One thought on “Flowchart of President Obama’s “You can keep your plan, period” defenses

  1. I really don’t care what the hello he says; his goose is cooked. These idiotic, back-peddling libs are now trying to pass bills that will be impossible for insurance companies as they are abiding by the law as it was written and have spent a great amount of time and money informing their policy holders of the changes. (Yeah, the US businessmen read the damn bill.)

    The Republicans will be extremely foolish not to throw “I told you so” in their up-for-reelection faces. Hellsbells! Even Clinton is scared he won’t be ridin his wife’s coattails to the WH in 2016.

    Also, if the Republicans had a lick of sense, they would squash this immigration reform bill with the simple statement, “How’s that healthcare reform workin out for ya”?

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