A lesson from the Beck vs. Rush, Levin, Hannity et al Relationship

As regular readers know, I oppose the idea of trying to take over the GOP.  I see it as a waste of time and effort and – in the end – a losing cause.  Briefly, my argument is that the Party structure is part of the problem.  When you have to focus on winning elections before you can focus on your agenda, then – by definition – your agenda is now getting the majority.  That means you have now placed the Party over the nation and the agenda you claim to be pushing.  But set that aside and assume you manage to take over the GOP.  You still have not addressed the problem of centralized power.  Sooner or later, you WILL become the people you opposed.  So — again, by definition – all you are doing is replacing the people you don’t like with yourself and then claiming that this will fix the problem.  Well, excuse my saying so but that’s very…’progressive’ of you.

I happen to think that we need to look at the problem from a totally new direction.  And we need to address the Party structure as part of the problem.  Now, I am an American, so I do not listen to people telling me “You can’t do it that way.”  I’ve heard that story before, only, it usually goes something like this: “You can’t do it on your own,” or “You can’t do it without government.”  Sorry, not interested in that line of thinking.  I would prefer to look for a way to tackle it all and do the best we can to correct the whole problem.  This is why I have abandoned the same old arguments that people are trying to convince me is “the only way.”  We’ve been trying that since Reagan was in office.  Where has it gotten us?  Well, I’m not crazy: I don’t think I can get something different if I just do it better, or try harder the next time.  Come to think of it, that sounds familiar, as well.  I think it goes like this: “Our ideas work, it was just the wrong people trying to make them work, or we didn’t spend enough.”

Are you getting the picture yet?

Now, let’s look at the relationship between the GOP establishment and Glenn Beck.  Yesterday, Rick Santorum was on the Rick and Bubba show talking about some new movie he is promoting.  It is faith based.  The title is “The Christmas Candle.”  Then there is Rush’s new book, Rush Revere.  A children’s’ book that tells American history (do you know of a political ideology that focuses on children to push its agenda?).  Beck is well known for working faith into what he does.  One of his best known pieces is the book and stage play, The Christmas Sweater.  Beck is also well known for teaching history to America, but he focuses on the adults and encourages them to teach their children.

OK, how many times can you remember the GOP attacking Beck?  How many times have GOP leaders ridiculed his faith and the way he stresses God and faith?  How many times have they criticized his use of history?  How many times did we hear from the GOP that Beck was just a clown who cries on TV?  I can remember it.  I heard it a lot.  Now, how often do you hear Limbaugh mention Beck, or Hannity, or Levin?  I used to listen to Rush and, if you only listen to Rush and didn’t know about him from another source, you might not even know Beck is alive.  Yet, here is Santorum and Limbaugh adopting the very same things Beck has been doing for the better part of a decade.  Imitation when acknowledged is flattery.  Imitation without recognition is co-opting, and that should cause red flags to go up.

Now, I happen to know that, if Beck is aware of this, he wouldn’t mind how it happens; he would see it as a good thing.  Beck speaks well of Rush, told a positive story about Hannity just today and has promoted Levin’s book and even had Levin on his show.  Though he has many faults, Beck is not as interested in promoting himself as much as he is in defending individual rights and liberty.  I am not so sure I can say this about the other side.  In fact, I am suspicious of the other side – because I recognize a familiar pattern in what they are doing.

I know people will tell me I am wrong about this, but I know I am not.  When the TEA Party movement started in 2010, Rush was initially an opponent.  Now stop for a moment and think about it.  More than 30% of the TEA Party was made of Democrats and Independents, and it identified with the Libertarian movement within the Republican Party.  Rush HATES all three, so why would anyone accept that he would support such a movement?  He didn’t – not at first.  Neither did Boehner and the GOP, but now they are all trying to co-opt the movement in one way or another.  TO be sure, the GOP has started to attack the TEA Party people, but this is recent – after they realized they could not control them.  But Rush is still claiming to have “always been on their side.”  Again, I listened to him daily back then: he needs to check his archives.  But the point here is this: by co-opting the TEA Party, the GOP has already placed a rift between that 30+% of Independent and Democrat supporters.  That means they have already weakened their TEA Party opposition by 1/3.

The point is this: the GOP and their talking heads are starting to use the language and do the things the TRUE movement has been doing to grow their base.  I DO NOT TRUST THIS!  Study the Progressive movement.  You will find this is how they gained power: infiltration and redirection.  They control from within, from behind a mask designed to give the appearance that they are one of the people who support them.  They are all liars!  They control through deception, and deception is always evil.  And the GOP is showing the signs I have come to recognize as indicators of Progressive operations.

