Obamacare = Modern Eugenics In Action

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Obamacare Already Paying Intended Dividends


I have tried to explain that Obamacare is about controlling people and providing a path by which the government can ‘eliminate’ people who are no longer making ‘contributions’ to society.  Here is the evidence that this is exactly what they intended – just as they said they did:


Obamacare nixes cancer patient’s insurance; new plan is so expensive he’s decided to die in peace


Obamacare is modeled on Ezekiel Emanuel’s Whole or Complete Lives program.  In that program, people under 14 or over 40 who cost more to keep alive than they produce are “humanely” denied care.  That is what this actually meant:

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3 thoughts on “Obamacare = Modern Eugenics In Action

  1. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    Yup. Precisely the point but this is so far above the dumbed down masses cognitive dissonance, most will dismiss it as “conspiracy theory”. Idiots. I really have no time for them. Circle the wagons cause one way or another it’s coming and we may as well get the fighting and dying over with so our wimpy, tech-addicted kids who don’t know how to fight, are put under the yoke.

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