De Facto Indentured Servitude

My greatest issue with Obamacare and social/welfare programs like them is not whether I think that they will be good or bad for America. My issue is whether or not these programs SHOULD be done.

I think most conservatives/classic liberals like me would agree, there are some things that the government does do that are good for citizens – after all we are not anarchists. Where I differ from our frenemies on the left is when the power of the Constitution is extended beyond those enumerated to allow the federal government to play in a sandbox they should not be playing in. Our country is built upon a Constitution that specifically places the power to determine the future in the hands of the individual, not in some corporate, collectivist, arbitrary authority like the federal government.

The reason that we have had so much conflict over these past many years is that we have controverted and perverted the simple directives of this document to create permission to act where there is none. Our county cannot become collectivist or Marxist – or any form of a coerced communistic state – without the destruction of the very basis of our freedom, the Constitution of the United States of America. Today it is the only thing standing between us and a rapid descent toward the American version of Stalinist tyranny…and yes, that is a slight exercise in hyperbole – but only slight. If you are over the age of thirty, look back over your life and see just how much has truly changed in this country.

If government intervention was truly productive it should be evident by now as government has constantly grown – but we still have poverty, we still have crime, we still have illegal immigration. I would propose that the increase in overweening government has not been worth the cost and has worsened many problems it sought to resolve and has created problems where there were none, A collectivist government cannot solve the individual problems of 312 million people without harming a percentage of them…and if some must be disadvantaged to advantage others, damage is done to the liberty of all.

The obligations that the “progressives” (Republican and Democrat) have created to support their deviations from the limits of the Constitution places every American in a de facto state of indentured servitude to the federal government. Seventeen trillion in debt has seen to that. Productive citizens will pay for this in burdensome taxes, the unproductive will pay through a “Sophie’s choice” of “if I get an entry level job, I will lose all benefits”, a choice that many will make in favor of not getting that job. Both will pay the cost in lost liberty.

As proof that all things old are new again, I offer this quote from a letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams of 7 July 1775:

“Your Description of the Distresses of the worthy Inhabitants of Boston, and the other Sea Port Towns, is enough to melt an Heart of stone. Our Consolation must be this, my dear, that Cities may be rebuilt, and a People reduced to Poverty, may acquire fresh Property: But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.

“Liberty once lost is lost forever.” Words to remember.

14 thoughts on “De Facto Indentured Servitude

  1. Indentured servitude;

    aka slavery.

    Many freely choose slavery over freedom and responsibility.

    The Old Testament recognizes this fact, requiring the slave holder to give the slave his freedom every 7 years. But also allowing the slave to choose to remain a slave, and pierce his ear on his masters doorpost.

    • We can’t “Hope” for “Change”……. We have to make it so…..Lee, Cruz, Gohmert, Amash, Trey Gowdy, R Paul….and the Vets who stormed the monuments……..are showing the way……………… ie;… Direct ACTION.

      • Don, I’m currently watching a show called Boardwalk Empire. This takes place at the start of Prohibition. What I find interesting, is that the amendment (18th) was repealed due to the fact that it did the complete opposite of what the govt. designed it to do. Quite frankly, I believe most of the govt’s “good” intentions have resulted in disaster and despair because they have elevated themselves into a separate entity from the people to whom they are paid to serve.

        The abovementioned show makes me wonder about a few things. Unfortunately, one of my thoughts truly is, “Hey, liberty’s great, but liquor’s quicker! Gotta repeal this idiocy!!” Is that what it takes to wake up America? Seriously, if Obamacare had a clause where no one was allowed on their cell phone for 5 hours a day, what would happen to this law?

        • I really Like Steve Buscemi, haven’t seen this though….don’t have Cable. I remember him in Armageddon… to the Gal tightening his shoulder straps in the Shuttle…” It must be some comfort to you knowing that if this Gig doen’t work out for you… can always get a job at *Helga’s House of Pain*….”

          You are right about Gov’ts intentions, both the “Good” ones, and those intentions designed to Centralize power end up relieving American Citizens of their rights and Freedom. And this has been true in a continual basis for 100 years.

          We have to Stop believing ANY remedy is to be found in any Legislation or any “interpretation” of any Law(s). Any Truely GOOD law will be ignored and circumvented…… Just look at the Constitution , It’s almost as if the Supreme Court was established to SEPARATE the people from their Constitution !

          We the People have to act …. on many fronts, united.
          WE will have to take the Country back, and assume the Power that is granted legitimately within the ( NON-living….. NON-interpreted Constitution)……. the Constitution NOT bastardized or polluted by the UN or any other Criminal Cartel Internal or External that has been set up to destroy her.