I simply do not believe it is possible to take over such an organization by using the tactics they invented.  You are going to have to look for another way to do it: a way they do not suspect or understand.  This is where Beck has shown the way.  He simply removed himself from the system.  I believe we should take his lead and start looking for as many different ways to kick ourselves out of the system as possible.  That way, we attack both Parties (actually one), the party system and the Progressive stranglehold all at the same time.  At least, this is how I see things.  I am well aware that others will disagree.


WOW!  I hadn’t posted this five minutes before Beck actually covered this very subject — in a way.  Close to the end of the 10 o’clock hour, Beck told us about how he has been reaching out to other radio hosts and apologizing for the way he has acted and his competitive nature in the past.  This was in conjunction with his story about Hannity.  It was amazing to hear true humility in a world where people seem more and more to care only about self-promotion.  THAT is also an example we should seek to imitate, because he is living it, not just preaching it.

Yes, I admire and respect Beck.  But do not think I am falling into some sort of cult of personality.  he is a man — nothing more.,  I have strong disagreements with him on some very important matters.  But I can respect him.  I can admire the way he conducts himself, and how he takes responsibility for his actions and even for the way he treats others.  That we no longer see the virtue in people like Glenn Beck — that we no longer respect it — speaks more about the state of our society (and ourselves) than I can say.  But I know this: if we all tried to live our convictions the way Beck is, the majority of our problems in this nation would fall away.

39 thoughts on “A lesson from the Beck vs. Rush, Levin, Hannity et al Relationship

  1. There are a lot of problems in the Republican party, McCain and Graham for example. However if you truly believe that you can create a stronger party by splitting the Republican party then you are delusional. What we need to do is vote out the Rinos and elect stronger conservatives. It was the third party movement that gave us Bill Clinton and I predict a third party movement will give us Hillary Clinton.

    • As I keep saying: you have been trying that path since the 1960’s, when Buckley started the new conservative movement. When do you expect to get anywhere? Because, all I see is a steady drum beat of “just keep trying harder” as the train starts over the cliff.

      I do not mean to be rude — honest — but your way has failed. You’ll have to excuse me if I stop trying to join you in proven insanity.

    • The problem is Two-fold as I see it.

      (1) We have to do as you say……(2) But the Funding mechanism of the RINOs (the Roves, Bushes and their finacial Backers) has to be addressed as well ………… The Cuccinelli Virginia loss was the result of this Funding Mechanism directly acting against him. Without adressing this somehow we will end up replacing the McCains and Grahams with PHONEY TP / Constitutionalists like Marco Rubio …………. How do we stop that ??

      • Don,

        You know, we could solve a lot of the so-called “money problems” in politics by simply repealing the 17th Amendment and returning to the original method for electing the President 🙂

        • Joe, you are going to have some political power before you can repeal ANYTHING. Just saying. It won’t happen through education alone. You need some sort of structure to accomplish your aim. That structure is called a political party.

          ‘A political party is a group of voters organized to support certain public policies. The aim of a political party is to elect officials who will try to carry out the party’s policies.’ – Scholastic.com

          ‘Group of persons organized to acquire and exercise political power.’ – Freedictonary.com

          • Triper,

            So, where was the structure behind the TEA Party? For that matter, where is it today?

            Like I said: I know you guys disagree, and I understand. This is how it has been done our entire lives. But the way you are doing it was invented by people with a similar mentality as that of the Progressives. The truth is, there MUST be a different way — for if there isn’t, then it is as I said: we have already lost.

          • He didn’t do anything, except Taj Mahal in Tallahassee. I turned a blind eye to that. Foolish. I listened to his words and believed him. Yeah, I drank from his fountain. No more the sucker am I.

            • Too Cryptic. You’re saying he didn’t Portray himself as a Constitutional Conservative ?? I say he DID! In fact he fooled the Tea Party right ?

              So the problem is How do we KNOW if someone is a Rove Plant or a Democrat Plant BEFORE we elect them ??? Kelly Ayotte and Jeff Flake ….there are so many of them that did like Rubio…..How do we Know before-hand ?

