Rasputin Jarrett and Obamacare: 100% Democrat Owned and Operated

Valerie Jarrett  Obamacare doesn’t force you off your plan  your insurance company does  by complying with Obamacare  « Hot Air

There is a syndrome common to liberals – they simply cannot do root cause analysis, they never get to the real cause of a problem, they stop when they get to a symptom that supports their lies and opinions. In her now infamous tweet that the evil insurance companies are responsible for you getting your policy cancelled, Rasputin Jarrett is technically right, the insurance policies are getting cancelled due to changes – but those changes were required because they were mandated by regulations written AFTER the law was passed – the companies had no choice.

Policies that are offered by your employer have also changed to comply with the ACA. Mine had things added just like the open market policies…and increased in cost. Premiums started going up with the 2013 enrollment period as companies complied with the regulations that were released in 2012.

It is clear that these regulations were written to do just exactly what they did. Marxists always create collateral damage – and acceptable (to them) level of causalities – the people who get their policies cancelled are just that.

Even the little helpless, brainless free range libs have the same issue, exemplified by the myriad of quotes that say, “I was for Obamacare until I realized that I would be the one paying for it.” Who in the hell did they expect was going to pay for this exactly, one wonders…

Obama and his ilk care nothing for the rights of the individual, only whether what they do appears to advantage the collective. That’s the argument they are starting to make today – sure some people get hurt but OVERALL, everything is just peachy. It is the same Marxist lie that has been told since Crazy Uncle Karl thought it up – but today, even the little petit Marxists of suburbia and academia are feeling the sting. Even they are questioning why it is fair that they are forced off a plan they liked just to pay for something more expensive that they wouldn’t have chosen themselves. They have never felt the sting of collectivism as they have largely been the beneficiary of it.

This also is a perfect illustration of why I think the Current Tax Payment Act of 1943 should be repealed. What focused these neo-Marxists on the problem? The money that they are personally having to take out of their pockets.

Obamacare isn’t going to bend the cost curve in any direction except up, your individual coverage is going to cost more, you cannot keep your current plan or doctor and the uninsured that this was designed to help will not get insurance (unless they go on Medicaid). The only way to back away from the edge of this abyss is not a delay, a tweak or a replacement, it is a total repeal and rollback to where we were before March of 2010. At the hearings this week, the Republicans should hand out a matrix with the promises listed on one side and the evidence that the Democrats lied on the other.

The Democrats celebrate abortion, so aborting Obamacare in its third trimester shouldn’t be an issue.

I have said that Obamacare will go down as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people and it is proving to be just that and the Democrats own it 100%.

Obama lied and the health insurance industry died.

That fact should never be forgotten.

15 thoughts on “Rasputin Jarrett and Obamacare: 100% Democrat Owned and Operated

  1. there is a story about this on The Blaze:

    NBC News’ Bombshell Obamacare Report Disappears Due to ‘Publishing Glitch’ – and There Was Something Missing From Republished Version

    None of this should come as a shock to the Obama administration. The law states that policies in effect as of March 23, 2010 will be “grandfathered,” meaning consumers can keep those policies even though they don’t meet requirements of the new health care law. But the Department of Health and Human Services then wrote regulations that narrowed that provision, by saying that if any part of a policy was significantly changed since that date — the deductible, co-pay, or benefits, for example — the policy would not be grandfathered.

    As Utah has pointed out, most companies have to change their policies to meet the requirements of the law, and those changes are all that is needed to then force you out of your old plan.

    This is “shove.” Beck has explained Cass Sunstein and how he “nudges” you through regulations. If we do not go willingly, they “shove” you — like they are doing with Obamacare. It is the same pattern ALL Marxist regimes have followed and, after “shove,” if you still resist, they “shoot.”

  2. Let them shoot. They will not find a disarmed response to their plans to enslave some of us. We will not bow to Queen Jarrett and her pseudo ego, Girlyman BHO.

  3. Utah et al: You are all correct in your critiques of the ACA. The results, all contrary to the statements used to sell Obamacare by Our Dear Leader and his cronies, have been known since well before the law was signed. ACA was designed to remove any freedom to choose health insurance plans, plan features, and services from individual American citizens, and to place faceless (and generally not very bright) government bureaucrats between Americans and our physicians and healthcare providers. It was designed to force doctors to change from healers to hourly government employees often prevented from acting in the best interests of their patients, all in the name of some “collective good,” which will come to mean serving the will of America’s new nomenklatura, the very bureaucrats and their Brownshirts that most working and taxpaying Americans know and detest. THIS WAS ALL KNOWN BY OBAMA AND HIS TEAM, EVEN WHILE THEY WERE SELLING AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PLAN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. In other words, Mr. Obama knowingly lied to the American citizenry about imposing a healthcare “reform” designed to devastate 17% of the US economy and to destroy an existing system that 85% of Americans liked and approved. Such documented duplicity on the part of an American President is unprecedented in our national history. This monstrous fraud must not be permitted to proceed. Senators Cruz, Paul, Lee, Rubio and others must be supported, along with their colleagues in the House, and they must use all means necessary to prevent this abomination from moving forward. CDE

    • Charles, we had an Obamacare operator here locally who was recently fired because she answered questions posed to her on Sean Hannity’s radio program. When you listen to these folks at the hearing, you can’t get a straight answer. What are they hiding? Why must the public be penalized when the govt. can’t even run a website? The most important question would be; has anyone actually read this monstrosity?

      • Kells: I’ve built companies of my own that could have built the “healthcare.gov” website in 6 – 9 months, using current technology and for a small fraction of the now $1.0 Billion apparently wasted on the cluster-ruck now emerging from the cesspool that is the Obama procurement process. I’ve never done business with government if I could avoid it, and I wouldn’t go near the corrupt bunch running Washington for any amount of money. The fired operator is now national news and it reflects the Obamites’ need to control Americans’ words, thoughts and every other constitutional freedom. CDE

  4. Thanks for the support: we are winning!

    Hate to keep reminding everyone, but you have to know that when a democrat or The Bummer sees a bag of excrement in front of him, HE HAS TO STOMP ON IT!

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