  2. Kells/Don: Prohibition was the high point, along with the progressive income tax and the creation of the Federal Reserve and numerous other Federal bureaucracies, of the first emergence of the Progressive Movement in America. The Progressive platform was so completely rejected by Americans at that time that they actually changed their name to “Liberals” in an attempt to distance themselves from their own policies and cover their tracks in terms of their myriad failures. What most Americans don’t understand, but which Milton Friedman documented in his MONETARY HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, and in a book specifically focused on the Depression (THE GREAT CONTRACTION) is that the Progressive-created Fed caused the initial Depression by mishandling the monetary response to a cyclical recession in 1929. The Fed tightened the money supply when it should have provided temporary easing, and FDR prevented the private sector recovery by experimenting with Liberal/Progressive theories like the National Recovery Administration (NRA) and other ill-conceived Liberal policies. If one traces the GDP-level throughout the Depression, it is clear that the private economy repeatedly began recoveries in the form of GDP growth, but each time Roosevelt’s mishandling cut the recovery short before it could get established. Under the Liberal/Progressives Americans have repeatedly experienced shared misery under what are essentially watered down and mislabeled Marxist theories that have never succeeded anywhere on earth, at anytime. That is what is now being repeated under Our Dear Leader and his bureaucratic Brownshirts. It would be ill-advised to expect different results from the repetition of policies that have always failed in the past. In the words of Albert Einstein, ” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So maybe the Obamites are not actually wrong, maybe they are just insane. CDE

    • Absolutely right ! ….. in fact …..

      Here is Bernanke admitting the Fed caused the Great Depression while at the same time trying to justify the Bailout of His Bankster Bosses…..

      An application of the Right hand giveth and the Left hand taketh away ….. as always justifying stealing from the Taxpayers to line his and the Banking Cartel Syndicates pockets with our Children’s futures.

      • Don: The AIG and TARP bail-outs of 2008 – 09 were not about saving the banking system, saving AIG policy-holders or even protecting mortgagees from banks having made bad decisions in making loans. The bailouts were made for several reasons. The mortgage-related bailouts were carried out to protect Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd from having it become known that their actions in the late 1990’s during the reauthorization of the Community Reinvestment Act had forced banks to make loans to borrowers, primarily minorities, who were not required to document their incomes, credit worthiness or other information critical to underwriting mortgage loans. Dodd and Frank then compounded their criminal behavior by forcing Fannie Mae and Freddy Mack to securitize the bad loans and sell them to financial institutions with the understanding that they were good loans. Although Fannie and Freddie are not subject to government guaranties of their loans or securities, the financial community had always assumed the Feds would come to their rescue if something untoward occurred. But acknowledging Dodd, Frank and Clinton as the root cause of the bad securities would have been politically incorrect, so the blame was officially placed elsewhere.

        The AIG bailout was at least as interesting. While the excuse given for that bailout was to protect AIG insurance policy holders, no AIG insurance customer was ever at risk, since insurance assets were fire-walled from the bad investment assets. Insurance companies are regulated at the state level and their assets can only be invested in extremely safe places. Insurers are also required under state laws to pay into state guaranty funds that protect the customers of any companies that become insolvent. The actual party being protected by the AIG bailout was Goldman, who was the counter-party on most of AIG’s risky investments. Had the government not responded to AIG’s investment crisis, Goldman would have been required by law to step in and make the outside investors whole, which Goldman could have done but at a large cost to Goldman’s senior executives. Goldman’s partners were the financial sector’s largest financial contributors to the Obama campaign in 2008. I’ll leave it to the reader to connect those dots.

        The pattern of crony capitalism, pay-offs to political contributors and lawlessness has been repeated numerous times by Our Dear Leader and his Liberal/Progressive cronies. The most recent case appears to have been the awarding of a “No Bid” contract to develop the Obamacare website to a company where Michele Obama’s college classmate is a senior executive. This most recent fact has thus far received very limited media attention. Hmmmmmm. CDE

        • The Royal Bank of Scotland ( one of the worlds LARGEST holders of Synthetic Derivatives got OVER 1 trillion off the Books bailout from the Fed too….. as did other Foriegn Banks.

          All…..of course…. at the expense of the US taxpayer !!!

          • Don: TARP and the related bailouts were a massive bailout for insiders who were big campaign contributors to both national parties, but particularly to Obama. Bernanke and Obama both took care of their cronies, at the enormous expense of the American taxpayers, most of whom were not and are not Obama supporters. CDE

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