              We HAVE to elect more Gohmerts, Trey Gowdy’s, More Cruzs and Mike Lees…..More Justin Amashs…..so what do we do to make sure that those we Back are the Real Thing ….. I think this is a Crucial step….if we could be SURE that who we are electing will act like Rand Paul did on Drones and Lee and Cruz did on ObamaCare and Amash did on the NSA…..then we we would a long way to Re-Capturing the Repubic based on True Constitutional principles.

              HOW do we do this ????

              • I wasn’t trying to be cryptic. Like a fool, I forgave his foibles in FL (he’s Latin, and he’s hawt, after all) and I completely believed his message when I should’ve known better by being a bit more judgemental of his actions rather than his words.

                Oh, and how do we do this? Probably a good start would be to take computers out of voting. While they helped Obama immensely in the elections, they are crucifying him in return. Karma’s a bitch.

                • I agree there should be paper ballots that can be checked … they can be fed in a Tabulating machine. We have that here in Texas…..had to show our IDs….then a Paper ballot that is scanned.

                  How do you think Marco Rubioski managed to Fool and Scam the Tea Party ? What actions are you thinking of….because I was Fooled by him as well.

                  • Don, look at what Cruz did. While Progressives deem his actions as showboating, I believe them to be sincere. M. just posted a great video of Cantor trying to stress this to the Bloviator-In-Chief to no avail. Biden’s remarks at the end of the video are extremely telling. Yes, they are in their own plastic bubble.

                    • I Agree with you!

                      But I’m really trying to figure out how we can STOP another Rubio from happening. Where there things he said and/or did that could have told us that he was really a Progressive in Disguise…..things for us to look out for in new TP candidates…….Because if we can be on the look-out, similar things in other Potential Candidates can be sent via Twiiter , FB, Texting , Blogs etc to HELP insure other MarcRubio-traitors don’t pass the smell test.

                    • Don,

                      We stop them by REALLY digging into their past and their family and reporting on what we find in the new media. If you look hard at Rubio’s past, you would find reasons to be skeptical. Look into Cruz’s past and you find a true believer whose father would brain him if he strayed.

                      Once again: we need to focus on the goal and then look for ways to achieve it that have NOTHING to do with the established system.

                    • Give me something…an item… from Rubio’s Past. He appeared to have a legal immigrant family and worked hard to work and believe in the Constitution and the Republic. So just as an example, what thing or things would’ve allerted us ??

                    • Don,

                      I’d have to look it up. I can’t tell you what it was, but I DO remember the discussion on a local talk show dealing with his time in the State govt. And it wasn’t a red flag; just something that should have given rise to caution. And it isn’t a matter of hind sight, either. It was a matter of wanting a “success” so bad that we didn’t bother to look.

                      That said, it is equally as likely that the NSA was used to “turn” Rubio, and the ONLY way we can guard against that is to elect people like Cruz (like me). Which means we have to stop attacking people who are cemented in what they believe instead of shying away because we think they will “cost us the election.”

                      I will see if I can reach Burnie and ask him what that Rubio issue was.

                    • Well I agree……I think we all THOUGHT that Rubio WAS like a Cruz, Like a Lee or even like a Rand Paul ( he’s been about 75% right…. his filibuster against Drones was Fantastic ! )……. But…Rubio was a HUGE FAIL !!!…..an Enemy to the Constitution.

                      And Kelly Ayotte and Jeff Flake….. how could we have been so wrong about these Quislings and Others ??

  2. Joe,

    When have you heard anything but distain from Rush when mentioning McCain and Graham ?

    When have you heard anything but Praise for the Tea Party…For Bachmann…For Palin….For Cruz…For Lee ?

    Many on the Conservative side have talked and lamented that the Cultural rot starts with the Progressives infiltrating our schools and Textbooks, and that we have to Counter that. Rush’s Book, Levin’s Father’s books, Beck’s novel “Agenda 21″ are attempts to address that………..as PJ-Media ( Bill Whittle and others) is an attempt to address the Leftist Monopolies there.

    You advocate everybody walking away from the GOP ( though you never explicitly advocate the Ave Democrat walk away from the Jackass Party BTW)…..that they walk away and everybody somehow magically becomes a power unto themselves and then somehow magically the right People will be elected. That’s not how the world works……..In fact the scenario you appear to be advocating sounds a bit like…..”Divide and Conquer”. The Progressives ( BOTH the GOP and Democrat ones) would LOVE this to happen…..Because it would leave the field ENTIRELY in their power.

    So one could say what you advocate sounds a little “Progressive” in Strategy…. ; – )).

