Sean Penn: Obama Should Order TEA Party to COncentration Camps — “For Their Own Good”

AGENDAS: They WILL Tell You Who They Are…IF You Listen

Sean Penn Demonstrates He Has The Heart Of A Collectivist Monster

Once again, a leading voice of the American Progressive Left has demonstrated – by his words – that he has a heart inclined toward controlling those who disagree with him.  This time, Sean Penn says that Ted Cruz and the TEA Party are insane and should be committed by executive order:

Far-Left Hollywood Actor: ‘My American Brother’ Ted Cruz, Tea Party Lawmakers Need to Be Committed to Asylum by ‘Executive Order’

“There’s a mental health problem in Congress,” Penn proclaimed. “This would be solved by committing them by executive order, I think. Because these are our American brothers and sisters, we shouldn’t be criticizing them, attacking them … this is a cry for help.”

“You literally commit what, people like Ted Cruz?” Morgan asked.

“He’s my American brother. I think we should take care of him, he is in trouble,” Penn replied. “I think it’s a good idea.”

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6 thoughts on “Sean Penn: Obama Should Order TEA Party to COncentration Camps — “For Their Own Good”

    • The “Filthy Piece of Trash” will Happily come with Obama’s Domestic Homeland security Armmy, the TSA and the SEIU Union thugs ….. that’s the Plan ….. been the Plan for some time……That’s why Obama has been purging the Generals and why they are trying to make it Illegal to Film police….

      Without those Cell-phone videos of the Riot Police comming after the Vets who walked the Barry-cades to the White House….. that would have resulted in Police arresting American Vets for excercising their 1st Amendment rights…

      Wake Up People…..and just as important…… WAKE UP the person next to you !!!

  1. “American brother”? This is such a predictable and textbook play. Yeah, I can fake a false sense of unity and brotherhood too, in an attempt to slip in a barb at those that I don’t agree with politically…

    • Fascisti,

      Americans have a history of disagreeing with each other, so it is nothing new to disagree. But it is new to seek to silence — through intimidation, the law or open force — those with whom we disagree. That is most decidedly NOT “American,” don’t you think?

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