Brain Drain

This really doesn’t shock me. 

Isn’t it strange how a government that claims they can do everything for you whines like a little schoolgirl when they fail?

Summers said that the heathcare website’s glitches are the result of a government brain drain.

“Now I think one of the things the opposition has to recognize is that they have made it almost impossible for many well-intentioned people to go into government,” Summers said.

Brain drain – riiiiight.

What we are watching unfold with the roll-out of Obamacare is the political world intersecting with the real world like a head-on car crash at 90 miles per hour.

The reason that Obama and his band of Merry Marxists failed at Obamacare is that they live in a political world, 24/7/365, where every aspect of life is political, it is lived politically and politics defines reality for them. Think about it – food is politicized, where you live, what you drive and who you associate with is politicized, whole industries (like oil, gas and coal) are demonized for political benefit. In a political world, it is possible -actually probable – that you will “fail up” or as a minimum bear no responsibility or accountability for your failures. In a political world, there is always more money to spend because there is always another taxpayer, there is more time to waste because there are no real deadlines and there are no consequences for bad decisions because there is always someone else to blame.

But the political world is not the real world. In the real world there are limited assets, real deadlines and consequences for bad decisions.

8 thoughts on “Brain Drain

  1. If I hadn’t lived in the SF Bay Area for many years I’m not sure if I could believe that Obama & Co wasn’t” building failure in” when they created Obamacare. However, one thing I learned in CA was that Progs believe good intentions are almost as desirable as good results. Maybe it’s the weather & the fact that for many years CA was a very rich state, CA was not a place where life was hard. Sunny days, good jobs, nice houses all these things came easy to Californians for many years & it made for some pretty intellectually lazy & gullible people.

    If the emails I’m receiving from CA are any indication that world is completely gone now for many. The businesses that provided CA it’s extreme wealth have mostly fled, part time or temp jobs are the new norm & now they have lost their very popular low cost medical plans from health giants like Kaiser after their chosen one promised that wouldn’t happen. The fall is shaping up to be a hard one for many in the state that worshipped Obama & couldn’t wait to get Covered California.

  2. The Government has used Private Contrctors since Forever……

    The Successes out of the Old NASA ( the Non-Obama,Non-muslim outreach Nasa ) came entirely from the Selection of Aero-Space Contractors that were Excellent at what they did…..and beyond competent to create entirely New Technologies to accomplish that which HADN’T been done before.

    The Obama Administration and the Democrats chose a company that had already FAILED at a software project in Canada to register GUNS there………………. This Company failed at already existing technology in a field with many successful companies that prooved repeatedly they could excel at their jobs. The Company chosen because of Connections to Michele Obama…..Croney Capitalism, funded essentially with money stolen from the Taxpayers.

    What we have is a STARK contrast between the Example of NASA and the ObamaCare Software scam.

    What we have is Complete Corruption in an out-of-Control-Washington.

  3. Will the trains run on time at the point of a bayonet? Joe hit the nail on the head.

    Just look at the success they are having with their Utopia in Venezuela. Vast oil riches and you can’t buy a role of toilet paper.

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