    SEE ??? ………. Now I don’t think you are. But I say this only to apply it to your analysis above regarding Rush, Levin and Hannity. I think Hannity is a special case actually and tshould be left out. He is a RINO shill. Beck, Rush and Levin are interested in more of the same Goals….Hannity not.

    • Don,

      Back before the 2010 mid-terms, that’s when. I mentioned it at the time, too. And I got hacked on for it then, as well. I think the better question would be: when have you heard Rush explain the problem and its source as clearly and forcefully as Beck and — now — Levin are doing? And why do you think that is?

      Now, what I am advocating has nothing to do with magic wands. You are creating a bit of a straw man here, and THAT is “progressive.” You know darn well that I have said this will take work. Why do you ignore that side of my argument?

      Now, you and I are friends and on the same side — at least in cause. So hear me. I was not calling these people Progressive. I AM trying to point out that so many of us have adopted so much of the progressive style of thinking and acting that we do not see it in ourselves (a fish don’t know it’s wet). I am saying we have to break from this because, if we do not, then we are playing into their hands the whole time we are telling ourselves we are making progress. We need to take the red pill, brother — then start looking for a new way to deal with this Matrix.

      • I remember Rush talking UP the Tea Party in 2009….and I remember him Interviewing Both Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle….and you know he rarely does interviews…… He said about Palin when she gave her 2008 speach “….I hope she grows Old In Office ! ” . Meaning she and her politics was what he was after.

        Right … I was just showing that your approach could be interpreted similar. I know where your Heart and Politics are. The Matrix could also perhaps be viewed from the Analogy of a Bacterial Infection…..The Progressives are the Pernicious Fast-growing All Consumming Bacteria which are devouring all Healthy tissue ( The Constitution, Taxpayers and Financial health of the Country)……… Leaving the Bacteria alone, walking away will NOT affect its growth….it must be attacked head on at the same time as its Food supply is reduced…………. The Constitutionalists must attack in Strength the Progressives Head-on…at the SAMT TIME that Grass-roots work to affect change Locally.

        Speaking of which Herte is a Link I would like EVERYONE to read and then Pass along. Sharron Angle Called Levin’s show and mentioned it…… The Senate Leader in Indiana is calling for other States to send Delegates to Mt. Vernon on Dec 6 to discuss a States Convention vis Article 5 of the Constitution….. LEVIN’S Idea is gaining Traction !!!


        Please don’t pass this Link by folks…..this is how the kind of thing Joe and Mark and Beck talk about Start getting Going !!

        • Don,

          Accepting your analogy of an infection, I agree. But you are trying to use an anti-biotic. It doesn’t work, so you pump MORE into the patient. that doesn’t work, so you pump MORE into him. Guess what is going to happen?

          I am saying: cut off the infected limb and save the patient. Think gangrene.

          As for the Constitution: that is another example of how we have strayed from proper understanding. We do not need it! Yes, you read that correctly. The Constitution has been turned into something it was never meant to be. We refer to it as the source of our rights. HA! We need to return to the Declaration of Independence. THAT document cannot be attacked via the “living document” doctrine, which is why the Progressives severed the two first and then went after the Constitution.

          Remember, the constitution is just the how of this nation; the Declaration is the what and the why. 😉

          • Spread the LINK !!

            It is amazing that Since being Published in August ( The Liberty Amendments ) some action was started in October !!…. I really believe THIS ( in conjunction with the TP) is how changes Start !…. The Desire for change is Strong !!

            • Don,

              I agree. I just wish he had included an amendment that prohibits anyone from donating to ANY election where you cannot vote for the candidate in the next election. But then, that would strike at the heart of Party politics and corporate donations, so I doubt you’d agree with that, either. 😦

              • No ….. Because if the TP is to remain effective we have to be able to make up some of the difference in the GOP RINO funding Mechanism.

                Simply put We ( as Citizens) need to be able to Fund Cuccinelli, or Cruz or Lee etc. Things need to start Joe …..not remain in a Debate Club forever, as is the painful truth about the Libertarian Movement as I know you agree.

                This is why the Stance taken by both R Paul and R Paul was so significant …. they were standing for the CANDIDATE, NOT the Party affiliation.

                Just Spread the LINK !!!!!!

                  • Did you hear the Levin show this evening……??

                    Callers were calling VERY angry with the Libertarian Party and Libertarians……Some who’d been with the Movement 15-20 years. One said he was done with it….sending back his card and supporting ONLY TP candidates and Individuals. Some were talking about how little the Libertarians had actually accomplished and how their major success seemed to be in Defeating the GOP with very little attack on the Democrats !!!

