37 thoughts on “For Utah

  1. No Way !

    The Scots are wusses……The Blue Beard cream is just another name for “Nair” that women use to take hair off their legs…..
    Puhleese…..real men just hack and chop at their stubble….and deal with the Consequences …. ;- )).

    I of course can say this with Scots on both sides of my family………….. GREAT Picture of Urquart Castle though !!

  2. I am Welsh….. and Danish,…….. and Scotch/Irish …… and Connestoga….and who knows what else.
    But I have often heard that God gave the bagpipes to The Scotts………I’ve also heard it said ….somewhere. that He gave them to the Irish and The Welsh also,…………….. but they realized that He was only joking.

    • Ralph,

      My Paternal Grandmother was Welsh…..and what you say is true about the Irish and Welsh….God was Joking….

      Cause he knew they couldn’t play Bagpipes for S–T !…….. ;- )) .

      • Don: Have you been back to Wales? What an incredibly beautiful country! And its easy to see why the original Britains retreated there to resist the Romans and later the English. Listening to the Welsh speak is also a trip…somebody stole all their vowels. CDE

        • I had a friend that went there and got rather ‘roughed up” by the locals. Two black eyes and a broken nose. To this day, he doesn’t know why!
          Seems he was having a pint in the local pub, when he overheard two women talking at a table. He asked them “Are you two ladies Scottish?” The larger of the two turned around, obviously perturbed.by the question and said “That’s Wales, to you!” . not wanting to offend, he re- phased the question.,”OK, are you two Whales from Scotland?”

          • fjf: Great joke, which I’ve now heard a few times. It works with the Irish, the English and the Aussies. Wales is always the punch line and it always works! CDE

          • Reminds of a comment from David Duchovny…..He said

            “I’m half Jewish and half Scottish. It’s hard for me to buy Anything !”

        • Scotland and England but not Wales or Ireland. (Though Copper Pot still is not unknown to me)

          I wasn’t prepared for the rugged beauty of Northern Scotland.

          • Don: I’ve never seen Scotland, although I plan to at some point. My father’s family came from the West of England, around Plymouth, a long time ago, and from the south of Ireland (my great grandmother). My mother’s parents both immigrated from County Kilkenny in the 1920’s, and my grandmother spoke Gaelic. My maternal grandfather was murdered by the Klan in south Jersey in the late 1920’s for the crime of being Irish. BTW, I haven’t seen Ireland yet either, and that is high on my travel list. CDE

            • The UK part of My family is from Kent, The southern most part of Wales (old GlaMorgan), North Highland Scotland and the Lowlands around Edingburgh.

              On My Mother’s side there is also Polish from Warsaw and Swabbish German from close to Weisbaden. When I was a Child my mother’s mother Spoke fluent German although she was born in the US….and was fiercely PROUD of being an American.

    • S’OK Ralph …. the Welsh and Irish got the Good Looks…..

      The Scottish got the Bagpipes and Brains…… ( Cheeky emoticon inserted here).. :- )) .

    • That sounds remarkably like a toast my Great Grandpappy taught me in The Gaelic. Can’t write it, and couldn’t repeat it all here anyway, but it had to do with sheep, spines, syphilis, and a$$holes, and broken necks….can’t remember the full translation…..

      • CDE,

        To change the subject. If you want to have a little “fun,” hope over to The Oyl (www.theoyl.com) and read PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Glimpses Behind The Mask Of Statism. There is a commenter there who may be Karl’s alter ego 🙂

      • CDE,

        To change the subject. If you want to have a little “fun,” hope over to The Oyl (www.theoyl.com) and read PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Glimpses Behind The Mask Of Statism. There is a commenter there who may be Karl’s alter ego 🙂

        • NO…to compare Hils’ legs to a sheep would dishonor the sheep and Scotland. Now if we were comparing pianos…

          • dishonors Pianos as well.

            The Russians have a Perjorative slang for Polish women….calling them the same as a ” Stout Table”……This might be a better comparison for Ol ‘ Hil.

  3. Utah/Joe: I attended the St. Andrews Society Dinner for years in Manhattan. Black tie and all the toasts, and all the drinks were done with single malt Scotch. The pipers marched the Haggis in on a silver platter. Any nation whose national dish is a sheep’s stomach stuffed with its guts and roasted is not only manly, it has no taste buds. CDE

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