousness, disappointment and surprise of such a comment. Disgust.

      A YouTube video of this ignorant show and commentator should go viral.

    • The Boyz and Gurlz hats look the same.

      I suppose the next feature will be Obama ruling by EO that male Marines will have to wear Bras too……as Hillary recently said Progressivism is what has made America great.

  2. “The President in no way, shape, or form directed the Marine Corps to change our uniform cover,” said Capt. Maureen Krebs, a spokesperson for the Marine Corps. “We’re looking for a new cover for our female Marines for the primary reason that the former manufacturer went out of business. The Marine Corps has zero intention of changing the male cover.”

    If there’s someone to blame about a change in a uniform, the buck would stop at Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos, who has the final say.

    To clarify, I made sure to ask whether President Obama had suddenly joined the uniform board of the Marine Corps.

    “Not that I know of, but that would certainly be newsworthy,” Krebs said.

    Read more:

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