                    Was music to my Ears.

                    • Don,

                      Well, I have caught my fair share of heat from our resident Libertarians for explaining my problems with the movement, but that doesn’t mean I have dropped my opposition to conservatives, either. We’ll know we’re making progress when you can see the flaws in the conservative position as well as you see those in the Libertarian 😉

                    • Well, you know that my position of what is Conservative is not synonomous with the GOP….we don’t need to go back into that…………. Cruz and Lee and Gohmert are my idea of Conservative.

                      And we’ll leave it at that.

                      My point was that Libertarians Themselves were angry at the “Libertarian Party”……disallusioned just like Former GOPers have become disallusioned…..and have left, taking their contributions and focused on TP-Conservatism.

                    • Don,

                      Your point about the Libertarians being upset with their Party is a good one, and it is in my favor. Now, if the TEA Party will break from the GOP — publicly — they will bring most conservatives such as yourself AND you will be able to pull many disaffected Democrats over, as well. Guess what that makes? 😉

                    • Well I agree if they Broke Publically From the GOP they would Bring ALL Conservatives, Many Independents, Maybe Half of the “Libertarians” and……Probably most ALL of those who’ve chosen to sit out the Elections !

                      I really don’t think many if ANY Democrats would go I’m afraid to say ….. they really are voting for their own sef-interest, and in many case for revenge. Those Democrats wioth principles are most likely in the “Sit-it-out” category already.

                      BUT…… the Coalition above would Truely represent as Beck said……. Organizing and Voting on “Principles not Party ” .

                    • I agreed with you that a “Public” break of the Tea Party with the GOP RINO establishment…..concomittant with a Public Declaration of their basic Principles I might add…..would lead to the Disaffected in the groups we talked about leaving to join this “movement”.

                      BUT that in no way ensures any Success in implementing their (our) principles as effective political legislation.

                      I maintain as Do posters “Gone with what Wind”, “ColdDeadHands”, NCO77, Ralph, Triper and maybe Augger and Utah…….that some form of Unified Party Structure would still have to be there for this hypothosized new Movement to have any success……and further that without that Structure the Movement would virtually insure Defeat and thus Success for the Progressives ( Democrats + RINOs)….. and the sweep of Communist/Progressives would be almost 100%.

                      The “PUBLIC BREAK” would be fantastic……in energizing a HUGE base within the American Public. But it needs a Cohesive Party-like Structure within which to quickly engage and succedd in Elections.

                      If this structure had been activated after 2010 BY the TP…..we would not have done as bad in 2012.

                      Simply put….We need BOTH….a Strong National Unified Structure AND a Public Break with the GOP Establishment Partners of the Establishment GOP, by Publically Articulating the Difference between Constitutionalists and Croney GOP Partners with the Democrats.

                    • Don,

                      Now you see, you have come even further toward my position. I can and WILL agree to a national STRUCTURE, but structure does not HAVE to mean Party. DO you see the difference? And why it is better able to resist the trap of Party politics?

                      Think of it as “Party federalism” 😉

                    • Not exactly….because ..AT THIS TIME…. A National Structure has to be UNITED….which is very much like a Party. It is unfortunate, but it is the Political Truth.

                      NOW ….. this Structure can Morph into a ” Party Federalism “…..partly by how it is dealt with at its inception. But there is only 1 year to the Mid-Terms……and we must Compete equally…..not bring a Knife to a Gun-fight as they say …………… Success in Elections by a Coalition of Conservative Groups, TP groups and Constitutionalist Groups…..will have a Humungous uplifting effect and lead to an unstopable momentum.

                      And that momentum would lead to movements in the States like Levin’s Article 5 States Convention……which by it’s VERY DEFINITION is a “Federalist” action. Both the Hypothisized National Coalition and States Convention would be fueled by the Grass-roots who are sick of Business as usual.

                      But to get the Election success we need a Strong NATIONAL political Structure …. the only way to do that in the time given is via the Party Structure with its already established Newtworks .

                    • Don,

                      When was the last time a central authority willingly surrendered power? To go from a centralized Party to a Federalized Party… Why not just start lobbying Obama to give back the power he took?

                      My friend, I know you think you are being practical, but so am I. I am looking to human nature and history to guide me and they tell me that, while you may win an election, you WILL end up where we are now — only, YOU will be the problem then.

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