When NAZI References Start To Strike Home…

LESSONS IN LOGIC: Does This Picture Scare You?


If So, Then What Should That Tell You About This Government?

I understand that there will be some who will take offense to this.  They will deny the Truth in it, but then, I am not writing to or for them.  I consider them to be beyond reach.  I write this post for those who may not yet see that Truth and who might – through the obvious Truth in this picture – might be shocked into accepting it.  For, only by accepting it can we face it, and only when we face it can we hope to stop it.  Here is the picture:


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12 thoughts on “When NAZI References Start To Strike Home…

  1. Joe: The Liberal/Progressives in America have long shared much common ground with the Collectivists of Europe, including the Nazis, the Fascists and the Communists. The Common Core movement and other educational central planning are efforts to replace primary and secondary education with distortions of our history and pure propaganda. And the more radical of the Obamites have begun questioning whether parents should have any right to shape their children’s understanding of the world and America’s actual values. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the other Collectivist monsters of the 20th century all gained control of each nation’s youth and their education. This invidious strategy is already beginning in America. CDE

    • CDE,

      Actually, that ‘insidious strategy’ was BORN in America! Hitler credited the American Progressive movement for teaching him this stuff, and it naturally found its way into the ideology of the other collectivist cousins. Trust me on this, my friend, I KNOW the history of public education in America. I may not be an expert, but I know enough to tell you who planted and cultivated the seeds, what they believed, what they were trying to do and why. It is all pure evil!

      • Joe: I suspect you may be referring to John Dewey, who, along with his fellow travelers Margaret Sanger, Woodrow Wilson and the rest of the first Progressive brain trust, made Progressivism so unpopular in the 1920’s that they stole the name “Liberal” to conceal the identity of their movement. I hadn’t heard the Hitler quote but it makes sense. The Nazis were Germany’s “Progressives,” and Collectivists borrowed from each other a lot. In fact, Sanger’s plans for the elimination of African Americans shared its goal with Hitler’s “Final Solution” for Europe’s Jews. These are the people now trying to destroy the America of our Founders. CDE

        • CDE,

          I suspect Sanger got her idea from the Fabians. They are at the root of ALL of these “isms,” yet they often get a pass because they use the “isms” as surrogates to do their bidding. I say this because George Bernard Shaw, a Fabian, advocated the Holocaust — only on a global scale applied to ALL “useless” people, not just Jews. Anyway, this is all connected to Eugenics, which is decidedly American and holds that their racial superiority ideas are based in science. BTW: The first mention of racial superiority I have found so far is from Teddy Roosevelt and dates to the late 1800’s.

          Next, Dewey was not alone. The push for public education started before Roosevelt, but Teddy made compulsory education mandatory in the first decade of the 1900’s. This was anti-immigrant driven, and the goal was to make the children “Americanized” (read that “Progressive). It was later, when Dewey entered the scene, that the overt drive to use our schools for social engineering got under way.

          As for the Fascists being a version of Progressivism: I contend they are the same idea by different name and place. I am reading a book right now, Theodore and Woodrow, and I am now convinced that the world’s first fascist was Teddy R, and the world’s first fascist dictator was Wilson. But we must also understand that the term Progressive can be connected to the Fabians, as can Lenin. We must also understand that Wilson admired the Communist Revolution in Russia and openly admitted he wanted that system for America. But he realized it would have to be re-branded and presented in different fashion or Americans would reject it. This is where the Progressive packaging came from, and it was all admitted to and explained by Wilson in 3 essays.

          Anyway, we have covered all of this on the RNL in the past, but it is VERY good to keep re-hashing it as new people come along all the time. So, thanks 🙂

        • Sanger had no plan to eliminate blacks, you idiot! I have blown that claim apart a dozen times, and some perfect ass such as your Utah-blowing self always crawls out of the filth to revive the lie. The fact is, Ed,, you and your friends here are the true heirs of Hitler, especially the propagandistic aspect of the brown-shirt movement. Joe’s refusal to see the Soviet clampdown on homosexuality as Nazism redux places him squarely in Hitler’s inner circle, ideologically, with the Muslims taking the Jewish role. .
          You self-aggrandizing perverters of history are only convincing each other of the rightness of your cause; those of us looking in see you for the goose-stepping wannabes of your most cherished dreams.
          America is starting to awaken to the truth, and your evil is on the wane; too bad you can’t see the bottom rushing up at you; and sorry am I that I will not be there when your moment of clarity reveals to you just what truly un-American ideals you have been entertaining.
          Nothing Obama has done matches the vileness and willful spreading of lies emanating from this site.

          Tim McVeigh would have loved you sick bastards…sweet dreams!

          • melfamy: I strongly suggest you not wander too far from your medications, as they seem to make you a very unhappy little man. In addition to being uninformed about everything you rant about, you really are a bit overwrought this evening. I’ve read Sanger’s eugenics writings, and although Planned Parenthood and their murderous friends try to cover her tracks, it is right there in her own words. Sanger and Wilson were white racists, in the proud tradition of the Klan, the Black Codes and the Jim Crow Laws, which you and other redneck southern Democrats clung to until the GOP temporarily allied itself with LBJ to break Strom Thurman’s filibuster and pass the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of the 1960’s. On a personal note, my family was fighting slavery way before the Civil War, back when your folks were screwing their cousins and the occasional sister. In-breeding does do terrible things, don’t you think?

            I am tempted to kick you around for a bit more, but you represent no challenge in that regard and time is a precious commodity. The sexual references are a bit odd…could it be you are projecting your own secret homosexual fantasies. My God, that presents a horrible image. I suggest you pop an extra med, find some hot ads in the Sears Catalogue and settle in for some good old fashion fun…if you can find it. I wouldn’t bother posting here again. You have nothing to say and you are generally incoherent anyway. Wack-on, melfamy, wack-on.

      • Margie Sanger and the Eugenics Programs pushed by the East Coast Ivy league universities in the teens and 1920s were a BIG hit with Hitler too.

        He did their dance REAL well !

        • Planned Parenthood has tried to distance itself from Sanger’s original Eugenics writings, but they are in the public domain and can be found. “Negroes” and other “mental defectives” were to be aborted or sterilized and eliminated within two generations. Mr. Hitler’s plans were virtually identical. Dewey could even screw-up great art. My wife and I visit a lot of art collections in various parts of the world, and last year we got to see the private collection of the Barnes Foundation in Philly. It is incredible, and it has one the finest collections of French Impressionism and Post Impressionism I’ve ever seen, but it is displayed in a strange manner that makes much of the art very hard to view, and there is no logic to the way the paintings are grouped. I tracked down the curator and asked him who had made the decisions on how the paintings, including over 650-Renoirs alone, were grouped and displayed. The curator proudly said that John Dewey, who was a friend of Mr. Barnes, had decided this was the way people “should” view art and Dewey’s approach had never been changed. All Liberal/Progressives are about controlling other people’s lives…what health insurance we can buy, how our children will be indoctrinated, the fuel we use, the food we eat, the size of our beverages and even how we should view art. They are impossible to negotiate with because they are always the smartest people in every room and they are completely unaware of their own ignorance. Barack Hussein Obama is the poster child for the Lib/Prog movement. CDE

  2. Joe,

    Dallas Independent School District just received approval to serve breakfast and lunch free to all students in the system.

    No more responsibility for the parents to fix a lunch or feed their children in the morning. Just shove the kids out the door and let the indoctrinators have more time and more control. Your tax dollars at work.


    Sadly, the parents and the kids loose as they fall into the progressives snare. They are now wards of the State.

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