Look Out Detroit, Chicago!

“I’m convinced that by the time these troops get overseas after training in these shitholes, Afghanistan will be a piece of cake,” 

I could not agree more.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Pentagon Announces Pre-Deployment Training To Take Place In Detroit And Chicago

15 thoughts on “Look Out Detroit, Chicago!

    • I get it Tex, but I still cannot resist finding humor in progressivism turning on progressives, or the satire of the duffel blog.

      • Does anyone else see the irony?

        Democrat controlled for decades.
        God made illegal.
        Disarmed populace.
        Populace “taken care of by democrats.
        Illegal aliens welcomed with open arms.
        Police departments and court system overwhelmed.

        Now the Democrats illegally send in the military because the police can’t keep the peace.

        Utopia realized.

        • Yep. And it’s pretty sick and twisted. Wonder if they are American soldiers (the conspiracy side of Kells.) Don’t really know if I believe all these conspiracy theories. I only know that a man with no morals has money as his god, and could care less about race, religion or political ideology. The most disturbing aspect of this article is that the govt. has infringed on our hunting grounds. Figures.

    • Thanks for putting up that link Texas.

      I don’t think this is funny at all…… nor ironic….nor is it Progressives turning on Progressives….It ios progressives turning AS ALWAYS on the American People and The Constitution.

      They cause the problem and their “Solution” is to make us all suffer ….. the next step is to Ordr troops to Texas or any other state that “doesn’t comply” with the Regime ( Democrat or Republican )…. because ….”after all they did it in Chicagao….so what’s the problem”.

      I remember distinctly the “police” and “National Guard” taking peole’s Guns in New Orleans during Katrina …. and it wasn’t from those rioting ….it was from Elderly women and folks in their home !!!!

        • I have been watching a little more TV since harvest, okay a lot more. But what I have noticed in the crime drama series’ (the whole “Law And Order” Family, Castle, NCIS ,CSI et al) is a blatant disregard for Constitutional rights, not the “biggies”, Like free speech, or 4th and 5th amendment rights (although often skirted or treated diparagingly, just a small sneer). But they often talk like there already is a national gun registry, and act as though all guns MUST be registered. And ‘separation clause” is oft quoted, but the “fee exercise ” clause is NEVER mentioned.
          Hollywood has proven to be a large (growing) influence in the lives of many Americans, and propaganda is as propaganda does. Many conservative leaning actors and performers have claimed “black listing” is rampant in Hollyweird, and I have to say , the absence of conservative voices from the left coast, points in that direction.
          All of this – to me – points to a conditioning process….and yes, I DO see a conspiracy here.

          • High 5 Ralph,

            I waited but since noone has yet put it up , I’ll say it….

            The US is already mostly out of Iraq…..and We are exiting Afghanistan !! ……. So the pretext for putting the Military on American Streets in a time of Peace is…… what ???

            And to look at the Federalism/ Nationalism thread by Joe below……. Libercrit, Ralph, Chhelo and NCO and others bring up GREAT points about the % tage of Troops willing to Shoot American Citizens……it now stands at aroung 30 % or so ???

            (1) are these Troops that are being sent to Chi-town and Detroit that 30 % ???
            (2) Are the commanders who authorized this….and will presummably command this those who passed Obama’s test of saying they WOULD fire on US Citizens ??? Is this part of the reason for the Obama’s Purging of the Military Officers.???

            • Hey Don, between gettin food in and canning etc, was pretty busy. now for some down time, but I have to move my workshop closer to the house (gettin lazy in my doddering years). Meanwhile , as I said been watching some TV, and the more I noticed the slide , the more I watched for it. Some is pretty subtle,but even an old country boy can see most of it .
              I am especially interested in how Christians and gun owners are portrayed. I don’t think it is just me.
              Law and Order seems to be the most left handed.

  1. Although likely legal and not restricted as such under the Posse Comitatus Law this is a very dangerous step. No doubt it is a deliberate act to desensitize Americans in regards to the government deploying US Military troops for law enforcement activities.

    There could be no possible training benefit to US soldiers training in a US city. Most military bases have built special training facilities for this purpose. These facilities allow for the realistic trading required to be of use in a combat theater of operation. A US city does not.

    We have not even allowed use of military forces (other than s small number of National Guard personnel) to police the border why would we allow it in our cities. Secondly, if the civilian law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels can’t handle it why should we as taxpayers continue to support the ineptitude.

    We already know local law enforcement can’t protect us in our homes, cars or in public places. Society, due to our loss of moral responsibility, has degenerated to the point whereby large numbers of criminals have the ability to strike anywhere at anytime.

    Texas, just saw your post on Posse Comitatus. Just retread the statute agin myself. We are on very dangerous ground here and most Americans are oblivious to the situation. Most would be applauding the effort up to and until such time the barrel of a weapon is pointed at them.

    • “There could be no possible training benefit to US soldiers training in a US city.”

      In these two cities, they will see more combat than in Afghanistan … especially Chicago where more people have been murdered than killed in Afghanistan … in 2012 alone. By the time those soldiers get “in theater”, they will be combat hardened.

      You know … gun restrictions and all.

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