Obama = Sgt Shultz: He Knows Nut-ting


LESSONS IN LOGIC: Obama Either Criminally Incompetent, Lying, Or U.S. Has Suffered A Coup

Consider this: you are the leader of the United States, and the titular head of the U.S. Government, yet you have no idea what anyone under you is doing.  Your Administration has been nothing but a long series of scandals, with the last one being removed from the headlines only because a new scandal has broken, yet you claim to have absolutely no knowledge of any of them.  However, you do claim credit for anything you believe will cast you in a good light.  Now, if you are not incompetent, and you are not lying, then how could this be possible unless someone has taken over the government and is running it behind your back?  This is what we face with President Obama, and even the Liberal media has finally admitted it:

MSNBC’s Blistering Montage of the President Denying Knowledge of Recent Scandals

Watch the video clip here…

2 thoughts on “Obama = Sgt Shultz: He Knows Nut-ting

  1. Um, ring-a-ding-ding! Reality’s callin’! Wanna wake up, libs? You’ve been asleep now for quite some time…. 🙄 Now the flippin “Christians-suck-and Obama-hangs-the-moon” zombies wanna replace their God with the Goddess Clintononian Dike Heroine. Yes, she will swoop in and save the planet! It’s jes so logical, it blows my conservative Christian-hetero-dick-lovin mind.

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