19 thoughts on “The Navigators

  1. By God it’s harder to sign up for Obamacare than it is to register to vote, but that’s ok in the eyes of the Democrats. The “hidden perks” outweigh the pain of enrollment.

    The Free Shit Army will not be denied, but if they can’t improve their enrollment, then all hell is going to break loose.

  2. This is really Great you put this up Kells !!! ….. I’m going to forward it to the College kids .

    ACORN is alive and well and STILL BEING SUPPORTED BU OUR TAX DOLLARS !!…..Obama /Valerie Jarrett has made sue that their Community Organizers arte still in business vis Fraudulent Funding ….pushing Voter registration and Illegal advice !!!

    The other problem the new ” What-the-Hell-does-ObamaCare ” …. fraudulently passed phoney “law”….is that the majority of those who ARE signing up are signing up for…….MEDICARE…….. Thus swelling the national Entitlement Debt, and leaving a huge problem even when/if ObamaCare is repealed.

    None the Less……this Monstrosity ObamaCare SHOULD be repealed and buried !!

    • The sickest thing is that we pay for these “lessons in lying” given to the FSA. It is as Augger says: They shall not be denied because the only time they are held accountable is for their vote.

  3. Don,
    Right On! What do you expect? These are 12 year old liberal DEMOCRATS!

    What pains me is that the Black/Negro community is so fundamentally ignorant/uninformed about the grand schemes the DEMOCRATS are continually perpetrating against them in the guise of furthering “The Cause.”

    Dr Martin Luther King is beyond his patience watching “His People” destroy themselves believing these despicable, degenerate DEMOCRATS and this FRAUD president.

  4. That’s OK, I’m sure Boehner, and McConnell will be all over this!

    (I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.)

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